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In Video: U.S. Supply Convoy Heading Towards al-Shaddadah in Syria’s Hasakah

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Another military convoy of the U.S.-led International Coalition was spotted heading towards the town of al-Shaddadah in Syria’s Hasakah governorate.

The convoy loaded with weapons, logistics and construction equipment entered Syria from Iraq.

On November 28, another large convoy of 100 tankers moving supplies for the US-led coalition entered northeastern Syria from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The US-led international coalition is likely going to reinforce its military bases in al-Hasakah countryside, following a rocket attack, which has recently targeted its main airfield in the area without causing any losses.


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Why are they not attact and destroyd by Russian air force? Yankees are invadors terrorists? Iskander missils and bey bey yankees.


Thats a good question,it doesn’t even need to be the Russian airforce,the Syrian airforce could do it or a artillery strike on the convoy,this shit has been going on too long,it could even be attacked inside Iraq,anything crossing that border should be attacked.

jens holm

Thatgs no good question at ALL. Its a bad one.

They for many ears has agreed not to attack each other. Ypou also forget, they can fight back and if they want to, can make Damaskus to a lake. A lake there might solve many things well.

Russia has old well established agreemenets with Israel too.

People like You still deny to understand Russia has its own aganeda as well as Assads are not commander of the Russian military forces. Actually its the other way around. They are KEPT.


I said the Syrian airforce could do it,the Iranians could do it,just like they did when they trashed the Al Asad base in Iraq,you say they could fight back,well they should have to just like Afghanistan,look how that worked out,the same as Vietnam.

jens holm

Well, so manyh can do things.

Ypou forget others can do things too and not only USA. Turkey fx has an airforce 10 times bigger and even better then the Assad one. They also has reliable drones and even export many of them.

Your thinking is the usual thinking, that others are sitting ducks and are not able to do things if we dont.

IAF anytime can knock out the assad force as well.

It makes no sense to compare with Afghanistan or Vietnam at all.

The Iranian airforce is a museum. They are nothing against USA, Turkey and IDF.

I also will remind you, that if things escalate Nato will be there at once.


I hope you don’t have to test that ridiculous theory,when Iran hit Al Asad they did it with 16 ballistic missiles,they didn’t need an airforce.


but Greece is lol

jens holm

Its well descriebed for years why not.

bey bey A.H.

Knowledge is power


Who are the quisling scumbags driving the trucks?

jens holm

Its because those trucks cant drive themself. I see no quislings there.


You would if your Country was occupied,although maybe you would be one of the Quislings.

jens holm

Its a big mistake people like the Baathists are running anything in Syria apart from bicycles.

Assads are the quislings to most of the Syrian population and systematicly has made it in to an unproductive non develloping zone.

It hasnt even structures for devellopments. Peaole instead are raised to obeying sheep much better then in aegility.

But You are denied to see that even most of the world knows it very well and what to do.


Don’t divert the argument,Turkey and the US are illegally in Syria,thats it.

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