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In Video: Syrians Destroyed 2 Buldozers Of Turkish Army In Southeastern Idlib

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In Video: Syrians Destroyed 2 Buldozers Of Turkish Army In Southeastern Idlib

A screenshot from the video

On May 5, the Syrian Army destroyed 2 buldozers of the Turkish Army with anti-tank guided missiles near the village of Afis in southeastern Idlib. The village is located north of the Syrian-controlled town of Saraqib, near the M5 highway.

According to pro-government sources, the strikes were delivered in response to the recently increased number of ceasefire violations in the area by Turkish-backed militants.


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John Wallace

If they were working that close too SAA then they deserve to be cooked. Was that Iron Dick and fellow foreskin muncher running away in the background.

Jens Holm

Assads should retreat to Syria.

John Wallace

They are already in Syria dumbfuk .Are you really that stupid or just saying bullshit to stir the pot. That is really stupid either way.

klove and light

he is a zionist german stooge…….pointless leaving your Energy with Zionist satanic motherfuckers


As a German, i must tell you that our beloved Jens is Danish.
Our education system may be in shambles, but it is still not THAT bad.

John Wallace

I don’ think Denmark want him either ..

Jens Holm

Your think is based on, what You are forced to think, and thats as little as possible. The highest devellopments for slaves are, they insist in deciding nothing and even come for whopping themselves.

And You are happy getting the bones,when You Leaders eat meat. You even think, they are nice to You stupid soendable little ones.

John Wallace

That is funny when my country rates above yours and also much safer and doing a better job with that virus than yours is doing .. Talking shit again Jens. Get a brain moron.

Jens Holm

Fine with me. Denmark is doig pretty well in economicss and corona.

But do I believe You…well

John Wallace

Don;t have to believe me .. the figures speak for themselves .. on population basis your country has had more cases yesterday than we have had the last month combined and your death rate is 25 times worse..

John Wallace

I know all the perfumes of Arabia couldn’t sweeten his diatribe but he is such an annoying piece of shit. Ignoring him doesn’t work as like a really bad smell he keeps on infusing himself.

Jens Holm

Of course I am annoying. I am from tjhe rest of the world, which You only know in a higly censured version.

Even facts by Internet, which are easy to find, dont change that added the totally stupid parts of Your obeying learned form before You are born.

I see most parfume from Arabia comming right here come from someones behiinds.

The deep deep deep dark state is created by Yourself. A lot You tell is deep state is open to all normal people here.

So You make Yoour own dark and even blame us for keeping Yourself as “no knowers”.

And when I write about it and just tell how things are here and often with Denmark as an example, You write allis lie, I am a troll, all is propaganda.

I still hear people here think the stolen oil has made us rich. Oil in just one of many many needed tool and west, china, japan and like that actually pay world market prices for it.

So when the billions dont reach You, You should look at the ones still having hands, which should not. They live well and even has bathtubs of gold with oil in it as fun.

John Wallace

All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, Oh, Oh! LADY MACBETH. I still have the smell of blood on my hand. All the perfumes of Arabia couldn’t make my little hand smell better.
Sorry I stole it from Shakespeare which you obviously don’t know . Also you know nothing about me , where I have been nor what I have done but I can assure you I have seen more of the world by a mile than you with your inane dribblings. You haven’t got a clue .

Jens Holm

You dont know, what a zionist is beacuse You are told and obey anything Your sheep heards tell You.

Jens Holm

Im looking for solutions.

Simple maps of today as well as in the past fx 1856 says, that old Aleppo and Raqqa provinces now didivid with Turks are not with Assads as well as Erdogan. having good reasons for being there at all.

So my wish from You and others are realisme. What wrong with to small states or Emirates between Turkey and Anatiolia. Wel same thing for Diabykir.

Whats the reasinbs for Assads and Erdogan think its theirs.

If ots only for oil, You all should share it person pr person by bank accounts to each and children half price for education. No more corruption.

Syria is an artificial country mainly made by France and indepoendent in 1946. None siad the Balfour 2 as well as later the Sevres/Lausanne treat should make only two states there.

Syria also never was the coarsrlune and also had no coastline in south at Aqaba(and later Eilat).

So I insist in propose as an laternative for, what almopst all åpreare here, which is kill Your enemies, where Yuo are the winners.

Assads dont have structure for a country but an emirate/dictatorship. So that has to be created for devellopment. The alternative is elected power far away from Damaskus by local selfdeciding. Number 2 is very normal in west. We control our local politions and can relelect or not. Money dont go to fx Copenhaen because 50% of the tax is local tax for local matters.

It make people buy what they actually need and have money for. We easier can see inside the local economy and therefor has less corruption – And if we have it will not reach the rest of the country..

Our Goverment and Parlament still has a lot to do with the upper part and do it better, because focus is at the upper parts of Our country.

