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In Video: Turkish Forces Pound PKK Fighters In Northern Iraq

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Two more fighters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) were killed by Turkish forces in northern Iraq, the Turkish National Defense Ministry reported on June 8.

Turkish forces have carried out an air operation in the Gara region, according to the Twitter account of the Ministry.

“No place is safe for terrorists!

As a result of the coordinated work of our Turkish Armed Forces and the National Intelligence Organization, 2 PKK terrorists detected in the Gara region in northern Iraq were neutralized by the successful air operation of our Air Force.” – the statement reads.

The operation was carried out in coordination with the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization.

Turkish air strikes were also spotted in the Kani Massi area in Dohuk Governorate, northern Iraq.

The Turkish military launched the joint Claw-Lightning and Claw-Thunderbolt operations against PKK cells in Kurdistan on April 23th. According to the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, more than 70 PKK fighters have been neutralized, so far. From its side, the Turkish military has reportedly lost less then ten soldiers in attacks by the PKK.


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Capitalist Master Approves

We in the USA support any operation against socialist idealists who guarantee rights and freedom for all people. To hell with the Kurdish liberals who impose equality against the will of capitalism and tyranny. If we cannot sell them McDonalds then they must be destroyed. We support Turkey in their war against the anti-capitalist Lenin-socialists, may the White God of Abraham reign over all the world with fire and brimstone on all infidels who oppose YAWHEH!


You say, “We in the USA . . .” Are you talking about peeps in your hood? The USA supports the PKK, dude read some news for a chance.

Bolshevik Khazarian Criminal Mafia (Communist) 👹

Read his name…read mine as well. SF is not doing anything about their comment section so trolls come up with not very smart names and “us” as well like to use this opportunity to fuk with trolls. By trolls I mean, Hindu kid and Nazi Zion rats btw.


The “USA,” US Tyranny, is the rogue, illegal, occupier of the American country and oppressor of the American people. The US Tyranny is nothing more than the Jew interloping parasites’ wardog and instrument of oppression.


The Jews plan for the destruction of Iran has the Kurds occupy much of Northwest Iran. Turkey will, rightfully, not permit that. All the tragedy aside, it’s amusing to watch the Jews stymied for once. Now, if only my fellow countrymen would wake up to the plundering and destroying Jew menace within that Orwell warned us of?!

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