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In Video: Turkish-Backed Militants In Afrin Launch Barrage Of Cluster Rockets At Nubl & al-Zahraa

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The Turkish-backed Hamza Division shared a video on May 7 showing its fighters launching a barrage of Grad rockets from their positions in the occupied area of Afrin at the government-held towns of Nubl and al-Zahraa.

Local sources in the two towns said that the rockets were armed with cluster warheads. However, they didn’t cause any loses.

The Hamza Division, which is led by Saif Abu Bakr, is one of the biggest Turkish-backed groups in the northern Aleppo countryside. In the recent years, the groups became infamous for its criminal activities, including kidnapping, looting and drug trafficking.

Last week, the Hamza Division and other Turkish-backed groups launched a surprise attack on the town of Ma’arnaz, which is located south of Afrin. The attack was a complete failure as Kurdish forces were able to recapture the town and kill over 40 militants, according to pro-Kurdish sources, within a few hours.

The unusual attack on Nubl and al-Zahraa could provoke a response from local pro-government forces deployed in these towns. These forces are known for having excellent relations with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

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This is more a sign that the SAA offensive in Idlib as nothing of an limited attack.

klove and light

turkish scum of the world……plain and simple stupid Leaders……….
at first the AKP(Erdogans Party) were Partners with Israel and us Forces
they then included ISIS and al-nusra as Partners…
they then attacked the Zionist proxies the kurdish idiots, making them zionists very Angry with them and causing havoc in the turkish economy ever since
they then turned to Russia as so called Partners, but still keeping Isis and alnusra as Partners too(mind boggling this turkish idiocracy) which in turn attack Russians on a daily basis in syria and at home or in Turkey(as the Ambassador who got shot in Turkey by an al nusra member who the Job as security guard LOLOL)
now they are backtracking , lol, turning back to the us for a “safe Zone” in northern syria after Russia made it clear that the territorial Integrity of syria is russias number 1 priority and Russia will not help Turkey with the continuing occupation of syria.

For Russia ofcourse, the bigger Picture is russias southern flank against NATO… beiing Turkey….having Turkey, leave or kicked out of NATO would be of Major strategic importance for Russia and a strategic blunder for NATO.Turkey knows that, Turkey knows that they have a sweet leverage over Russia and NATO due to this Point.And exactly this Point makes the syrian conflict so complicated and very hard to solve without one of the two big Giants getting their asses kicked…which again puts all of us on this planet in danger.

and to complicate Things even more…my personal best Friends…the jews…..i dont and i wont bother using the word zionsim…thats just a scapegoat for the stupid……they both believe in the Talmud which clearly states
” all non jews are Gojim” “all non jewish women are whores”
“one can cheat and steal from all non jews”
“gojim are dirtier than dogs”

These pricks Control the monetary System on our planet.PERIOD.Be it in Russia,uk,usa,germany,china etc…

All central bankers are jews…be it in eu,usa,or Russia……and their leverage over all is enormous.
ALL Major News outlets are jewish, in USA, eu etc…
All Major brain washing movie productions and actors are jewish.
And they were and are working for a one world Government with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jewish Leadership.
The british elite joined them in that cause 100 years ago with the balfour declaration.
The americans have joined them in that cause 50 years ago ever since JFK got assassinated by a jewish/british consortium named PERMINDEX with Major Bloomfield at the top, a triple Citizen, israeli,british and Canadian.
Iam still not sure About the russians….but all indicates that they joined this Group too.
Indications for the russians:
selling of high tech Military Hardware to the enemies of russias so called allies namely Saudi Arabia,turkey,UAE, S-400 but NOT selling this Hardware (which i might Point out is 100% defensive Hardware) to ist own allied nations namely Iran and syria.
the various strategic steps Russia took in syria espeically in regards to Turkey, which is a current NATO member, and giving the green light to Turkey to invade and occupy an allied Nation namely syria, while KNOWING very well that TURKEY is in partnership with ISIS and ALNUSRA, which in turn attack russian assets day in and day out.
Either way Russia is playing a very dangerous game and dancing on a very thin line…………
and last but not leasst, russias partnership with Israel.Now that is mindboggling for me.
I have studied history, but never ever in the history of this planet, has a Nation been more flip flopping than Russia in regards to Israel.
Imagine…..Israel on full Purpose attacked russias allied Nation syria, in a way well knowing that the consequence would be the Shooting down of a Russia Military plane.
And what was the consequence……..NADA ZERO lol………and exactly this Point clearly indicates that Russia has joined the partnership of the jews and british elite in the development of a one world Government with jeruslaem as ist capital under satanic Leadership.
and i mighjt wanna remind Folks, that days after this attack, the russian General commander of Forces in syria General Shoygu was clearly pissed and very Angry at Israel and even cancelled ANY Meeting between russian Military command and Israelis.
then Putin meets the murderer of russians netannayu and…… surprise surprise

well Shoygu got sacked big time, as mentionmed here in an article at southfront and the commanders in syria were subsstituted, and suddenly all is good again…and the attacks of IDF(israel airforce) on syria continue.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Ever consider this, what if the Jews aren’t really on top of the pyramid, it might be they’re just a pawn for something even more sinister yet to be revealed, don’t you think that’s also a possibility.
The smart puppet master always remains unseen, but the people you blame are always the most visible and also the loudest, and also very easy to blame thanks to their past and present bad behaviour.
All roads lead to Rome, and to get to the capitol you have to follow the direction most people are going, and I’ve found that even though a lot of the traffick does head the direction you think it does, I find it doesn’t stop there, there’s still one more place to go to get to the real capital. And when you get there you’ll find you don’t have to be Jewish at all, in the real Capital you can be anyone or anything you want to be, and if you change your mind tomorrow, you can decide to be someone else or something different too.
You should look for just one more common denominator if you want to find the real Capital, don’t stop at a Jewish conspiracy, there’s another level to go after that one, and it’s weird, really weird.
New World Order, Old World order, those 2 terms are at the end of the conspiracy chain, and you have to understand what those terms mean literally to see what the real agenda really is.
And it’s not Jewish world domination, and it’s not greed or lust for power by certain individuals, and it’s not geopolitics by powerful nations, or aliens, or anything like that at all, it’s something different.

You can call me Al

Right, take them out NOW.

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