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JUNE 2023

In Video: Testimonies Of Ukrainian Prisoner Of War

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There are now many, many video testimonials from regretful servicemen. Whether heartfelt or trying to deceive it’s hard to say but I bet their families are very relieved to se that they are alright. Hopefully, after this is all over, these people aren’t targeted by the fuquewads in Kiev. Who’s ever left in command when it’s all done.

It is going to be a shitshow with all these sabateurs in DPR/LPR AND Russia proper. No mercy for terrorists. I hope the damage is kept to a minimum.


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Video and on the on the on the ground aftermath, prove the US will continue this way. The US also authorities authorize civilian terrorism. No other word than pathetic, as I’ve watched this all unfold since 2014. However the absolute collapse of NATO and Europe is faster than I imagined especially of all leadership. It just doesn’t exist and I’ve been observing from North America.


The key point of this video is low quality recruits, to include alcoholics, drug addicts, as well as those will mental issues. The sorry lot of recruits that this individual explains their lack will to fight. The 2 months training is not enough time to detox the drug addicts and alcoholics. Beyond that it takes about 2 months or good training and conditioning to obtain the basic military skills to survive on the battlefield. After that it takes another two to six months to train a new soldier to perform their job.

The other problem he talks about insufficient food or water for the unit for extended periods of time. This is a major problem when you consider there psychos, drug addicts, alcoholics and mentally unstable individuals. What will they do when they are armed, and attempt to resolve their thirst / hunger? Will it be hunting / fishing / foraging, or will they take the easy route and just loot any remaining business or residences?

The other major point that most will probably miss, is that when an order is issued by a higher headquarters, why did not the entire unit go on the mission, but the mission was performed with 60 random volunteering individuals from the unit, with most of the experienced soldiers refusing to perform this mission. This is indicative that there is no discipline and no order within the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Florian Geyer

Slava Rossiya


In WWI, the British officers ordered our boys to run into the barbed wire, without any cutters, on foot, they shot those who did not go and their families received no pensions. The population elimination enthusiasts have LONG been with us. Those trapped in the barbed wire begged to be shot.

hunter bidé lab pork !

ukros canon folder for ss nazi scum and the nato parazites !!! lets not forget Soros and hes desire to take a big nuke in the anus and get epesteined forever !!!

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