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In Video: Taliban Is Destroying Armoured Vehicles Of Pro-Government Forces With IEDs


As the US-Taliban negtiations have not led to any kind of a notable progres in the settlement of the Afghan conflict so far, military developments on the ground continue. The video below shows Taliban IED attacks on miltiary vehicles belonging to pro-government forces.




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  • ruca

    Are these bombs embedded into the road, or are they at the side and directed towards the vehicle?

    • Nowruz

      The Taliban is most likely just placing a flat IED along roadsides and covering it with dirt to avoid detection. IEDs are very effective for destroying convoys.

      • ruca

        Thank you Nowruz!

      • You can call me Al


    • You can call me Al

      Some are,but I thought at least one was a shot…

      • ruca

        Seems to me that the energy must be directed. If it’s embedded in the road, it’s much easier for the force to go vertical. On the side of the road, how do you direct the force?

        • so

          Don’t know. A guess would be a scrap of steel pipe buried in the road facing up. Old water pipe and a hack saw would do the trick.

  • FlorianGeyer

    It just shows how bad things are after 17 years of brutal and vindictive war by Nato in Afghanistan, that I now applaud the Taliban. :)

    With the US transporting ISIS from Syria in order to further inflame the violence, there is nothing to be proud of, and the thousands of dead and maimed NATO soldiers are a testament to the futility of their ordinary men and women who have the courage to fight there.

    They have been fighting for a US narrative that is a lie.

    • so

      The US narrative was always a lie that started with the bombing of the WTC in NYC. I’m waiting for the citizens of my country to wake up. Watching a lifetime(60) of this crap gets tiring.

  • Joao Alfaiate

    First Afghani Astronauts!