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JUNE 2023

In Video: Ukrainian Nazis From Azov Regiment Confessed To Their Crimes Against Civilians

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In Video: Ukrainian Nazis From Azov Regiment Confessed To Their Crimes Against Civilians

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Captured militants of the Ukrainian Nazi Azov regiment confessed to their crimes against civilians in Mariupol.

One of the Ukrainian fighters told that he killed four civilians during the battle for Mariupol. He allegedly was not sure whether it was the enemy or not.



I killed four civilians with a sniper rifle. Accidently, during the battle. I did not recognize whether they were enemies or not. A tank was moving along the Azovstal street and shelled the houses of civilians.

The crimes against the civilian population were not accidents. Another member of the Nazi regiment testified that the Azov commander Redis (Denis Prokopenko) ordered to shoot at civilians as they were not human.



“We were told: “there are no civilians here, so you should kill everyone,” the prisoner of war recalls.

Ukrainian defenders looted civilians and took anything they could as they dreamed “to become reach when they come home” after war:



Another POW confirmed that Ukrainian Nazis filmed the battles and firing positions of the Russians and send the videos abroad:



“The battalion commander mainly communicated with them, I heard that they told him that they were shooting videos, some kind of video evidence. What I heard is that they are shooting a video and sending it abroad”

Testimonies of local residents of Mariupol confirmed that nationalist battalion’s fighters shot people and dumped them in basements. Ukrainian Nazis felt free to kill anyone who refused to let the militants to establish the firing points in their apartments. People have been suffering from the crimes of Ukrainian Nazis for years:




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That dirty nazi Prokopenko who ordered the killing of civilians was released by Putin. Great job asshole


If you ask, whose life is more important than yours or this Nazi? You say mine, of course. And I’ll tell you: You’re an asshole and shut your mouth! The life of our soldier is more important than your worthless life!


What? He’s saying that Putin released Azov Nazis who had committed atrocities and murders against civilians who the Russian soldiers are trying to protect.

What does this have to do with your pathetic life?


His point is that the Russians gave the Ukrotard Banderpites back their human garbage in exchange for Russian service personnel. A great trade any day of the week.

Michel LeBlanc

Dont worry, that prick now has damocles sword hanging over him and he knows it. The psychological torture of knowing he is a dead man walking will overcome him soon enough.


Take no azov nazi prisoners ! Instead send them directly to bandera on spot and mark them as KIA’s. Same for any fascist ukrap formations. No need to waste any effort for these biologic trash.

Ivan Skavinsky Skavar

Time for the allied forces to use a dirty bomb to erase Nazi Kiev regime off the world map

emanuel fernandez

Why southfront.org deletes and disappears my messages on the site? What is the point of financially supporting southfront.org if it is not impartial and ends up acting just like the European and American puppet news sites? Please stop deleting my posts and behave like the southfront site I’ve known for years.


SF does not delete your posts. And they should, you spam this bs all over the site.


What nonsense, Putin and his ruling class “partners” lets these guys go home all the time. They exchange them for Ukrop politicians who are just as anti-Russian as any Bandera.


A confession while in custody im sure all these words are believable. Just as the captured russian on nbc yester said putin is forcing russian to go to war and the men russia is sending to the frontline are getting no trainin or equipment.


Did you read the article? The statements of the fascist dipshit are corroborated by civilian witnesses. Some hapless Russian prisoner on NBC reiterating the bi-polar US line, “the Russians have no equipment or training and they all want to just go home, but they’re also an existential threat to our way of life and we must give the Ukrotards tens of billions of dolllars worth of weapons or the Russians will be on the banks of the Seine by Easter”.


If you point gun to him of course he will confess.comon SF you can do better zombie clown


These aZov thugs are no more than USeful idiots for the empire of shit. The real criminal filth are the enablers, the scum in Washing town, the Natostan faggot Stoltenberg, the EUSSR Chief Hairstylist, Uschi Van der Lyin, STASI Erika Merkill and the filth on Pirate Rock and their MI6. These are the human trash that need to be dragged in chains to a criminal court in liberated Odessa when this slaughter is finished.



Com um rifle na cabeça, sofrendo violência e tortura qualquer um fala coisas que nunca fez.

Crazy Canuck

Your retarded midget terrorist Russian trash leader is getting real desperate EH , Now he is going after his own extended family. What a phuccin freek , one brave drunk Russian could help out so much to bad there is only drunk Russia’s and no brave ones just dumb ones oh well it’s your life gone not mine idiots.


Youre leader is Justin Trudeau I’d stfu. The majority of Canadians let him walk all over them. Go to a pride parade and jerk blackface fag.


Nazis used the Canadian embassy in Kiev as coup HQ to overthrow the elected government, your foreign minister John Baird was there in the middle of the uprising, Canada pays for the propaganda rag The Kiev Independent, to keep the Ukraine people in the dark, this is Canada’s war.


Ukrainian heroes! Send the Russian fascists and their sympathizers to hell!


You’re really out of touch,


send these morons to Kolyma for 20 years and after trial them to 20 more!

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