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In Video: Turkish-Backed Militants Destroy Syrian Army Battle Tanks, Armored Vehicle

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On February 19, the National Front for Liberation (NFL) attacked Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces in the northern Aleppo countryside with several anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

The Turkish-backed group destroyed two battle tanks, mostly T-72s, and a BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) of the army near the town of al-Shiekh Aqil. The army liberated the town a week ago.

Within a few hours, the SAA artillery shelled militants’ positions in the towns of Dar’at Izza and al-Atarib in the northern and western countrisde of Aleppo. The shelling was likely a response to the NFL’s ATGM strikes.

Despite this exchange of fire, the situation along the frontline in Greater Idlib remained clam for the most of the morning and afternoon.

Greater Idlib, however, may witness a dangerous confrontation between the SAA and the Turkish military at any given moment. Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan renewed his threats to the Syrian military, promising a military operation in the region.

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You can call me Al

Bllx. As a side issue, large number of military jets and heavy planes moving West to East towards Germany tonight.


Is that something to do with the NATO chest thumping fest exercise, Al ?


What u think Florian, will Turkey start a full scale war in Syria?


If Erdo thinks he can put the war genie back in the bottle he is likely to be reckless, that’s his character.

The biggest problem fro the West in general is that the Western leaders and military types have come to believe their own propaganda about Russia and China, and even Iran. Russia is only a ‘Gas station and makes nothing’ etc.

To a certain extent that was true during the lost decade of the 90’s, yet today Russia and China are stronger that they have ever been and are both more that able to turn the US and Europe to radioactive wastelands.

The West demands that Russia and China should kneel to the West and know their place as serfs in the world order.

Erdo is gambling on NATO help, if he is initially successful in an attack on Syria, in my opinion.
This is why any Turkish attack has to be stopped in its tracks with ALL weapons necessary.

Erdo is fighting for personal wealth and Glory.

Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Iraq are all fighting for their very existence as sovereign nation states. Now is the time to stand up to NATO as all are in the same theatre of war ( China has a large stake in the Middle East) and all can contribute to the neutering of NATO in the Middle East.

President Putin and his staff will have considered many scenarios of course, and the fact that President Putin and the Syrian government are refusing to withdraw to the previous front lines, an act that would also destroy morale in ALL of the Syrian coalition forces, is indicative in my opinion that the battle lines have been drawn.

It may suit the US of course to see the Turks defeated, as then Gulen could be put in power and Turkey would be controllable again by NATO.

Essentially we will not know the future until it has become history in this most complicated conflict.


Thanks bud

Pave Way IV

That small penis-fest thumping is actually… THE US INVASION OF POLAND!
Damn! I never saw that one coming….

comment image


“Exercise DEFENDER-Europe 20 is the deployment of a division-size combat-credible force from the United States to Europe, the drawing of equipment and the movement of personnel and equipment across the theater to various training areas.

Apparently NATO and sidekicks are skeptical of US ability to deploy an entire division with combat-credibility for their defense. Truth is, we have never plan on deploying one to help NATO fight WWIII. Our NATO pals in Europe are instead considered part of the strategic defense of the US mainland in WWIII – mostly serving as early-warning targets and a radiation-absorbing buffer zone. Poland, rump Ukraine and the Baltics will be glassed over before the US negotiates a cease fire with Russia. Germany will only lose the eastern chunk to TOPOLs – the western half should still be habitable.


Exercise SCARING-THE-S%#T-OUT-OF-EUROPE, starts soon! ;)

You can call me Al

I thought so at first but that is March – April (I think).

Hanny Benny

SAA and Russia are not the poor kurds, armenians or christians without weapons.
come on try erDog of caliHell,
u will enjoy bombhell 4 your jihaShitters :*

klove and light

yes totally true…SAA and hezbollah are not the kurdish thugs or armeinians or christians without weapons…….ONLY BUT……..

why pick a fight with a well armed NATO member? why let These sunni estreme islamists turkish bastards into syria in the first place??????

what good did it do the syrian arab republic that Putin gave the green light to Turkey to invade, firstly afrin.. then secondly Idlib including allowing per Agreement between Putin and erdofgan allowing tuirkish scum to build 12 bases on syrian soil, thirdly , the turkish Invasion again per agreemnt with Putin, allowuing the bastards to invade northe ast syria……what good??=???

ONLY a MADMAN who has lost all his senses or a TREACHEROUS ZIONIST PIG could have the IDEA and come to the CONCLUSION, that the INVASION and OCCUPATION of syrian soil by TURKEY would BENEFIT the legitmate gov. of syria! period!

