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In Video: Turkish Airstrike Hits Civilians In Iraqi Kurdistan

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A Kurdish fighter was killed and six civilians were injured on June 25 when a Turkish airstrike targeted a pick-up truck parked near a resort in the town of Kuna Masi in the district of Sharbazhir of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Shaho Osman, the mayor of Sharbazhir in the northwestern province of Sulaymaniyah, told Rudaw that the injured civilians are two men, two women, and two children. Five of them are members of the same family.

It remains uncertain if the slain Kurdish fighter was a member of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), whcih is designated by Turkey as a terrorist group.

The Turkish airstrike on Kuna Masi didn’t only injure civilians, but also terrorized families who were spending time in the nearby resort.

Jîl Şwanî, a Kurdish writer, shared a video showing young children and their parents running for safety when the Turkish airstrike took place. He confirmed, however, that none of the people seen in the video were hurt.

Earlier this month, the Turkish Ministry of National Defence launched Operation Claw-Eagle against the PKK in the Kurdistan Region. According to the ministry’s caims, hundreds of positions of the group have been targeted so far.

The Kuna Masi airstrike led to a backlash against the Kurdistan Government, which was accused of facilitating the Turkish operation in the region. Seven civilians has been killed in Kurdistan since the beginning of Operation Claw-Tiger.


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Daniel Martin

Erdoğan’s murderous neo ottoman regime must be crushed with force, because it has been nothing else but an never ending source of instability and terror, for both it’s neighbors and the entire region.

Zionism = EVIL

Jew cunts need to be wiped out first as they are destroying the planet.


Erdogan terrorist

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, the Kurd are arseholes who have sold themselves to the Americunt lardass losers and Zionist cunts. It is time they are wiped out as they are proxy terrorists for the Americunts and destabilizing the whole region.

M.A. Lamett

It is a wellknown fact that PKK terorists hide near civilians. Look at the picture below. These kids were killed recently by the terorist PKK. And yes even Russia and Greece recognizes PKK as a terorist organization. Turkey is determined to exterminate these terorists who serve the interest of the US and greater Israel.

comment image

Zionism = EVIL

Kurd turds are total Zionist cunts and should be hit harder as I have said before.

Brother Ma

The biggest and longest -serving lapdogs of the Uncle Sam have always been the Turks. The longest and biggest rulers of the US have always been the Israelis.

Turkey the whore will lay with America again once Erdo is out of the way.

M.A. Lamett

I’ll tell you something because you seem to be quite ignorant. I agree Turkey was a subservient vassal or semi-colony of the US from 1945 to 2011. Neoliberal prime minister Turgut Ozal and first and the last female prime minister Tansu Ciller were one of the worst to sell all national resources and privatize state enterprises which were petro-chemical, paper, textile and communication industries during the 90s. Tansu Ciller signed a customs agreement with EU and this was detrimental to Turkish economy as well. Erdogan’s prime ministership from 2002 until 2011 did not change much and more state industries were sold to foreign interests. Until 2011, Erdogan was quite fine with the globalist and Israeli lobby and had their support. During that period he was even boasting to be part of the greater Middle East project (aka Greater Israel). Following the “Mavi Marmara” incident however, Turkish-Israeli relationship started eroding and the zionists didn’t want to see someone like Erdogan in power any longer as they couldn’t control him hundred percent. They used Fetullah Gulen who is a muslim cleric and a religious sect leader and a CIA asset. They infiltrated in the army, judicial system, schools and government institutions. The rift between Erdogan’s islamists and Gulen’s faction intensified until 2016 when with the help and support of CIA they attempted to brutally remove Erdogan. He survived with the help of some Kemalist military officers and some even claim that Russian intelligence also was involved (I somewhat have my doubts). From this point on I can say that Turkey is not the puppet it used to be. Turkey is conducting a fairly independent foreign policy right now and this fact shows in Syria, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere. Since 2016 the army has been re-shaped and around 70 thousand soldiers including many high ranking officers been removed and sentenced to prison. American influence over Turkey and its army decreased. Today the main opposition parties in Turkey are neo-liberals and hugely connected to the globalist oligarchy. Even though I am a traditional Kemalist nationalist and do not admire Erdogan’s islamist views, I would prefer Erdogan 100 percent over those neo-liberal clowns. Because Erdogan’s current policies are nationalist and for the good of Turkey. If the opposition somewhat gets the power, I have no doubt that Turkey will become again a nice little puppy for the US and the western interests. Already, we can hear these deranged neo-liberal opposition in Turkey criticizing Turkish rightful presence in Libya, Syria and Iraq. They also propose that Turkey should be a federation, basically accepting to give half of Turkey to terorist kurdish political establishment called PKK. In that sense, I understand that the west and the Greeks sempatizing with Kurdish separatists. it would be a great thing for you Greeks to see those neo-liberal clowns in power. But I have some news for you. This will never happen, especially when the US power is in decline. In this new world Turkey is destined to become a great power in the region and nobody will ever change this fact.
I hope I gave you a good lecture you little ignorant shit. At least Turkey is trying to break free from fucking western anglo-zionist imperialism. Greece, on contrary is hopeless and truly fuck-up by the EU colonialist and became a truly a pitiful, pathetic and poor beggar third world country. I am afraid that there is no hope for you.

Brother Ma

Don’t go giving me history lessons Coban. I know all that and more..
You have no rightful place in Iraq,Syria or Libya and we Americans will put your troops in both blindfolds and hoods once again and parade you down the Sttthole streets you are used to.

M.A. Lamett

Looks at these pictures. You can see how we paraded you terorist Gayreeks in the streets of Cyprus in 1974. Be very afraid you little shit. Today Nikos Anastasiadis said that “if we get into war with the Turks, it will be the end of Helenism in Cyprus”. Wise words for a shit head like him indeed. We fucked you real good in 1974 and we’ll do it again.

comment image comment image comment image

Brother Ma

You bore me. I explained all about Cyprus and how not one shot was fired against you by a peer force and yet you insist you won on merit. Also you insult me rather than debate like a reasonable person. Typical Anatolian Turk Coban behaviour.

I’m not Greek ,Butthurt -Individual. What …you thought only Asia Minor Christians hated you! The whole of the Mediterranean despises you and your criminal state, even your fellow Sunni Moslem Arabs. Hahah .I just love history .

I will ignore you from now on till you smarten up.

M.A. Lamett

You must be from one of those chickenshit countries in the Balkans or eastern Europe, I bet. Being colonized for centuries by the Ottoman Turks must have left it marks, for sure. We’ve treated all our former colonies much more justly and fairly in history compared to US and Europeans. Turks always respected the customs and religions of those nations living under Ottomans. Otherwise they would have been totally assimilated and would have not existed as a country today , like Greece, Romania, Bulgaria to mention a few. Balkans and some of eastern Europe still is under Turkish geo-political sphere of influence and this will grow in the coming years and decades for sure. Turkey has already bases in Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo as we speak.
Lastly, if you continue behaving like a dick-head asshole, insulting Turkey, Turkish people, their history, values, race, religion etc., you’ll be treated as such. Smarten-up and behave!


Kurds are the official Zionist 5th column in Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Brother Ma

I have no sympathy for Kurds or their foreign policy since the Ottoman days ,yet this was sad.


This is sad to see.
But no doubt, it was sadder to see children get blown up to pieces by PKK car bombs.
Question is; what’s the solution? Sadness of this video does not constitute a base to have sympaty for PKK, whom is the reason of Turkish army’s existence in the Northern Iraq.

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