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In Video: Taliban Militants Marching With Advanced Weapons Left By U.S. Forces

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On August 19th, a video showing the march of Taliban fighters was released online. They reportedly marched with U.S.-made advanced firearms in the city of Qalat, the capital of Zabul Province in southern Afghanistan.

The exact date of the parade remains unknown.


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20 years ago, the Afghan government banned production of opium and narcotics. We sent our military to overthrow that government and restart the poppy fields to produce those products. Now, the Taliban has banned those products again:
You want me to feel sorry for those who are trapped behind ‘enemy lines’? Those who restarted the opium/narcotics trade???
This is what CNN and the rest of the MSM is fighting for. I don’t think any of the MSM are the good guys or those who are ‘trapped behind enemy lines’. Sorry, I’m not buying it!

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

No one feels bad for the narco-terrorist backed US puppet regime.


The CIA and bankers don’t need that (narco-) money anymore, as transactions between government agencies and banks/corporations etc. are officially secret since 2018.
Narcos are notoriously difficult to control. Now, Afghanistan will certainly become part of a Chinese-Middle Asia zone of cooperation.

Albert Pike

Very similar picture to the march of Osama bin Laden’s CIA supported Arab Legion in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Same blueprint – the Taliban are the new Nato-usrahell supported ISIS, playing the enemy to their decadent woke willing and knowingly fuckedup cultures – to stabilize them internally:


Thats a Zio-NATO wetdream or a deliberate misinformation attempt – go fck yourself Dumbo ‘cos no-one here buying your BS.. Taliban aint interested in being US lackeys. ISIS is a 100% US created force – The US’s foreign legion – Paid, trained and created by good ole’ USA.


Correct. The Taliban will do everything to disassociate with the “IS”.


“Woe to the vanquished” How embarrassing for the US


Why the winter camouflage?

Alberto Bohon.

Special forces of Taliban SFT
Special Police of Afghanistan
New Army of Afghanistan
New Taliban!

Jim Allen

These are the spoils of war. This equipment was abandoned by a routed enemy, and “To the victor goes the spoils.”
It’s disingenuous as Hell to imply anything other than the fact this is captured equipment
Without tangible evidence these gains are somehow ill gotten. Making baseless allegation’s against any one, or group simply because you don’t like them, and/or the outcome, serves only to dishonor yourself, and show’s the world your weak character. But, maybe you like that, I don’t know. Maybe you’re paid sheckel’s to parrot specific narratives scripted for you. This would make you the weakest of weakling’s, selling out your principal’s, honor, the loyalty to your family, friends, neighbors, countrymen, and your country, (present Government excluded) to that Government, is treasonous, as treacherous, untrustworthy, despicable, a human being can be. Unfit company for man, nor beast. Sold your soul for empty promises, and a few sheckel’s.
I do hope this isn’t true, who you are.


Just some new boots, vests and AR rifles. Not as dramatic as last time US left weapons in Afghanistan, when idiotic US officials supplied and left Stinger missiles in hands of Afghan mujahedin, who started trading them with arms dealers after Soviets withdrew!

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