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In Video: Syrian Battle Tank Plays Cat And Mouse With Turkish Armoured Vehicle In Idlib

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In Video: Syrian Battle Tank Plays Cat And Mouse With Turkish Armoured Vehicle In Idlib

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A Syrian battle tank plays cat and mouse with a Turkish armoured vehicles (apparently operated by Turkish-backed militants) during the recent clashes in southeastern Idlib.


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Turkish vehicle is chasing away a Syrian tank in Syria. Irony at its best

Concrete Mike

You call that chasing?

Your grasp of english is not very good then.


Outmanuvering and chasing


i guess you didn’t watch the video and simply let the author decide your opinion on your behalf

Wayne Nicholson

Consider that tanks never operate alone. The SAA might have made those kind of mistakes early in the war but not after 9 years of continuous warfare …. they got their tactics down. So while that tank isn’t in a firing position you can bet his wingman / infantry support are getting into a firing position as the tank pulls away. Those M-113’s can barely stop a bullet btw, they’re made out of aluminum. A single RPG will toast everyone inside.

Zionism = EVIL

It should been taken out with ATGM or a airstrike.


inexperienced driver cant take the tank into firing position


well, despicable rats, but you have to admit the gutts to charge a tank with an APC


You havnt as much choices in this case ….. In this proximity tank cant kill you – if you run you are dead …….. But if there is another tank close enough you are dead way by way

Pave Way IV

Guts… or a handful of Captagon and a ton and a half of C-4 inside the APC. The only reason I can think of for an APC to charge a tank like that is if it’s a VBIED and the head-choppers were planning on assaulting the compound or village it was guarding (or defending the village it was targeting). Even if other SAA tanks were there, they can’t take a shot at it if it’s only a few tens of meters away from one of theirs. Poor head-chopper must have had ‘detonator problems’. Nothing to be ashamed of, head-chopper. Snackbar! That just happens sometimes. [chuckle]

rightiswrong rightiswrong

There were two more ISIS APCs trying to catch up. The tank was providing cover fire for SAA troops withdrawing from an over-run position.
Obviously, driving a lesser vehicle at the tank would scare the bejesus out of anyone familiar with suicide bombers of the US empire. the Yanks themselves are still shocked at what happened to nearly 300 marines in Beirut.

Saso Mange

good drugs :D


I wonder who won in the end…


Now that the Tank has retreated.

rightiswrong rightiswrong


Erdogan is keeping his neighbours awake all night with his wailing.


sh*t is not looking so good in the nayrab front i don’t get how they took it back with no air support, the saa needs to get their sh*it together before they lose saraqib …the saa and allies need to be more serious about this sh*t they need to bring out the big guns us some t-90’s, some tos -1’s and saturated bombings, the big threat here is not the hts sub humans, but the turkish artillery, the allies can not allow this!! the turkish artillery needs to be neutralized asap !!!

Zionism = EVIL

Russia will have to increase airpower as there are now 45,000 Turkeys in and out of uniform committed to terrorism in Syria and they are using heavy artillery and MLRS from the OPs. They will have to be bombed if the SAA is to hang on to its recent gains.

Jim Bim

And at the same time the terrorist lost 12 villages in southern Idlib and SAA closing in on Kafranbel.
So, while the terrorist were concentrating their efforts on Nayrab, their defense collapsed on another chunk of the frontline.

Alex Cabrera

that is called tactical retreat

see in the coming dats the deatj of turkish rats in nayrab

its a tactical move to entice rats to come in


SAA learnt a long time ago not to stand ground in the face of heavy attacks. So they always pull back to safer areas to regroup and attract ever more terrorists into a kill zone. It has worked very well.. Big gains with small losses. Standing ground could mean heavy losses for the SAA. This even worked out with ISIS..


Exactly,tactical retreat! Leave 1 destroyed T72,one captured T72,BMP,Shilka,Two armored buldozers,trucks,hundreds of antitank and anti personal mines,50+ ATGMs,loads of amunition…If the purpose is to arm the Jihadies then these tactical retreats work very well.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

All that in an outpost!

That was retaken within hours!

The Turks are arming your heroes, but not as quickly as the Russkies are knocking them over.


comment image

rightiswrong rightiswrong

A compilation of photo’s, from a near 10 year war.

