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In Video: Syrian Troops Seized Large Number Of Weapons From Turkish-backed Forces During Recent Idlib Clashes

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Units of the Syrian Army have seized a large number of weapons, including those supplied by Turkey and the United States, from Idlib militants during the recent round of clashes in the region.


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Those mortars look like rubbish, but most of the other stuff should serve the SAA well now.


Seeing the provided map after the Moscow-deal I wonder what will happen next days to the green terrorist-zone South of the M4-Obs-project.
Will it be a bombodrome or artillery training ground for youngsters in the SAA?

You can call me Al

Logic would go along with your view, especially if a very naughty Syrian shot his gun into the air – man up, advance my fellow heroic Syrians”.

Zionism = EVIL

The Turkeys and their NATO masters are missing a few pieces of weaponry LOL

Xoli Xoli

Use the same weapons against Turkey.



Hasbara Hunter

Hey filthy little Dönmeh-Muslimbrother Erdocunt there is your Ceasefire!…Go SAA & Allies chop up them Filthy AngloZioNazi-Headchoppers…turn’m into Dog-Chow


EU old stock. From Eastern European countries mostly.

bouncer dogsly

Hezbollah and and the great President Assad thanks Israel, the US, UK, EU, Gulf States and Turkey, these weapons will come in handy fighting the great evil in the middle east, ISRAEL the agents of chaos and evil.
You have got to hand to to Syria, the country has in fact taken on the might of the West, Gulf states and Israel and beat them, with of course the help of Iran, Russia and the glorious unstoppable Hezbollah.
The snowflakes of the EU are about to reap the whirlwind. Saudi cannot even beat the Yemenis and now MBS’s days are numbered. No doubt he is becoming paranoid, not who is the court is friend or foe. The rot has started in Saudi Arabia. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The EU will see a flood of refugees – NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. The cabal of plotters against Syria which Turkey was part, have double crossed Turkey and left them high and dry, and Turkey will pay them back. I say to Erdogan, put the refugee camps on the borders or the EU. Put millions on the EU borders and watch the EU squirm, and then bulldoze the down the border crossings. Then it will be for the people of Europe to rise up and hang these evil bastards from lampposts. The EU has helped betrayed the European people and and caused havoc and mayhem to the middle east, not forgetting the Ukraine. Oh no Putin is not going forget the Ukraine. As putin said this week. He is not concerned about the EU’s refugee problems, they brought it on themselves. Karma is about to visit all who released this horror on innocent people. God always pays back. That is “The Cunning of reason”

Tim Williams

Russian forces set up new base in the East


Tim Williams

RATS fighting among themselves again …


Tim Williams
Tim Williams
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