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In Video: Turkish Military Deploys Rocket Launchers In Idlib


On February 9, the Turkish Armed Forces deployed several T-122 Sakarya multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) in the northwestern Syrian governorate of Idlib.

The al-Moharar News, an outlet affiliated with the Turkish-backed Sham Corps, released a video showing the launchers entering Idlib from the Kafr Lusin border crossing.

Developed by Turkish defense giant ROKETSAN, the T-122 system consists of two pods of 122 mm launch tubes which are hydraulically traversed and elevated.

The launcher is equipped with an advanced fire control system which calculates firing data automatically for rockets with different warheads and is capable of storing up to 20 target coordinates.

The T-122 can launch several types of 122 mm rockets, including rockets designed for the Soviet BM-21 MRLS, with ranges up to 40 km.

The deployment of several T-122 Sakarya systems in Idlib indicates that Turkey may be planning offensive operations in the governorate. Earlier this week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with military measures if it doesn’t withdraw from several areas in Idlib.

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