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In Video: Syrian Troops Training Under Supervision Of Russian Specialists


This video shows a part of exercises conducted by Syrian troops under supervision of Russian specialists. The video was reportedly was reported in northern Hama.




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  • Tudor Miron

    Well, the guy is not there yet but he’s moving in the right direction. :) Repetition and hard work is the way to go. I see that he’s using 7.62 AKMS adopted in 1962 for airborn troops (ВДВ). Old school, baby :)

  • Prince Teutonic

    Is he instructor or trainee? Really hope the later because he should count the shoots to not stay with empty mag in the middle of firefight…

    • Tudor Miron

      Obviously he’s a trainee.

  • Fake. Not Russian and not Syrian troops. If you look at the other RT article on this you can clearly see that the badge is not Russian. https://southfront.org/in-photos-russia-linked-private-military-contractors-train-syrian-troops/

    Here’s what I found again.

    The English arm badge in the still images is a dead giveaway. They are Vegacy Strategic Security. Home base is Cyprus, Vegacy banks in Greece, deals only in American dollars and started as shipping security. Here’s one of their contracts. The appendix is fascinating. The American Rifle Association even appears in it.http://vegacyltd.com/tmp/SSS%20Contract%20Sample.pdf

    I don’t see any Syrian soldiers in the images or video. I see typical rebels FSA or whatever they call themselves today. Syrian soldiers don’t wear sneakers.