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In Video: Turkish-Backed Militants Shell Syrian Troops In Southeast Idlib

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On November 20, the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) released a video of its artillery units shelling Syrian troops in southeast Idlib.

The footage, which were shot by a drone, show Turkish-backed militants’ fire targeting Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers as they withdraw from the town of Misherfah.

The SAA stormed Misherfah in the early hours of November 20 in the framework of a new ground operation. However, the NFL and its key ally, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), launched a counter-attack within a few hours and managed to recapture the town.

The NFL joined the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) earlier this year. The group is taking part in the ongoing Turkish-led attack on northeast Syria.

Despite this, the NFL maintained presence in Greater Idlib, where it is actively supporting HTS and other terrorist groups.

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klove and light

ridiculous unreal stupidity treacherous
ridiculous, unreal,stupid and lastly treacherous Agreements between ziobist Putin and syria´s arch enemy Turkey.

and the fucking USELESS comments by russian leadwership each time Israel attacks syria…..

and last but not least KABANI a Tiny mountaintop town in Latakia which paves the way for Idlib..months over months over months of supposedly russian airstrikes…..and SAA has not advanced 1 fucking foot into kabani but lost thousands of troops trying to storm it over a dozen times…all well documented and written in southfront articles.And some Folks still believe that Putin wants to help SAA.LOLOL laughable and making a mockery out of modern Warfare airforce.and i wont even Mention the ridiculous agrrements on Idlib with Turkey..where it clearly states “Turkey must fight Islamist terrorits in Idlib”……thats as if the FBI makes an Agreement with Cosa Nostra to fight organized crime,.

this is getting totally unreal..not even Hollywood could akke this stuff up…

Putin u treachrous Zionist pig

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews…the Slogan of the proud steadfast houthis.


The SAA platoon we presume we see on this vid are making an orderly withdrawal and don’t seem overtly perturbed by the strikes which are occurring within a few hundred meters of their position. In fact we see a zoom-in from what must be the attack drone, which seemingly targets the location from where they originally emanated from but fails to strike it. Also, we see drone strikes between buildings that cause minimum damage. All of this suggests to me that what we are viewing is a propaganda vid made by the Turks and their proxies. When we see Russian vids, where attack drones are engaged, buildings are turned to dust and headchoppers are sent to the nether world to embrace their desired virgins. A platoon rambling down a deserd road would have been obliterated. Eaten bread, they say, is soon forgotten. So let us not forget who stopped the headchoppers onslaught 4 years ago. It was Russia! Had they not acted when they did Syria would now be broken up into 6 or 7 political entities, as was the plan. IsraHell would have secured Golan and probably the rest Quneitra in a deal with their proxies. Russia does not always act as we might like, but only for them acting as they did when they did and their continuing support for the Syrian Government, we would not now be here talking about what we are talking about.


Fully agree but one more thing:
At this video is village Lweibdeh and road to Tell Khaznah – both under goverment control ….. I still more and more think that was been only planned hit and run attack at Misherfah ;) but its hard to say

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I don’t think Putin’s a Zionist, he just has really bad judgment when it comes to making political allies, Erdogan for example.
Your comment about the Russian/Syrian failure to retake the mountain top in Latakia amused me no end, just like you I’m amazed no one else seems to wonder why it’s such a hard nut to crack. If it was the US in Russia’s shoes they’d just carpet bomb the top of the mountain until there were only piles of rock left, since there’s not one civilian up there.
Everyone else wanted to stop fighting back in June last year, it was only Erdogan who refused to put his guns down, and sadly Putin’s been riding shotgun for Erdogan and covering his back ever since then [the same way he does for his Israeli partners], but I think Erdogan’s lucks changed lately, because even though I can see Putin’s still covering Erdogan’s back with his right hand pistol, I’ve noticed his left hand pistol now seems to be pointing straight at Erdogan’s back instead of covering it, at least it has been for the last few days. :].
Is this the start of the end of Putin’s love affair with Erdogan, has that filthy whore brought home a disease Putin can’t cure, hopefully.


Wonderful Turkey-Russia agrements for terrorists and Turkey (NATO member).

Willing Conscience (The Truths

HTS isn’t the problem in Idlib, or Al Nusra, the problem is Erdogan, the fact he protects the moderate opposition/rebels like the FSA/SLF/SNA/NFL, who on his request also help the designated terrorists ike HTS and Al Nusra, is the real problem.
The last ceasefire Putin and Erdogan introduced was supposed to stop the moderate opposition from participating in these sort of attacks, and now they’ve broken the ceasefire again for the hundredth time, we all know what both Putin and Erdogan should do, rescind their status as moderate opposition and also redesignate them as enemy combatants. That’s what happens when you break a ceasefire isn’t it, not always unfortunately.

So the same people attacking the SAA from Idlib, are the very same people attacking the SAA from Erdogan’s newly created safe zone, isn’t that what Assad’s been warning us would happen.

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