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In Video: Turkish-sent Refugees Keep Children Near Fire To Make Them Crying

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The Turkish-staged wave of refugees that is storming the border with Greece seems to be employing propaganda methods that they’ve learned from their White Helmets counterparts in Syria.


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Europa Erwache

Thank you for exposing them Southfront.


Where are you my boy


A child to them is not a living human being (well not that they have any respect for human life anyway), it’s merely a “ticket” to invading Europe. Will probably throw it into a river when he passes all the borders he wants to pass.

Simplekindof Man

A euroshit delegation is going to visit the border to assess the situation.
I wonder what the aholes will say?
It better not be ” open borders for those poor people”

You have to be a shit bag anyway to risk harm to your children by exposing them to conditions like carrying them across a border illegally.
But as we see some basically torture them…

AM Hants

How many MEPs does Sorass fund? How many tax payer funded NGOs have links to human trafficking organisations? Why are the refugees mainly dead eyed, males, physically fit and in their 20s? How many of the children travel with their famines?

You can call me Al

Did you know that the biggest “Amnesty International” is his + all the”HUman Rights bollocks ?.

AM Hants

Yep. If you wanna be an Orwellian Human Rights Group, with an audience, then you have to go through Uncle Sorass. Doesn’t he also fund most of the Supreme Courts and under his control? Tony Blair only set the UK Supreme Court up, to give Cherrie a day time job. Isn’t she now waiting in the wings, with Sarah Palin’s mate, to get a slice of a Government funded, NHS contract?

AM Hants

Here are the mob s he funds and controls in the US. You can imagine how the list grows, when you place his other international, Government funded NGOs into the mix. Not forgetting how many MEPs he owns and that is just in Europe.

List Of 206 Organizations Funded By George Soros That Are Operating In The US…

‘… These organizations are directly funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Many of them have mission statements that sound high minded and worthy of support, but all of them are committed to goals and projects that are based on the leftist model of collectivism. Their primary appeal is to focus on problems in our society with little disclosure of the kind of society they hope to create. –GEG…’


Fair treatment

What sick people….

Ice Icegold

Out of Europe! Thanks southfront for saying the truth.


The most vicious animals do not treat their young like these proxy Turkish Crisis Actors.

I have not seen this on the BBC yet. Perhaps tomorrow :)

Simplekindof Man

I sense some sarcasm….


You might be right :)


All this media duplicity is going to end in tears at some stage.
Such contrived and fake realities have always resulted in the destruction of civilisations.

Europe is marching in lockstep towards cultural oblivion in my opinion.
I will not be here then, so I do not care.

Black Waters

These creatures are really despicable, using children’s like if they were mere toys.

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