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JUNE 2023

In Video: Ukrainian Serviceman Testified On War Crimes Against Civilians

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I, Zavalevsky Oleg Vasilyevich, born in 06.04.2000, a serviceman of the 501 separate battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Military rank of Lieutenant, commander of a separate engineer-sapper platoon.

Approximately on March 28, 2022, by order of the battalion commander Biryukov Nikolai Valerievich, we went to an observation post at the Ilyich plant near the Boyko Avenue. At the observation post there were me, several soldiers from my battalion and several soldiers from the 56th Brigade with call signs “Moldavan” and “Grandfather Mazai”. The weapons we had included one RPG, one Makarov pistol and approximately five to six AK assault rifles.

Approximately on March 28, 2022, two unidentified persons in civilian clothes passed by my post, after which I made a report to Senior Lieutenant Mirza that I had noticed these men. After that, Senior Lieutenant Mirza ordered to open fire on these men. We opened fire on them, after which, these men fell and remained lying on the Boyko Avenue.

After that, approximately on March 30, 2022, a gray car, the Daewoo Lanos brand, passed by my post, I also made a report to Senior Lieutenant Mirza, he gave the order to open fire on this car. After which, we opened fire, the car stopped, the men in the car died, and the car remained on the Boyko Avenue.


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Marshal Antonescu

Russians will grind the LGBTQ+++ kikejoo’s led ukronazis on meters and also in years, if necessary. All theirs goals will be finally achieved. On a shorter path or on a longer one. I vote for the shorter one by renouncing to all ‘humanistic shit’ and bomb the hell out of the ukro lovers, civilians or not. Anybody who accept the Ze fag reich neofascism deserves to be wiped out from the face of the earth no matter who is. For that aspect, continuing liquidate the energy grid in ukropizdan is a MUST before many other military goals. Let banderists and bandera ass-suckers to fell what civilians in Donbass felt for the last 8 years ! No merci ! Giving merci will have no real gains and will cost very much. Bomb the shit out of the JNATO kikejoo’s whores !

USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

Those imbeciles were shooting anyone passing by without warning?! Even people walking with no weapons…

What is the purpose of such actions?


Pure Nazi sadism is the short answer,if that clown had any guts he would have blown his commanders head off because that was a illegal order.

Ali the True Caliph

This was an observation post, not a guard post. At a guard post, you are indeed supposed to shoot anyone who tries to run through unauthorized. At an observation post, you’re supposed to watch unless something mandates you fight, such as hostile action or self defense. This Lt. Mirza guy sounds like a sick bastard, ordering shots on everyone who went by.


Com um rifle na cabeça, e muita tortura, qualquer um confessa até o que não fez.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jorge
People's Republic of Korea won against US '50ies

this is what the Ukronazis do


War crime to show a POW.

War crime to torture fake confession from POW.

Nothing more.

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