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In Video: U.S. Armored Vehicles Chase Russian Aid Convoy In Northeast Syria

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On May 16, Russia sent a convoy loaded with 150 tons of humanitarian aid from the Hmeimim Air Base to northeastern Syria, including the city of al-Qamishli.

According to RT, a part of the aid was distributed in the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa. The rest will be distributed in different parts of the northeastern region in the upcoming few days.

While passing in a U.S. “influence zone” east of the town of Tell Tamr, the Russian aid convoy was chased by two U.S. armored vehicles.

Russian forces entered northeast Syria last year to monitor an agreement between Damascus and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Later, the Russian Military Police was tasked with monitoring the Russian-Turkish ceasefire on the region.

Currently, Russia is working to establish strong relations with locals in the region. In addition to sending aid, Russian officials are holding meetings with tribal leaders and prominent figures. Additional forces are also being deployed in the region on a regular basis.

The U.S. appears to be concerned by the growing presence of Russia in northeast Syria, especially by such ‘hostile acts’ as the delivery of aid to locals.


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Smokey and the Bandit 3


So basically when you say ‘chased’ you actually mean ‘followed’ from a safe distance …

Jens Holm

Yes, I say maybee. Its not enough to conclude as its done. Things there are very very very complicated.

Yesterday and yesterday before that I was blamed because I told civile demonstraters of the Assad kind should go home.

Isnt it enough its like that, where Assads, SDFs, Russians, Americans and Turks are amred to teeths.

We all already know the ususal minority rapports from those Assads and those Assads by that are kept down by SDF in reduced teritories partly supported by the americans.

One triggy finger and not only those civilians are gone forever.

Not many prefare Assads and ISIS there. They know the difference well and for some years. Assad left them because they were unimportant and only talk about oil and americans and not them.


Exactly my thoughts as well. The words ‘chase’ and ‘follow’ have different connotations, and the two US vehicles driving behind a large convoy do not exhibit the intention to seize or overtake the convoy. Ergo, the US vehicles are following.

Inflammatory language is overused these days by journalists to describe ‘what they want to portray’, rather than the reality of the actual event.

Donald Moore

That does not look like a chase, it looks like the US vehicles are following at a extreme range so that they don’t upset the Russian APC with its anti-armor cannon!


Yes i saw 4 Russian APCs,they should have blown those arrogant US bastards off the road.


In 3 mins an f22 would have sent all apcs in walhala


Nice joke, you mean in 3 mins the F-22 would have been shot down by S-400 or Su-35s and in 15 mins the base where they took off would have been bombarded to hell.


Ye, like all the Israeli planes who bomb Sirya every week.


Sirya ?


Sure those S-400 never catch an Israeli plane because “just more young men and women die. For what?”

Wayne Nicholson

Russian air defences defend Russian assets not Syrian or Iranian. Syrian air defences defend Syrian assets.

Just when the IDF launched an attack on Russian assets? The only aerial attacks on Russian assets have been jihadist drones which are swatted down regularly by Russian air defences.

The Russians haven even turned on the targetting radars of the S-350, S-300 or S-400 in Syria in the five years they’ve been there.

They have however managed to intercept F-22’s and posted the gun camera pictures to prove it. The only way they could do this is if they were able to track the F-22 with passive radar.


Pics or never happen

Wayne Nicholson

I will as soon as you show me a pic of an F-35 flying unseen in Russian defended airspace.


Since it’s unseen how can I show it to you?

Wayne Nicholson

You asked for pics to prove my argument so where’s the pics …. or any evidence to support yours?



There is a big difference that you bobs cant see and you know it but for propaganda reasons you act like you dont know.
We are talking about hitting the Russians and not the Syrian army, if you hit the russian convoy you can expect retaliation or even if you try to hit it Russian jets will intercept you.
As for Israel hitting Syrian troops, well they hit Iranian or Hezbollah not Syrian troops and also they do it using the Lebanese airspace and they dont dare to enter in Syrian airspace, Syrians cannot take the risk aiming targets in a foreign airspace without knowing who is who and take the chance to hit civilian jets.

Have you ever wonder why Israel stop attacking via the coast anymore? Because they are vulnerable there and previous they lost an F-16, but from Lebanon airspace I explained you the advantages attacking from there, Lebanon also is very mountainous from that area giving more cover to Israeli jets.
Russian AWACS many times fly south of Syria to patrol the mountainous region of Lebanon and thats why you dont see very often attacks of Israeli jets because they will get spotted in time and jets can be scramble to intercept them but those AWACS cannot fly 24/7.


I replied to someone who said that Russian APCs should open fire on American armored vehicles. But bob for satisfying his fetish of writing long useless comments, acts like he didn’t observed or he was too excited he really didn’t. Let’s forgive bobs.

Wayne Nicholson

You fan boys and your super-duper stealth fighters.

Isn’t the F-22 a fighter?

I know can be armed with up to four bombs but at $33,000/hr to operate and a week of maintenance between sorties do you really think the USAF has F-22’s armed with bombs just waiting for a chance to take out a few Russian APC’s?

It’s not just the cost but the USAF have been losing a number of them recently to crashes and hurricanes ….. don’t you think they’d want to preserve these valuable assets instead of taking out aid convoys in Syria?

