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In Video: U.S. Forces Establish New Post In Syria’s Al-Hasakah City

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On February 7, U.S. forces established a new military post in al-Hasakah’s city center in the  northeastern region of Syria.

According to local sources, the post was established inside the “self-defense headquarters” in the district of Geweran in the southern part of the city.

The North Press Agency (NPA) released a video showing U.S. forces building fortifications and installing equipment in the new post. The U.S. flag was also raised over the post.

Last year, the U.S. withdrew a large chunk of is forces from northeast Syria, mainly from northern Aleppo and northern Raqqa. The move facilitated a Turkish-led attack against the U.S. main ally in the region, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Around 500 U.S. troops were kept in northeast Syria, allegedly to counter ISIS and “guard” large oil fields in the region. The new post in al-Hasakah city is likely meant to serve these goals.

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AM Hants

No invite to come and pillage territory. Hope it all goes wrong for them.


I hope it ends in total disaster for the US government :)

AM Hants

Ditto, infinity. So sick of it, plus MSM.

Flicking through DM, they are obsessed with the heroism of Schofield coming out, after 27 of being happily married. Anybody who gets satisfaction penetrating the rear end of a gopher, has a lot to answer to. Knew he was gay, back in the early 80s, just surprised he married and had children. Wonder why he has suddenly come out and why he has the false flag media script lined up? Blackmail or a reason behind his weight loss?


I flicked through about 15 Freeview channels the other day in the morning.
I was overwhelmed by the abject frivolousness and triviality of ALL the channels. They had it all, Gender awareness, social awareness, holohoax awareness, cretinous sports personalities, virtue signalling, LGBTQ awareness etc.

I switched back to RT before the BBC started to extol the virtues of ‘shit stabbing’ .

British TV is now as bad as US TV. Its a disgrace and an insult to all.


Don’t forget global warming they are pushing that day and night here in oz


Its a ‘Climate Emergency ‘ now !!!

Possibly because the Sun is due to enter a new Maunder Minimum by 2035.
Just at the time when hydrocarbons are being phased out in the UK the energy from the sun could decrease by 60% for a few decades :)


We are at the end of a circa 11 year cycle now. I am of an age where I do not care.


But you might care about this:
Watch Glen Beck’s #UkraineFinalPiece on Blaze TV, it’s good!


a new tax for the cattle :)

AM Hants

Cannot watch daytime TV owing to how cerebrally draining it has become. Stopped listening to the radio and need IV prozac to manage viewing something as simple as the news.

Seem to have an anaphylaxic style allergy, where UK and US media is concerned.


Yes, and all the Western channels peddle the same vacuous shit. Its unwatchable.
The football game pundits amuse me with all their serious faces and long discussions about kicking a ball about on a field.

AM Hants

Sports presenters – for me they are as dire as the Question Time ‘Rent a Rant’ mob. That is before you get onto the mandatory female presenters, that remind me of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’ s Nest’.

Since they outsourced creativity to the accountants, the media have become beyond boring.


Its all very sad.


It’s good though, a good excuse not to watch all the crap!


That’s very true :)


Damn, what happened to the Beeb? I remember growing up listening to the Goons, My Word, Letter from America. Now I can’t listen anymore. I reckon if someone started a new radio station that did nothing but play Beeb reruns from the 50s-70s it would be the most popular thing in the world

AM Hants

I enjoy watching old dramas. Back in the 80s, when Common Purpose arrived and took control of everything, the BBC decided to sell off it’s creative people and replace them with accountants.

They sold off so much, via a form of asset stripping, whilst allowing accountants to take control of creativity.

The BBC is now reliant on ‘Rent a rant’ activists, to support current affair phone ins, or make up dubious audiences, as Question Time comes to mind.

Radio, stopped listening as presenters had no musical knowledge, but, were upto speed with ‘concerns of the day’. TV programmes, basically rubbish with the occasional one, worthy of watching.

Guess that is what happens when the BBC receives funding from the same people who fund the Clinton Foundation and White Helmets. A side of their accounts that they keep quiet.


FUCK the alphabet people. Have you seen Soph on Bitchute?


No, I have not. I will look.


It’s nice to know that not all teenagers have bought into the Trans schtick

Xoli Xoli

Easy target with own terrorist multiple drones.USA bases doesn’t have proper or adequate missile defense systems like Russia. Multiple drones will shut down all USA illegal bases in Whole of Middle East.


Al Qamishli and Hasakah are the Christian citys that the SAA has guarded throughout the war.
It will be a wonderful surprise when they ask the US troops to leave.


Of course, this is a trap for Syria-Russia armies. USA hope that for some strange reason Syria attack one of this post. Then USA would have the justification to totally destroy Syria-Iran-Hezbolah there, Russia would not be touch since this would be the end of the human kind.

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