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JULY 2020

In Video: U.S.-led Coalition Air Drops Supplies For Its Troops In Syria’s Deir Ezzor


Late on April 3, the U.S.-led coalition air dropped logistic and military supplies for its troops in the eastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor.

The North Press Agency (NPA) released a video showing a U.S. C-130 cargo plane dropping the supplies from a low altitude. The supplies landed near the al-Omar oil fields in southeast Deir Ezzor, and were later distributed to coalition bases in the fields and in the nearby Conico gas factory.

The coalition usually ships supplies to its troops in northeast Syria through the Semalka border crossing with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. However, the river crossing is currently unsafe due to floods. This explains why the coalition opted to air drop the supplies.

Earlier this week, dozens of trucks loaded with supplies for coalition troops entered northeast Syria through Semalka. The supplies were deployed in key coalition bases near the Rmelan oil fields in northern al-Hasakah and the area of al-Shaddadi in the southern countryside of the governorate.

The U.S.-led coalition presence in northeast Syria is limited to Deir Ezzor and al-Hasakah. Around 500 troops are now deployed in several bases in these two governorates in order to “guard” oil fields from ISIS.




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  • Cromwell

    Why are they not shot down,looking at that vid a MANPAD could down it?

    • Wayne Nicholson

      Manpads have limited range. That plane only descends to an altitude that puts it in range of manpads when it’s over ground controlled by US forces.

      While the USA and allies hand out weapons like manpads and TOW missiles like candy with no regard about in whose hands they may eventually end up in … perhaps the Russians are being more responsible by not handing out weapons that could be used in taking out civilian airliners or their own planes if the wind shifts.

      It’s also not in Russia’s best interests to have the USA escalate in Syria. Let the US forces in Syria play keystone cops with Russian patrols and die of boredom. Let the SAA and Russian forces concentrate on Idlib before dealing with the Americans. Idlib terrorists are like gangrene that if left unchecked will result in loss of life and limb. US forces are more like nail fungus …. ugly and irritating but something you can live with until you deal with the gangrene.

      In the coming months the USA is going to have to readdress their military budgets and there is a decent chance their relationship with the Saudi’s will change for the worse. No sense getting good people killed when a virus and collapsing economy will do the job for you.

      • verner

        but sdf sure as a klucking bell could get a fair shot on the morons.

        • Wayne Nicholson

          SDF should cause sure as fuck they’re going to be thrown under the bus at some point …. they’ll figure it out

        • Pave Way IV

          The Rmelan and al-Shaddadi oil fields are held and guarded by CENTCOM because their production and income are used to bribe or otherwise incent the Kurds/SDF to be obedient and loyal to the U.S. Why would the SDF take out their sugar daddy and an endless supply of free shit?

          The actual money generated from oil for the Kurds is inconsequential – we could just print whatever we need to bribe them. But the Kurds/SDF don’t have any other practical way to get all the fuel they need and they can’t afford to build refineries like the Syrian state oil companies. So the U.S. taxpayers ‘provide’ scores of $200K skid-loaded modular mini-refineries that can be trucked in and set up in a few months. That concrete we truck over there isn’t for homes or hospitals – it’s to build pads in the stolen Syrian oil fields. These are not the burning pits of crude mini-refineries that ISIS uses, but real 10,000 bpd manufactured process refineries. Set up ten of those and you’re producing what a regular mid-sided refinery puts out.

          Production from Syria’s old, beat-up fields might be tiny in global terms, but it’s enough to keep the Kurds/SDF supplied and maintain our land-theft scheme by proxy. We’re doing the same thing in Iraq. Local refining takes control away from the government. Makes partitioning those states easier.

          • verner

            doubtful, sdf is allover the place and have no allegiance to anyone – trump taking the better par of the money coming in – and will vote for syria once the yankeetwats are on their way out.

          • Pave Way IV

            You’re describing the old Syrian Kurds’ YPG and Syrian Arab’s tribal militias, verner, not the SDF. SDF is most specifically a U.S. creation, solely funded, armed and trained by the U.S. and supplied with U.S. intelligence. It was created intentionally to avoid a Barzani-like situation in Iraq where loyalty was to the Barzani clan mafia, not the US/Israeli-interests or the’Kurdish State’ machine.

            In 2015, the US made the existing YPG/YPJ units an offer they couldn’t refuse: If you want to get paid, be resupplied with ammo and otherwise use U.S. help to create your independent state, then you’re joining our new, more inclusive (Arab) official Rojava military, the SDF. Kurds will still mostly run it, but you have to make some concessions to the Arab warlords we convince to join.

            Creation of the SDF wasn’t so much to benefit the Kurds as much as it was to create a new, official national army for the new fake nation, and bury the YPG/YPJ/PKK past as much as possible. The SDF was an army that Arabs opposed to Assad (FSA leftovers) would be willing to join. Without some scheme to bring them on board, Headchopperistan and Pipelanistan would be impossible.

          • verner

            and for how long will the dysfunctional states of A support the kurds in their various forms – once they are out of Syria (which will happen) and possibly out of Iraq (which might happen before long) the kurds will be left on their own fending for themselves and the nearest saving grace will be Syria and Turkey and the kurds back as tenants in the borderlands.

          • Pave Way IV

            The SDF and Kurds are part of psychopathic U.S, leader’s greater obsession with Iran. So your question is really “How long will the US be obsessed with Iran?” I’m guessing a long, long time. Or at least until we roll out the wood chippers in the U.S. to take care of a few treasonous leaders. The Kurds are screwed either way, but at least they’re armed pretty good now.

  • shylockracy

    And the Russians still say, with a straight face, that Idlib is the “only” region of Syria not under the control of president Assad. The expanse of the US Zioterrorist occupation zone east of the Euphrates is 2 or 3 times bigger than Idlib, and 90% of Syrian oil and gas recources are under control of US/Kurdish terrorist landgrabbers.

    • verner

      but they are more isolated today than say a month or 3 months ago and it won’t be better in the future. supplies by air, what flight coming in at 800 meters to drop the chutes- easy street if you or sdf or some other party would want to end the air-supply and then the morons would be back running the supplies on wheels. long term solution – no just a precursor to the end of the morons occupation of syria (and Iraq).

    • Ace

      Oil is so scarce just now. The US has no choice but to steal what oil it can to stay afloat. Other countries respect us for our realism.

  • Having to resupply the Rojava legion by air only, I reckon it’s gonna be strictly essential supplies like munitions, rations, and spare parts only. No more deliveries of X-boxes, frozen pizzas, gender hormones, dildoes, adult diapers and gay porn DVDs. The morale will plummet.

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      • Porc Halal

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        • matt k

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          • Porc Halal

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  • rightiswrong rightiswrong

    The ISIS Express.

    How to supply terrorists who pop up all over the world, according to the USAF.

    • Theyre droppin’ supplies to the commie kurdz and their gayjew globohomo keepers

    • matt k

      Alluha Akbar! We must fight the great Satan of Israel!