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JULY 2022

In Video: Timeline Of Russian Advance In Mariupol

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The video shared by Miladviser showa the timeline of the advance of Russian-led forces in the city of Mariupol since March 12. It clearly demonstrates the tactics used by the Russian military. After the city is surrounded and the outskirts are mopped up, the assault units enter the streets and cut the enemy grouping in several parts in different city regions. There were three smaller traps for the Ukrainian groupings in Mariupol: in the Primorsky, Kalmiusky and Levoberezhny regions.

The last stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the city was the Azovstal plant located in the Levoberezhny district. After all Ukrainian militants surrendered on May 20, the city of Mariupol came under ful control of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The flag of the USSR was raised over the Azovstal facilities.



After the end of hostilities in Mariupol, the city returns to peaceful life. Public transport is operating in the city, power supply is being restored. Some streets and squares have already been rebuilt. According to the statements of the official representative of the DPR, the city will be rebuilt as a center of tourism and recreation, the facilities of Azovstal will be destroyed.


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Ukraine is in real trouble and being wiped out. #UPDATE Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Saturday that only a diplomatic breakthrough rather than an outright military victory could end Russia’s war on his country, as Moscow cut gas supplies to Finland . I guess baiting the angry bear was not a good idea. Even the Polish President is suggesting a negotiated way out before Russia launches another assault on Kiev itself.

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Funny that Russians don’t use ODAB-500.

The Objective

Russians don’t want too much reconstruction cost, Kiev was their ancient capital and they will take it intact sooner or later. Their main agenda is to cripple UAF and capture or destroy as much NATO weapons as possible and they are succeeding with flying colors.


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Funny that you have no brain.

THe Guardian

If they managed to conquer Marioupol that had the best Ukraine fighters and army units (and mercenaries) combined with large city area and supreme fortification that no other town has, then Russians are for sure able to get any other town in Ukraine even more easy. Kiev can now choose next time to have city destroyed and army captured or move out of city when


Facing military collapse, Zelensky says Ukraine war will only end with diplomacy as pressure grows to sue for peace even among NATO allies like Poland.


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Muhammad your Prophet

First the Putin cockroaches need to pick up all the thousands of Russian soldiers at the Kiev morgues that were killed when the Russian army was crushed in the outskirts of Kiev. Putin the terrorist cockroach still wants to pretend they don’t exist so that morons like you can still pretend that Russia has an army left.

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Hey Muhammad, why are you so obsessed with cockroaches? Any relationship?


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there you go, if a blind ignorance of facts will not sway you, why should intelligence get in your path. you can do better than that, why not imagine arming the ukrotards with tie fighters and light sabers? you can imagine they destroy 10 billion russian tanks with three javelin’s if you like. zelensky can be played by Han Solo with putin played by a jawa if it makes you feel better little boy. sure does not change the fact of how fast your house of cards crumbles. the only thing Ukraine is winning in 2022 is the murtad award for armed defense, won by the dead caliph of the destroyed caliphate(by Russia & Syria) in charge of the dumbest band of bandits since murtad-mohammad picked his ass in Kaybar and got himself poisoned by a human being.

Muhammad your Prophet

Your Russian comrades are there. Go pick them at them at the Kiev morgues instead of threating your own people like garbage. I know that you love living in your filthy pigsty at the slums in Moscow, but pretending that they don’t exist is just another level of the type of filthy scum that you are.


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Ze Z

You are getting your worst nightmare. Thousand of Ukras soldiers are prisoners and other thousands dead. Now wake up.

Muhammad your Prophet

February 24: Putin the terrorist cockroach invaded Ukraine, attempting to capture Mariupol by murdering thousands of civilians and destroying civilian infrastruture. May 22: Half of Russia’s army has already been wiped out by Ukranian forces and Mariupol no longer serves any strategic value.


You are neither a Muslim nor even sane, Ukraine is facing military collapse, the memo has not been received in your mommy’s basement.


Muhammad, on the day one Putin said: “demilitarize, denazify and independence for Donbas”. The war could have ended on day one if Zelensky would have said: “no Nato, no more Azov/Banderas/etc. on government’s payroll and that Ukraine will respect the will of Donbas people based on the UN-run referendum.”

The Objective

Russian active military is just around a MILLION men, and in your dreams you think that Ukraine has killed 500,000 Russians in a total Operation Z force of 150,000, LOL. It is like the Jews inflated claims of 6 million killed by Nazis, when total Jew population of entire Europe in 1939 was under 3 million. So who did the Nazis really kill?

Muhammad your Prophet

We got ourselves a deranged Holocaust denier here. I guess his deranged filthy brain still hasn’t been able to process the fact that the shitty Russian army of a million men is moving backwards in Ukraine, not forward. It makes sense considering that this idiot’s brain can only think backwards.

The Objective

You a Jew hasbara shill exposed eh! LOL Knew it all along.

Muhammad your Prophet

Another cockroach antisemite thinks he’s Sherlock Holmes.

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Muhammed Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

You think the Germans are so stupid that they build expensive gas chambers and incinerators to get rid of people when there are cheap and easier methods.

The US Zionist method in Iraq was containers and bulldozers.

The sun and lack of air did the shit job of killing the people.

The Japanese used only bulldozers and buried people alive.

The latter is also my recommendation when it comes to getting rid of Zionists in the future.

Last edited 1 month ago by Muhammed Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك
Muhammed Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

The Jewish Zionist propaganda also gives the impression that all the Jews died in concentration camps and not in normal acts of war that took the lives of many civilians.

Is probably just Muhammad your prophet and his like-minded people devouring the false Jewish Zionist propaganda.


The clown of Kiev and his band of crooks now know for sure that their time in the sun soon will be over. After which they may be hunted down like wild animals. But as far as I’m concerned no deals must be made with these murdering scumbags. Morale must now be at an all time low amongst the Ukrainian soldiers. They may be brave but not totally stupid, and continuing to fight an army far superior is the latter. Maybe surrendering to the Russians will be something they now seriously will consider. It would be a wise choice, saving thousands of lives and stopping more destruction of villages, towns and cities.


I recall that the area of the harbor (west) fell before the area of Ilyich industry (north), that detail seems to be wrong in the timeline.


Good work guys! Now do the same with Odessa, Kharkov, and Kiev!

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