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JUNE 2023

In Video: Turkish Military Fortifies Frontline With Syrian Army In Southern Idlib

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On April 11, the Turkish military fortified its positions in the southern and southeastern parts of the Syrian Greater Idlib region.

Opposition activists shared a video showing an armored bulldozer of the Turkish military building a dirt barrier near the town of Afes, along the frontline with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Afes is located right north of the city of Saraqib.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said Turkish forces also fortified some of their positions in western Aleppo by installing cement barriers around them.

These measures indicate that Turkey is preparing for another confrontation in Greater Idlib, not to implement the March 5 agreement with Russia.

Under the recent de-escalation deal with Russia, Ankara had to secure the M4 highway, linking the cities Lattakia and Aleppo, and neutralize radical militants operating there. However, this is yet to happen. As for now, the Turkish military is working to solidify its presence in Greater Idlib by sending additional troops and equipment. At least 55 military vehicles were deployed in the Syrian region on April 12 only.


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Peter Jennings

Every man and his dog knows that the Turkish admin has no intention of allowing Idlib to return to normal. They consider the whole area to be theirs and solely for the use of their proxy terrorists.

The very tentative link between them and the Russian admin is the only thing which legitimises their presence. Without that, the Turkish forces are merely invaders practicing aggressive warmongering on Syria. This is still a crime in international law.

Bente Petersen

Merde !!!! but never mind the Turks are digging their own grave(s)…

Jens Holm



one barage of TOS-1 would roast the ground those bastards stand on.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So the Turks have had well over a month to start implementing the new arrangements they made with Russia, but instead of doing even one little thing to comply to those arrangements, they’ve instead beefed up their own defensive positions against the SAA, duh I wonder why. And even though Turkey supposedly isn’t complying to those arrangements concerning Idlib, Putin’s just agreed to cooperate with the Turks again in a new arrangement they’ve just made concerning Al Hasakah. So if this Idlib deal isn’t working out the way it’s supposed to thanks to Turkish non compliance, the last thing you’d think the Russian’s would do is make another deal with the Turks, but they did, are they stupid, no they’re not, they’re just lying to us, the supposed deal to reopen the M4 highway is the biggest load of BS the Russians have ever told us, it’s all a huge lie.

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