Putin u fucking treachreous Zionist pig!!!

and all Folks who still dont understand……here is a small clue……

DONT EVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE the evilness and wickedness of the satanic Zionist jews!!
cause thats what most of you here are doing……..and remember what the devil sings

“timeeeeee is on my side”

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews-the houthi Slogan, the bravest of the brave


No offence but you are very simple and not very smart. Not sure if you are Syrian, but 5 years ago the Syrian government, army and economy were on the verge of collapse. I doubt they would have seen 2016 to be honest. You are very short sighted and apparently with short memory as well. Syrian government got at the time was almost driven out to several major cities, that were besieged or contested, the army was down to mere shadow of fighting force. Don’t get me wrong they endured a lot, but ultimately as in any totalitarian political regime, high ranking army position are political roles that are given to people with little or no military skills. This was obvious by the lack of general strategy and tactics, ridiculously and wastefully conducted offensive that led to horrendous loss in qualified military personnel and equipment. The army was done at that point. If Russia did not intervene back then it was all over. To your question, when Russia start the military intervention after 3-4 month of heavy and very costly 100-150 sorties per day, there was 0 progress on the ground. The reason not many fighting capable units were left on the ground. Rebuilding equipment base( that Russia donated from it’s reserves) and re-training personal and army units required time. Fighting on 15 different fronts is not winnable scenario for anyone. So certain compromises had to be made to allow Syrian army to concentrate offensive capabilities and fight off different treats one by one. That was all due to skillful Russian diplomacy. Do not ever forget that and if you are Syrian be always greatfull for what Putin and Russia did. Rebuild and rearmed Syrian army and air force, provided modern air defense and cover, humanitarian aid and Russian soldiers lives. If they leave Syria now, the wolfs would return very quick and situation would deteriorate in no time. Never forget it

Tim Williams

Your memory and analysis is 100% spot on …


Yup, remember vividly how there was 3-4 fighting units left.The Tigers that had to constantly be redeployed to different locations(N. Hamma, Aleppo, Palmira front) to stabilize 4 guard division in Damascus, Deir-ez-Zor units and couple of small private units. Every time front was managed by NDF or Iranian militia, they were getting overwhelmed and running within minutes of the start of engagement. It was desperate times, Russians at some point created and start training unit 5th something can’t remember the exact name, that was basically old timers 50+ of age. So that guy is keyboard soldier, but is dum dum.

Tim Williams

I recall watching the documentary of all the terrorists camps set up in Turkey 6 weeks before the initial incident in Syria happened that kicked this entire tragedy off … 50,000 rats from all over the world were in Turkey and Syria had no idea of what was going to happen to them … this was never an uprising … it was invasion …


I had not watched that, would love to see this documentary if you can recall name. And yes not only in Turkey but Jordan and other places, not sure about initial numbers, there were lot’s of troops transferred from Libya, I got friend that graduated Arab philology that told me that in their videos at the start of the War, the so called opposition speakers have N.African and Arabian peninsula regions accent and not local. Turkey, Qatar, S.Arabia, Jordan and Israel were behind, just as in Libya. The scenario was the same, stage “uprising” that turns in military confrontation within weeks( someone to explain me how that works and where these “protesters” got heavy weapons and military training within a wee or two. If these insurgents does not prevail, a that initial stage -most likely the case as small and lightly armed units, then comes stage two.False flag event or pretext to initiate bombing campaign and destroy all military assets and fighting capabilities of the army by Western Coalition. Here Russia again save the day in the last minute, by arranging OPCW investigation and chemical disarmament by becoming guarantor. That gave fighting chance to Syrian Army, unfortunately as mentioned above they had no idea how to deal with the problem. At that point stage three was initiated where the coalition start pouring masses of jihadist and islamist sub-human Zergs. That was not working too well either as Iran joined the supported activley at that point, so stage 4 was launched called “ISIS”. Basically 2/3 of the newly trained and equipped Iraq army, overnight turn into ISIS and start pushing in Syria killing two birds with one stone. USE got casus belli to stay and fight ISIS in Iraq, and extra pressure from numerous, very well trained and equipped force on Syrian front as well. ISIS was trading Oil with Turkey( exposed by Russian satellite pictures and aerial photos later) facilitated by one of Erdogan’s son in law or actual son’s if remember correct. Syrian Army was grind and slowly picked apart. Then Russia intervened again to safe the day. In very broad and general term. Same plan they applied for Libya, but Russia did not intervene and they succeeded at stage 2 bombing the crap out of Libyan army and no fly zone. Before that Qaddafi was beating the crap out of terrorists

Tim Williams

Russia was too far away to help Libya and Libya did not have the distinction of being the only Russian military facility outside of Russian land … Syria got lucky with the Russian naval facility on their soil … Russians will not give it up … I’ll look for that documentary


Probably, but I thinks it boils down to what type of politic is Putin and his cabinet in terms of risk analysis and calculations. The motives for the war in Syria were economical, gas pipe line from S.Arabia to Turkey and Europe. They were more interested in preventing this, rather than their base, but you are right. That is way The war ended when Bulgaria foolishly blocked S.Stream and Turkish stream was signed. S.Arabia, Bahrain,UAE and co lost interest and cut funding. Turkey and USA still got certain interests there, but hopefully would continue to deescalate and end at some point.


