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In Video: U.S. Convoys Targeted With IEDs In Iraq (UPDATED)

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In Video: U.S. Convoys Targeted With IEDs In Iraq (UPDATED)

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UPD: the fifth US logistic convoy was targeted in Salagaldeen governorate .

On August 16th, four logistic convoys of the U.S. forces came under attacks in Iraq. The U.S. military were targeted with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in two different Iraqi regions:

  • one convoy was targeted in Baghdad governorate, near the town of Youssifiyah;
  • one convoy was targeted in Baghdad governorate, in Abu Ghraib district;
  • two convoys were targeted in Nasrea governorate.

No casualties were reported. The U.S. officials are yet to comment on the issue.

Video showing one of the attacks in Nasrea governorate:

Video showing the attack in Abu Ghraib district:

Pro-Iranian forces in Iraq have stepped up their attacks on US-led coalition supply convoys in the last few weeks. The coalition is yet to improve its security measures.

In Video: U.S. Convoys Targeted With IEDs In Iraq (UPDATED)

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The daily eviction notices to the unwelcome genocidal + notorious AmeriCunt Invaders Occupiers War-Criminals + State-Terrorists and human excrement and they still ignoring them playing the dumm ‘victims’, the Iraqis and all their regional allies wont stopp.

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

Time for the US to leave Iraq. Stop wasting money there.

The Objective

They will not leave because you Shias are cowards.

Rhodium 10

Ask to Israel and Al Qaeda in lebanon 2006 and Aleppo 2018…US troops fleeing from Iraq is a matter of time…


Dang, you really are obsessed with this B grade LeBoof actor?!!

Chess Master

USA is in Iraq to spend money LOL. People here are geniuses.

Peter Wallace

Get real. A roadside bomb detonated against a truck two lanes and a wide shoulder away. That has to be right beside or preferably underneath . What a waste and as effective as jens pissing against the wind.

US & EU are Zion slaves

I agree they fuking doing yanquis’ job…they are destroying the bloody roads.
The US gifted billions to the Taliban…I don’t think they care about few dollars.

Icarus Tanović

You get real. Shrapnels are flying for hundreds of meters. If it was shaped charge, that semi trailer wasnt in really great shape.

Peter Wallace

Put the video up on the big screen / slow it down / stop / start it and sweet FA happens to the trucks. Been there , done that and still here..

US & EU are Zion slaves

I don’t think the US care for losing billions really…look at Afghanistan.

Chess Master

Indeed, Iraq has zero natural resources, USA is there to lose money.


Quote… “Pro-Iranian forces in Iraq have stepped up their attacks on US-led coalition supply convoys in the last few weeks.”

As if Iraqis have to be pro-Iranian in order to want Americans out of their country.

Icarus Tanović

The very day we give them theirs ‘Highway of Hell’, they’re gonna have it real good. Not one but many.

Cosmosis jones

The trucks looked like they kept going and the bombs exploded kinda far from them wtf?

L du Plessis

Out with the oil thieves!! out!!!

The Objective

These roadside IEDs will evict America from Iraq the same way the Taliban evicted the U.S by bombing their supply convoys without killing any U.S soldiers.

opet ja

Have they destroyed a single truck with these actions??!!

Icarus Tanović



From purely strategic point of view, this current moment, with the US government and public in disarray over its failure in Afghanistan, is the prime time for Iraqi anti-occupation and resistance factions to strike against the contested US military presence in Iraq. It it a rare moment for (forced) self reflection in the US aggressive and expansionist psyche of the last two decades. So any serious anti-occupation attacks have the increased potential for compounded political and public impact within US during this particular time frame.

Last edited 1 month ago by YepItsTrue

About as much use as tits on a Bull.

Icarus Tanović

Oh, come on.

Fog of War

No casualties reported. Enough said.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Those drivers are Iraqi, are you stupid?
They making sure the Iraqis don’t work for yanquis. After that, we might see yanquis casualties.

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