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In Video: Ukrainian Soldiers Shoot Group Of Migrants On Border With Belarus

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Video showing the shooting of a group of migrants, who tried to break into the territory of Ukraine from Belarus, was shared online by an Ukrainian soldier on Facebook.

The incident, apparently, took place in the area of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where the group of migrants attempted to break through the border on November 29.

It seems that real thugs are on duty on the Ukrainian side of the border. They are likely not Ukrainian border guards, but the UAF soldiers, who have been  deployed along the border with Belarus since November 26 as part of the Polesie Operation.

Some political experts link the publication of this video with the recent conflict between Zelensky and Ukrainian billionaire Akhmetov. Zelinsky accused Akhmetov of being involved in preparation of an alleged coup d’état in Ukraine in early December. The revelation of the UAF inhumane activities may significantly discredit Ukrainian president and undermine the support of Zelensky by his Western counterparts. Unfortunately, the West is used to turning a blind eye to various crimes committed by the Kiev regime.


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Good. Keep them out!

Icarus Tanović

You are savage.

Arch Bungle

Upvoted for humanity.


Why because he doesn’t want criminals into the country?

Arch Bungle

May you and your children know the misery of having no choice but to cross a border to live.

And may you know the misery of having your children shot in front of your eyes because they transgressed an invisible line out of desperation.


That won’t ever happen because I wouldn’t ever run away from my own country I would stay and try to fight to make it better instead of being a pussy and abandoning like these pathetic people did and look where that got them.


Lol. Fck off. Die.

Lone Ranger

Ukropna-z-i-s being ukropnazis…


How for protecting their own country from criminals and terrorists?

t t

Ukraine, rothschilds little Zio-Nazi’s. both are going to lose


Lol keep projecting you Putin loving douche nozzle

Call it MURDER

To shoot unarmed civillians in a military ambush is MURDER. This needs to be called what it is – MURDER. The attempt to gun down the fleeing survivors seals the evidence that there was intent to kill – not to turn back, not to arrest, but pre planned killing – which is MURDER.

I have no like of imigrants sneaking into my country, but I would not murder them – I would arrest them and send them back. What these “soldiers” / “police” / “border guards” did was outragous.

Arch Bungle

What kind of reptilian shitroids would downvote this ???


Anyone with common sense


Stop thinking like a child and use common sense for once, these people aren’t innocent they are breaking the law by illegally entering the country and a lot of the people coming over are terrorists from the Middle East

Tommy Lee

Look on the bright side: they get their 72 virgins now!

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