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In Video: Syrian-Russian Humanitarian Convoy Heads Towards Rukban Refugee Camp In Eastern Syria


This video shows a recent humanitarian convoy, which was sent by the Damascus government and the Russian military in order to evacuate civilians from the Rukban refugee camp in eastern Syria.

This effort was announced by the Russian military on March 1 and faced a significant resistance from the US-led coalition. US-led forces are in fact preventing civilians from leaving the refugee camp.




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  • Luke Hemmming

    Why would the USA be opposed to Syria and Russia giving humanitarian aid to refugees for? Was it not the USA pushing Venezuela to accept it’s aid? Kinda hypocritical. Anyways I think we all know the answer as to why the USA behaves this way don’t we.

    • Jim Prendergast

      The proximity of the refugee camp makes it difficult to use heavy weapons to clear al-Tanf.This is an important point on the road from Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and Tehran. It must be liberated.

    • goingbrokes

      Al Rukban is now a concentration camp and the US is dead scared of the world discovering what has been going on there. We should just talk about the Rukban Death Camp.

  • FlorianGeyer

    The US has learned all about concentrating hostages in harsh camp conditions from the British. The photo is of a British concentration camp during the Boer War.