We divide because we raise people to decide and be trustworthy persons for others. Its very strange for us, that Syria only can find ON CLEVER person supported by a NEPOTISTC and corrupt parlament.

And in this the Syrian women ecen are decided and kept even more stupid then men.

We see women contribute 40% to Our GDP. They pay for themselves. In divorses the men dont have to pay them or theor families, bacuse our women are educated too and have their own bank account.

You shouldnt blame others for mist of You missery. Its made by homies by Your own no see, no listen and took much talk and doing nothing about it by culture, religion and insisting exclsuing of normal human behaviong also divided har in etnicity.

I cannot see, You have any kind of succes.

I see no winners even Assads should take all back. I might see up to 1 million dead ones and destruction for billions in production, infrastruture and housing.

A also only see the 20 mio inhabitants returm to square one back retirning to be a non production zone filled with iillterate ignorant ineffective productuion of the worst kind havin bad and non elected Leaders,


Who is this? Even the real Jens is not that stupid …. get off his account!!

Jens Holm

It was a mistake to make those 2 states as well as diding Aleppo, Raqqa and Diarbykir provinces.

There also would be non problems if Hatay by that was its own and a part of another country named Aleppo.

You still dispute about that TOO.

Yours only agree Syria is a arabic countrt, Jews and americans are, Sadis are worse then You, kurds should have no right and most of it has to be kept as a non devellopment zone for all living there in dark created by You and lowered on purpose to be controlled.

I als cannot see Syria deserve Golan even its not Israel. Syria attacked Israel there in 1967 learned nothing and did it again 1973. It make a lot of sense Israel need it for security matters.

Much like Syria from the start is and remain a bomb of dirt. Only 2 years after the independensy it went into war.

So I look for solutions. You give NONE.

Jaime Galarza

Get a brain transplant.

Jens Holm

Thats not a comment.


Jens, the Al-Qaida fanboy :)

Jens Holm

News to me.

Much to me as when Osmans collapsed it was a rat and Balfour instead made many small mice thinking and behavng like rats.

Balázs Jávorszky

Looks like SAA has adopted some kind of “eye for eye, bulldozer for bulldozer” tactic. Recently Turkish backed assholes destroyed an SAA bulldozer in Hasaka. When Saudi backed fuckwits exploded a bomb in Damascus (it was in like 2012) killing and injuring a number of high ranking Syrian government members, the Syrian secret service targeted Bandar bin Anus and this kind of high profile attacks stopped. We will see whether Erdogan can learn. I have doubts, he doesn’t look quite clever so escalation is expected.

klove and light

“eye for eye, bulldozer for bulldozer” tactic.

both sides are preparing for the upcoming confrontation

in this instance…….Turkey wanted to build barriers against a possible SAA offensive of Saraqib…so SAA made sure that this possibel offensive path stays OPEN…..

but all this in Idlib has one Name to it PUTIN PUTIN

Putin is a treacherous Zionist pig…if it wearnt for Putin, not 1 turkish soldier would be in Idlib or afrin…

now you have 15,000 turkish soldiers in Idlib with 58 current Military turkish Posts with artillery,mortar,UAV´s, Ground to air Missiles, tanks etc…

Putin is a treacherous Zionist bibi cock sucking pig


I am not following on your general hatered towards Putin, but he certainly is pro Israel, and the results of the Idlib deals have also certainly led to this mess.
One can not deal with Erdogan in a civilized way. The calcaulation that he could be trusted was more hope than reality. And the economic benefits from the deal Erdogan promised to Putin are looking increasingly small compared to the Russian goal of defeating Jihadism in Syria (so it can not threaten Russian homeland).
Though Putin seems to have realized long ago his military was right, which led to the offensive of this year.
But when Russian airforce killed the 50+ turks, it became to hot.
Russia wont risk a NATO war, and here we are.
SAA wont stand much chance with direct Russian fire support against Turkish army sadly.
And as the Turks never leave any occupation zone, and plan to integrate it into Turkish state sooner or later, Idlib will sadly remain Turkish for the foreseeable future.

Rhodium 10

SAA have taken Saraqib despite Turkish army attacking SAA…so it means that SAA will take Ariha and other cities along M4…

Jens Holm

Yopu should go there and be a hero. So many imprtant people already has died there.

They create jobs there too. Its mainly undertakers and carpentas but also people finding flowers in the ruins.

Furkan Sahin

what ?
jihadists in Idlib must remove

Furkan Sahin

Assad is always right
he said Idlib is the terrorist area I agree with

Jens Holm

There we go again. Dont offend the pigs because they immigrated from You many years ago.

Pigs probatly are claner and smell better then You too. Washing feet only friday was too much for them.

Icarus Tanović

Both bulldozers worth around 2 million each…

cechas vodobenikov

turkeys have bulldozers? an evolutionary miracle

Karen Bartlett

Probably stole them from Aleppo,Syria.

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