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In Video: Turkish Strike Destroys Supposed Pantsir Air Defense System Near Saraqib

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The Turkish military decided to compensate recent ground setbacks in southern and eastern Idlib with a new batch of videos showing strikes on the Syrian Army in the region. Recently, it released a video showing strikes on the Syrian Army military column supposedly near Maarat al-Numan. After this, time came for strikes on Syrian air defenses.

The video supposedly showing the destruction of a Russian-made Pantsir air defense systems was released by Clash Report. This outlet is being used by teh Turkish military to release its propaganda content regarding the conflict in Syria.

More about the Pantsir-S system:

In Video: Turkish Strike Destroys Supposed Pantsir Air Defense System Near Saraqib

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nicolas s

This pantsir system does not look up to the task


Its a nice target practice tho.Hope they pull their S300/S400 out of the caves too. :)

nicolas s

Apparently s300 not adapted to drones

Legis Legis Juscius

pantsir is not that efeccttice, not the first time he gots destroyed, s-300 is on another lvl, you will never see videos of that destroyed, also TOR systems started to operate from hmeimi, it showed that even in swarms of turkish drones he is pretty efective and shot 4 turkish drones already

nicolas s

Apparently its fake vid

Rhodium 10

Pantsir have shot down more than 20 drones ( Italy,turkish,) in Libya!… Turkey have posted fake images some of them made by computers others are filmed in military drills

opet ja

Pantsir was SHOT DOWN??!! How can you shot down something that is on the ground? Maybe it was destroyed, just maybe.


That vehicle on the video does not look like Pantsir


That is still on a MAN chassis and there are no Pantsir on MAN chassis in Syria.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s a radar truck not a pantsir system, it looks nothing like a Pantsir.


It might be, what is 100% sure is that it’s not a Pantsir-S in Syria.

Xoli Xoli

Fake news it’s a lie.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Essad should surrender to TAF before loosing his whole army. This is madness. Rat is fighting with mountain. Result is certain.

Lone Ranger

Keep crying Shlomo :)
SAA is gaining Turkroaches are draining ;)


comment image

Lelouch Vi Britannia

in your dreams. Dude you are so stupid. We crushed Syrian army. Hundreds of syrians are died. and we didnt even use our troops. We destroyed whole syrian air defense. We destroyed 4 syrian plane. All we lost is just 1 uav. Dont believe fake news. Watch videos. Our uavs are sharing videos. Its so fun to watch how they hunt syrian rats

Lone Ranger

You are delusional Schlomo.
Your frontlines have been overrun.
You are losing one town after the other.
Turkisis lost an F-16, 20 drones, around a 1000 troops and dozens of APCs and tanks.
You shouldnt get your news from Isis online and Erdofuck Today ;)

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Hhhahahahahahaha u are just a child. Where are photos, proofs? 0 f16 shutted down. Just 1 uav is shutted down. And we have hundreds of uavs. So you will keep crying more until Putin gives up. Our troops are not even fighting in front. Syrian shitty planes bombed our soldiers yeah but they paid it by loosing more and they will keep paying.

Lone Ranger


Legis Legis Juscius

acordin tu rissan mod 14 drones show down, including 2 who tried to attack russain base

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Its russian propaganda. You are making jokes about turkish numbers but we have video proofs, photo proofs. Russians and syrians have nothing. If there was shutted down more UAVs there would be videos. These are not drone. They are not small. These are UAVs like planes. Just 1 is shutted down and responso to this we destroyed whole syrian air defense. There are videos. Watch all videos in clash report.
Rebels have small drones which you can buy even from supermarket. Probably russia counts these.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Turkish army never runs. Its russians who ran away from seraqib. FSA runs too yeah. Whole syrians are shitty but still useful for us. Instead of sending our troops we are sending syrians. Syrian lifes are not important. Its affordable. Anyway we will take back seraqib and more syrians will die. You will watch it.

Lone Ranger

Really… is that why Seraqib is on SAA and Russian hands now ;)?
Turkisis will fall, after that Erdofuck…

Legis Legis Juscius

turkish army is wothless:D lasta battles showed that very clear


*hovers over crystal ball*

….I see… A Tochka missile in your future…

I see….lots and lots of helicopters….

