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In Video: Turkish-Backed Militants In Afrin Launch Barrage Of Cluster Rockets At Nubl & al-Zahraa


The Turkish-backed Hamza Division shared a video on May 7 showing its fighters launching a barrage of Grad rockets from their positions in the occupied area of Afrin at the government-held towns of Nubl and al-Zahraa.

Local sources in the two towns said that the rockets were armed with cluster warheads. However, they didn’t cause any loses.

The Hamza Division, which is led by Saif Abu Bakr, is one of the biggest Turkish-backed groups in the northern Aleppo countryside. In the recent years, the groups became infamous for its criminal activities, including kidnapping, looting and drug trafficking.

Last week, the Hamza Division and other Turkish-backed groups launched a surprise attack on the town of Ma’arnaz, which is located south of Afrin. The attack was a complete failure as Kurdish forces were able to recapture the town and kill over 40 militants, according to pro-Kurdish sources, within a few hours.

The unusual attack on Nubl and al-Zahraa could provoke a response from local pro-government forces deployed in these towns. These forces are known for having excellent relations with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

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