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In Video: Third Iranian Tanker Reaches Venezuela

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On May 27, Petunia oil tanker entered the exclusive economic zone of Venezuela, becoming the third Iran-flagged vessel to reach the Latin country in the last few days.

Venezuela’s Telesur TV said Petunia crossed the Caribbean Sea and entered the country’s waters after being escorted by the Venezuelan Navy. The vessel is carrying 50,000 tons of gasoline and related products.

The Venezuelan Navy escorted two other Iran-flagged tankers, Fortune and Forest, which arrived in the last few days. Two other tankers, Faxon and Carnation, are currently en route to Venezuela.

Last week, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro thanked Iran for the fuel shipments, which are meant to help restart the oil production in the South-America country.

“Venezuela and Iran both want peace, and we have the right to trade freely,” Maduro said in a state television address, according to Reuters.

Both Venezuela and Iran are struggling due to strict sanctions imposed by the U.S. Washington threatened Tehran over fuel shipments to Caracas. However, the U.S. Navy took no action. Iran’s military vowed to retaliate to any attack on Iran-flagged tankers.

The arrival of all five tankers will be a major blow to the U.S. Washington is taking Iran’s threats seriously as it should be. In the last few years, Tehran demonstrated it will to respond to any provocation. The January 8 missile strike on U.S. forces in Iraq is the most recent example.


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Neo Onh


Tommy Jensen

We are taking names, and we wait for the right moment as classified high rang professionals. We stay cool and we have ice where evil dictatorship countries have mud.

Zionism = EVIL

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Who is “we”, the kids in your neighborhood?


Iran called US bluff & they folded

Zionism = EVIL

As I have said repeatedly, the Americunts are paper tigers and now in very bad shape as their Jew fleeced economy is in tatters and they have been exposed as a failed state, so a war with Iran would be their death knell. The Iranian firm and factual message delivered though the little pimps of Qatar was loud and clear, if any Iranian is harmed or the tankers interfered with the Americunt bases in the Persian Gulf and beyond will burn starting with Al Udeid. The Qataris are hosting these Americunt warmongers but don’t their little city state turned to rubble and taken over by Saudis.

Simon Ndiritu

It is good to show your enemy that you mean business

Zionism = EVIL

Now the 4th tanker has just reached the Venezuelan coast and the final one on the 2nd of June.

Simon Ndiritu

Pompeo and other clowns will pretend not to have seen what is happening now in Minneapolis where Blacks are Rioting and Vandalizing businesses. It seams the blacks have decided to send a firm message that killing another black man will attract Riots and Vandalism. The US government has been spreading death and terror across the world until it forgot to develop a functional justice system to protect all races, Chicken are now coming home to roost.

Zionism = EVIL

The Euro-trash “whites” who call themselves Americunts are nothing but the lowest form of racist trash genocidal cowards. They exterminated millions of Native Americans by demeaning them as “Indians”, stealing their lands and locking them up on “reservations” or open air concentration camps like the Palestinians in Gaza. Then they kidnapped peaceful Africans and brought them in as slaves, raping the women and children and then instituted racist Jim Crow laws to keep the Black and “colored” people permanently in poverty and exclusion. The same with Hispanics and Asians in WW2 and now Sinophobia and Islamophobia and occasional Russophobia. These are real trash cunts who need to be resisted. I think it is time for an organized armed struggle for freedom inside the rotten shithole infested with the Jews who are the most racist of all and thrive by creating divisions and exploitation. The WASP trash police force takes its orders from the Jew masters.

Zionism = EVIL

In the strategic matrix the Americunts simply do have the capability or the cajones to take on Iran at a time a Sino-Americunt conflict is imminent. Iran would destroy the Americunt dwindling military capability and then China would walk in. The Americunt stupid bastards are literally up shit creek without a paddle as global strategic, political, military and economic power has shifted to Asia with China at the helm. And most importantly China is a well respected ally of Iran, and was the first to come to Iran’s aid unconditionally to deal with the CIA unleashed Pimpeovirus.


Iran showed class and true grit as expected. This is a win-win for all self-respecting independent nations that can stand up to the US bullies and pirates.

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