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In Video: Taliban Fighters Have Fun Celebrating Victory

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In Video: Taliban Fighters Have Fun Celebrating Victory

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After months of fierce fighting across Afghanistan, Taliban fighters are now celebrating victory in cities under their control.

Unverified footage shows Taliban fighters frolicking on a trampoline:

The militants were having fun riding on a merry-go-round:

The following video was published online long before the Taliban reached Kabul. Most likely, it was made at one of the captured military bases. In any case, the militants were very happy to take control of it.


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U.S. taxpayer money well spent ☺️

US & EU are Zion slaves

You damn well know that the Taliban can’t any longer hide and The US going to bomb them after 9/11.
Just like in Syria and Iraq, but much easier as Afghanistan doesn’t have many air difference systems or any good one for that matter. Also, Syrian and Iraqi governments aren’t unrecognized governments by other nations, unlike the Taliban. Russia still recognizes them as a terrorist group.
I know China support them if the Taliban is cut clean from other terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda/IS and the other terrorist extremist Sunni group that attack China.
Russia has its own goals and interest in Afghanistan and so does Iran.

The US has 9 Billion of Afghanistan’s national reserves, and just like Iran, they are not giving it back but they use it against them. The MEK try everything to loot Iran’s national reserves and Iran still hasn’t got its money back.
What I’m trying to say is the USA never let go of their ex-puppet regimes or countries that don’t in line with the USA’s interest. Like Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. They are all sanctioned and the US still supports anti-government groups in those countries.
Syria and Iraq – IS, Al-Qaeda, or the new terrorist groups.
Iran – MEK and so on.

Arch Bungle

You’re a dummy.

These men had no problem hiding for 40 years.

All of sudden you imagine they lose this ability overnight.

My advice to you: Lay off the crack pipe.


i hope After enjoying this kid playing Taliban will understand the feeling of women and children and other is that life is enjoyable let Afgahn people have enjoyment in Amusement park and other area. Give women Education so they can also serve Afghan people. Hope Taliban doesnt Follow Whabhi school . And make themselve Little moderate muslim.

Last edited 1 month ago by rafik
Demographic War against the West

Fears condirmed – demographic war against the West just got worse –

UK Daily Mail Newspaper is today reporting that, quote,

“The US said it may issue up 80,000 special immigrant visas to those who helped with combat operations and are likely to face revenge attacks from the Taliban”


“The UK Government has confirmed it will take tens of thousands of Afghan refugees”.


The UK Government has confirmed that there are at least 56,000 people who need evacuating from Afghanistan – including some 22,000 flying on US special immigrant visas, 4,000 British nationals, 10,000 refugees that Germany has said it will accept, and 20,000 bound for Canada. In reality, that number is likely to be far higher once diplomatic staff from dozens of countries which had relations with Afghanistan’s former government are taken into account”.


“At least 6,000 people have already managed to flee the country on evacuation flights that began on Sunday, with a dozen departing today – most of them flying to neighbouring Middle Eastern countries before continuing their journeys west. Spain, France and India confirmed their diplomatic staff were evacuated today.”

The above copy and paste quotes from the Daily Mail UK are shocking. Such an influs will drastically impact upon already pressed infrastructure in the UK, US, Canada, France, and Germany and very serious “non assimilation issues” social and demographic issues – as has already been shown when fighting age male immigrants from worn torn Middle Eastern countries are imported and implanted into western nations.

The US currently facing uncontrolled immigration through the southern border and brewing racial division at home does not need an additional “80,000” mostly fighting age angry refugees from a counrty it has spent 20 years pillaging and occupying.

The UK, which aleady has a housing and employment problem for its own own citizens can hardly take, house, and employ “56,000” mostly angry fighting age men.

This is demographic madness and war by other means.

Alberto Bohon.

former vice president Amrullah Saleh declares himself interim president of Afghanistan and promises to resist the Taliban, I hope the Taliban capture Amrullah Saleh and arrest

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

Former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, declared himself president of Afghanistan. Says he doesn’t give a shit what anyone says, he won the elections and it’s his democratic right to be eternal president of Afghanistan and Yemen. American allies back the decision.


It is almost comical. Maybe the occupational forces should have build more playgrounds instead of bombing weddings and funerals to keep the Taliban at bay?

cosmo kramer

ahahahahhahahaha this is so bizarre, but they must be happy they took back their country, inshallah houthis do the same


Just a bunch of big kids LOL!!


they are like any other human, if they have the chance like this one

Alberto Bohon.

Russia and China support the Taliban, but the Taliban can make a deal with China on political, economic and military matters, and perhaps the Taliban can allow China to install military bases in Afghanistan, as Russia did in Syria, the Chinese presence in the region may favor its one belt & one road geopolitics. because in my opinion, the US will no longer intervene directly in Afghanistan on the military issue, but perhaps can intervene indirectly on the political issue with the so-called “new resistance” of the new north alliance as occurred in the 1980s, and therefore another civil war it had emerged in Afghanistan. As in Syria’s civil war, the US supported and financed the HTS rebel group from 2012-2017.


These men were robbed of their childhood by the American occupation


Brainless scumbag acting like a baby unfortunately Afghanistan going 50 years backward now.

Oncle Ozz

I came for some high altitude gay diving I stayed for the ponies.

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