I’ll recommend you for the Joseph Goebells Tell them a lie a thousand times Award.


comment image

rightiswrong rightiswrong

A whole pick up full!

My missus has a bigger weekly shop ffs.


You forgot 2 Mig-29 , 3 Su- 35 and a couple of nuclear submarines : I saw the pictures on an al-quaeda web site .

Tom Tom

Thanks for explaining that. Sounds great.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Turkish artillery got pounded and destroyed , video about it a few days ago, feb 21st if i remember right

Smith Ricky

Tactical retreat


I don’t think SAA is aware of the power given to him. This is power overload. lol The Tank driver goes forward instead of going back and widening the angle.The bravery of the opposition is truly astonishing.Inexperienced troops formed by excessive force.

Those who call Turkish soldiers inexperienced should take good care of it..!

Chris Chuba

‘widening the angle’
To me it looks like the tank was trying to create distance with the AV so that he could bring his gun to bear and the AV was crowding the tank to prevent that. Yeah, I guess a quick switch to reverse might have been his best shot but the AV has the advantage in speed an maneuverability. Maybe the tank started heading back to his own forces and figured that the AV would have to break off and then he’d be able to take his shot.


The tank might just have run out of ammo or had a misfire


Indeed, everyone knows that Essad is nothing without Russian air power.If there were no Russian aircraft in Syria, Turkish air forces would have repelled all attacks by now.For this reason, Erdogan must correct himself and stop sending his troops to places without airspace and carry out the necessary negotiations.
Turkey is not as strong as Russia, its economy is having a bad time. On top of that, military operations are making the economy more fragile.


“military operations are making the economy more fragile.”

Yet the want-to-be sultan tries to fight a 2 front war in Syria and Libya. Doesn’t make sense to me

Bobo Voxar

and after first serious clash and killing russians no tourist in summer… this is a bigger problem…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

There would be no ISIS at all if the US and its vassal Turkey kept out of it.

I’d love to see the stupid Jihadi Jack trying to haul his sabre, weapons and tactical gear through customs at non Turkish airports.

Black Raleigh

and everyone knows that jihadists are nothing without TOWs…

Joe Doe

SAA has learn little about wars tactics


Syrian army standard equipment:

comment image

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Must be why they have bussed ISIS, experts at war tactics, to Idlib ever since 2015!

ISIS, the only army in history to be bussed by their enemies.

And you think the SAA are losing?



The Tank driver is inexperienced and poorly trained for the following reasons.

To get the tank too close to the conflict zone and narrow the angle of view so that it cannot see the enemy vehicle,He knows the enemy vehicle is going to get behind the tank, but when he needs to drive the tank back, he’s going forward, so his angle of view narrows. The turn angle and speed of the tank is less than that of the armored personnel carrier. You notice that after a certain amount of time, the barrel of the tank stops.

Arbaches Glaukus

The Tank commander was sleeping, the gunner was an idiot, and the driver couldn’t do anything to escape from faster and more maneuverable APC. Most likely they captured the Tank and killed the crew.

Wayne Nicholson

“Most likely they captured the Tank and killed the crew.”

I would say it’s more likely suicide for the APC. Tanks don’t operate alone …. he has his wingman / infantry support nearby. The tank just has to lure the APC into a position where someone else can target them. The APC is no match for a MBT and is an easy target for infantry.


in another video i saw a tank burning after this beef. Maybe it was this tank . Imagine how much stoned are those jihadists in this personel carrier


U saw that on Turkish television.. Correct?


no, at R&U channel on youtube

Christer Larsson

APC behaviour doesn’t make sense at all…the tank driver is doing ok but should go faster…but the tank commander(aimer ) is not doing good

Ivan Freely

Think VBIED. APC packed with explosives.


Jihadies taking selfies with that tank.So seems like Jerry came out of top! Hahaha

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The tank weighs twice the weight of the APC.

Ivan Freely

The tank commander shouldn’t have let the APC get that close.


The AVs only chance to survive is to get as close as possible. Any running away and he is toast. Basically the AV is a cornered rat.

Florin Boar

it is one reason why they cut the video….

Tom Tom

Only choice the APC had, really. Although once the tank had gone ’round, I’d have tried to get away somehow. Wonder how it turned out.

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