The Americans do have ground attack aircraft and helicopters you know that can support US patrols at less than the cost of a single j-dam let alone paying for the F-22 to deliver it.


Yes, good point. I imagine a UAV would be even cheaper to operate.


Chill dude


Is there a language barrier?
There are a difference between chasing and following/escorting.

Jens Holm

There might be. I am not sure. Its a fact USA will not allow help to Assad supporters, but we dont know if that food is meant for whom or re a trade.

As I recall it Ain Isa has a big destroyed refugee camp. So the people from there are not feeded by Russia or Assad and ots alos well known Russian here are transporters as their part of help as UN drivers representatives.

Russians most likely will be attacked by none there.

I do see it in my subjektive way also could be that 2 american vehicles are not enough to stop determinat Russian transportation.

Some more explanation would be nice. We all know all there has lack of food.

klove and light

getting more and more pathetic and ridiculous each and every day

a theatre Play for the 99% dummies

Lone Ranger

Isis err I mean U.S. troops should just go home.

Jens Holm

Much like You never has left Your balcony Yourself.


Seems like the American vehicles are too slow to keep up with the Russians. Probably due to being heavier than the Russian vehicles because of thicker armour plating, I’m guessing?? Or maybe an inferior engine pushing out too little horsepower, or a combination of both? Does anyone know the specs of these vehicles?

Jens Holm

Americans has no slow veheclis as You try to descriebe it. They cover a lot of land well by fast vehicles and good communication.

Some person also say those americans should be afraid of the Russian 30 mm canon, but the americans in those light armoured vehicles got the best heavy macineguns, You can find.

Russians has no chance unless they hit the americans as first timer.

The americans has decided to use less tanks and fx the new Strykers being heavy armed. They go more kilometers pr liter and are almost as heavy armored as tanks.

It wont harm You reading a litle more speed. All has big engines and 4 wheel for tuff terrain, but on the road they has normal asphalt speed.


I’m guessing you’re not much of an expert at this (in fact you’re no expert at all) and have instead just sucked some arbitrary stuff from your thumb, right?


This comment section is full of military experts and geniusstrategists. Wait no. All Russians are military experts and strategic master minds.


I very much doubt this guy is Russian. Besides, why would Russians hang around an English speaking blog??


Some ppl here say they are Russians


The Russian escort vehicles are actual light war vehicles, made for speed and firepower, possibly with a couple of dozen troops inside of them. The two US vehicles are just for crowd control and are far outgunned by the Russian APCs. One or two of them are packing 30mm auto-cannon while the US is rolling with .50 cals. It is just a tail and the US is keeping out of the way. I would not be surprised if the US knew the Russians would be rolling through there. Normal communication was probably observed. No biggee but, interesting to see. My take.


Hi, thanks for the update. Yeah that’s more or less my take on it too, short of identifying the exact vehicles and then googling their specs. It certainly does seem as though the Russian vehicles are lighter, faster and better gunned whereas the American vehicles are heavier and consequently much slower but would offer better protection.

A Joyce

These machines are loaded down with fat.

Traiano Welcome

That’s a nasty thing to say about Americans …


They didn’t want to catch them because they wouldn’t have known what the hell to do if they had caught up.


Russian present tanks have 15-1800 hp compared to 6-700 hp if usas,sure makes you wonder!


Your mom did 9/11, you fucking pig.

Wayne Nicholson

Pictured are 30mm shells compared to .50cal. …. the 50 cal is the one on the far right.


The 30mm shell is a real AP artillery round the .50 cal is a bullet. 30 mm is the same size round used in the A-10’s gatling gun.

The frontal armour of the Russian APC can withstand a 50 cal round …. the side armour maybe …. maybe not. The 30 cal auto cannon isn’t the only weapon at their disposal. They also carry an AGTM launcher that can target helicopters as well as AFV’s and anti-personel machine gun.

I’m sure the 50 cal isn’t the only weapon the Americans have …. the probably have AGTM’s and drones in the trunk …. as long as they can get them out and deployed before the Russians shred them.


Accompanied? Sure. Chase?!? Nahhh…


More than anything else they seem the desert raiders who run after the caravans to steal their cargo. What else to say of the US delinquents who are already in Syria for the theft of oil, larceny that previously contracted to ISIS and since the Russians destroyed them US steal directly.


The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on…


Jacob is just another jewish carpet bagger selling ‘snake oil’.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“While passing in a U.S. “influence zone” east of the town of Tell Tamr, the Russian aid convoy was chased by two U.S. armored vehicles.”

Are they kidding, I just watched the video, SF must think we’re all stupid, Chased?
7 military vehicles and 6 or 7 aid trucks, they’re not taking any risks are they.
Gee and I wonder why the US don’t have pretty flags flying over their vehicles, or anything at all to identify them being US, it’s like they’re trying to hide the fact they’re US and not Russian LOL.
The US had that vehicle sandwiched between them so they were protecting someone of importance, and they were probably staying close to the Russians so that the Russians could offer assistance if anything went wrong.

Traiano Welcome

Did they catch up ?


US Rats scurrying after Russian convoy..


maybe they were hungry and were hoping for a sandwich

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