Lazy Gamer

Yeah losses are mounting but it is still too early. The SAA should take advantage of the daytime since most drone strikes seems to be more succesful at night time. Russia should perhaps in addition, enforce a satelite disruption zone if it has the means to do so.


Turkish losers… They should stop their war for terrorism before they get to humiliated and ashamed …


Mazel Tov!

Lone Ranger

Next stop Idlib city Schlomo.
Send some bodybags for your mossadisis buddies ;)


comment image

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…;)


comment image


Meanwhile,Saraqib has not only been taken back but is now untouchable with Russian troops deployed ibnide. So Mazel Tov to you for picking up the jihadi shower soap so early in the morning, bitch ;-)

Oh and this video is not even related to the Syrian front and has been relentlessly recycled from one and the same engagement by Turkish PR and its “2500 Syrian soldiers killed” ffs they’re not even trying to provide credible lies anymore it’s quite pathetic.

But hey, keep up the high hopes if that helps you feel better about the bearded hipster having a hard on inside of you every day Rofl xD

Lone Ranger

Mire Mossad CGI and videos from Lybia…

AM Hants

So, if Turkey are doing so well, why is Erdogan going to Russia, to beg for a ceasefire?


Here we go again with the propaganda from Turkey.


Not a Pantsir system in that video.


This is never a Pantsir System!
Pantsir Systems are built on a 8×8 vehicle and in the video you can see a tractor with semitrailer.


unpant sir

Christian S

FFS thats not a SA22

Herbrecht Von Jeromen

The position of the radar antenna denotes guns were positioned rearward, thus not engaging anything.

Legis Legis Juscius

it looks like radar detector not a pantsir, turkey should release better quality video, because it hardly looks like pantsir

Marko Ivanišević

Fake video, look at the terain before and after hit.


Fake images, I wounder there is rumors of this images are from Libya, because this what we see, isnt an Russian Pansir system, this is something mounted on an truck with an radar on it, maybe an aditional suport system and whom and what made it and what it was and where is most lightly from Libya, two widely different from the physicals of an double, double axsel, aka an 8 wheeler.
LNA dont have all of the state of the art shit, things move slow when it comes to people fighting for their land and people, like the Libyans do.

What we are seeing, of course, pixled down to snott, is also an eh…. an “briliant”, in the leauge of what we up here with winter, aka real winter say, about cold and beliving pissing in your pants helps, and is an sign on something is not what some whants us to see and/or belive.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Like the army of the western backed, british created, NGO pimped and the MSMs darling the gang of happy, of course, head chopping moderats, shooted down an Turd drone, yup, never forget this rule, in war time, its not useful to use an pitch of salt, from time to time we need an truck load of salt, and in this days of high quality videos, this is an joke, better luck next time, schmucks.



This has got to be the worst fake yet, watch the tire tracks closely and also in
slow motion the truck disappears after impact must be vaporised hahahaha


Really stupid! The tire tracks on the ground moves when the missile hits.
Turks are really stupid liars!


Oh we talked about this, they managed to shot one in Libya and that’s what they are showing all the time, why don’t they show coordinated on the drone for all of us to see that the drone is in fact in Syria, just bullshit, and typical ottoman propaganda, this video is old and was shot in Libya long time ago back, there is not even one reported Pantsir destroyed in Syria.


Listen even if its not true,the heavy ECM of Turkish Koral allows drones to fly very very long time and they manage to spot radars with ELINT and target/shoot them.

I wonder why Russia insists in Pantsir….. I think OSA,BUk,TOR systems with electro-optical tracker and IR seeker would be much more reliable against drones in this environment

Tudor Miron

Another turkish lie… Turks, are you that dumb that this kind of obviously fake video is good enough for you?

How does it feel when your boys die defending internationally recognised terrorists? How does it feel serving as cannon fodder for west against Russia? 16 times wasn’t enough to learn?

Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

Not a Pantsir system

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