Not many people talk about this but there was another strong reason to invade Syria. To hide history that’s why Isis targeted Palmyra so much have a look into what a Syrian archaeologist was working on there and then look at what happened to him Isis cut his head off and burnt his life’s work


Proof that hato failed to keep the peace,for such crimes,they must be terminated!


I’ll never forget that the crypto-jihadi in the White House, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, made it all possible, orchestrated it. May Obama burn in the flames of Hell for eternity.


I see it more than the psuedo feminist rant whom obviously doen’t understand the concept of pain,otherwise if they put their bodys truly on the line they would not wish war on anyone,let alone accuse russia who has never in history let down their allie never in history!could be a kweer orthodox haters of incest spawn generally are kweers,only sin unforgiven is that of the unrepented,yep its a bot!


Without the Ruskies Syria would now have been Syriastan, Thrown back in the middle ages, surpressing all other cultures and minorities, ethnic cleansing of Shia, Christian and Kurdish homelands, stealing and raping by Sunni hurds, demolishing ancient artefacts like Palmyra and so on.


I think that already happened unfortunately. Numerous minorities and religious communities were slaughtered or forced to flee. Factories and industrial equipment, resources and artifacts stolen and shipped abroad. Some regions have been under Islamist radicals for 8-9 years now and many young kids and people are indoctrinated into radical islamism. It’s very sad and tragic for Syria and Syrian people, but hopefully would manage to rebuild their country and society. Syria was relatively wealthy, secular, modern and religiously tolerant country and society before the war. Hope they recover, but it’s very tragic, I’ve seen all the nightmares above on videos since 2012 as these islamist zergs like to document on videos their crimes and atrocities.


Yes its a huge tragedy and its not over yet


Demented drug addict get a grip of reality,Putin is not incest spwan but orthodox,hato can’t fight for sht,they can destruct sure thing just like usa,never had the balls to take on teorrists unlike Assad and Putin,by the way incest wannabe,isn’t it odd before putin began his mission in syria,there was no sign of any hezbolla or iranian resistance of any kind,heck the much weaker odummer/brussels coalition had Assad on the ropes but thats ok,seens truth don’t lie see,as it will be reiterated of the consequence of aiding bushs army into afghanistan to cpmmence the cia poppy trade there,you lieing feminist!

The bravest of the brave repented and learned by it,the dead ones had not guts!
fk ye deep state incest spawn wannabes,fk ye cia sponsored fake heros,fk ye genocide!


Turkey is doing something very dangerous (advised by USA-Israel.NATO) since Hezbolah-Iran-Russia are not at all nice people when they are treated. Maybe Israel wants to fulfill Torah (book of Daniel-Ezekiel) book to show to the World that its book must be believed since it is the word of God.

Xoli Xoli

It is the Time of king of the South. Israelis are far from God.Their killed Messiah and never ever reconciled with him.Soon the Persians and Russians military will destroy them together with all arabs and Muslims. Not puppet Erdogan.

Icarus Tanović

Just come on you thug, try to save Wahhabi savages.


Whats that now 4,498 tanks to go,incest wannabe?


Headchoppers Propaganda. I have gone over and over this 87 second video clip, as it seemed dodgy from the get go. We can just about make out 3 alleged combat vehicles belonging to the SAA. None seemingly have their engines running, which is very strange in a combat zone only recently liberated. Between 1 and 2 seconds we see and hear the atgm as it makes its way to the supposed SAA tank. On 6 seconds you will note a puff of white smoke emanating from the turret of the target tank. On 9 seconds you will hear what sounds like the report of a single shot, it is in fact a detonator. At 10 seconds you will see a shock wave from the soon to explode tank blowing to the secondary vehicle. At 11seconds 2 pieces of schrapnel fly from right to left across the screen at right angles to the point of focus. You will also note a couple of other things happening; 1st, a small fire has occured on the secondary target which is shielded from attact on that side unless either of the 2 buildings in the fore ground were used. There is no evidence of this in this video. 2nd, you will further note a spike in the white smoke suggesting a secondary detonation occures at 16seconds with suggested impact at 17. There is also a flare up of the fire on the secondary vehicle at this point. I’m not going to describe the next alleged strike. However, I have to say the crowd who made these videos are way ahead of their white helmeted terrorist cohorts


Well observed, looking at the detail is so revealing. The situation does not seem like a combat situation, so it may well be that the jihadists are just scuppering their own broken down equipment with a bit more style than is usual – clearly to produce video of victories. Thanks for pointing out the inconsistent nature of that video.

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