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In Video: Syrian Army Uncovers Network Of Tunnels Linking Several Towns In Southern Idlib

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On February 26, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) uncovered a long tunnel network linking several newly-liberated towns in the southern Idlib countryside.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the 8-meter deep network links the towns of Maarzita, Jbala and Sheikh Dames. The towns were liberated by the army earlier this month.

The tunnels were reportedly dug by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). The group’s militants used the tunnels to transport weapons and equipment as well as to take shelter from airstrikes and artillery shelling.

A day earlier, the SAA uncovered a similar network of tunnels and shelters dug into the al-Nar hilltop in the southern Idlib countryside.

SAA troops are now combing dozens of newly-liberates towns and villages in the southern Idlib countryside. In the same time, the army’s strike force continues its advance in the region, mainly in the Shashabo Mount.

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Icarus Tanović



@SF: Just to be sure, you mean 8 KM and not 8 M.. ;) As always, very sad. As these are always dug by slave workers nazi style. No body will every know how many of those poor soules dies down there..

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They mean 8 metres under ground, near 30ft deep.

They mention 3 towns, so overall length of the tunnels would be in kilometres.


Ah, okay, seems i am in sleep mode already. with 8 meters of granite or other rock above, even if not rock but earth, this surely is a good shelter even to 500 pound bombs. What stunns me is the lenght. It must be many kilometers.. As i am from a multi generation mine worker family, this is pretty huge. But again, Jihadis dont dig or work, they have their slaves for that, so just an indicator of the ruthlessness of them..


yeah they had 10 years to build them, and they lost them in 48 hours


As it stands right now, whole of south idlib will be cleared by tomorrow. :)

With that i say, let the rats run, and good night!


The Maginot Lone 2.0 :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Vietnam has tunnels running from the old North Vietnamese border, to Ho Chi Min city, or Saigon as the Yanks knew it as before they cut and left that ally high and dry.

I read a book by a Yank who fought in those tunnels, Tunnel Rats of Chu Chi, though I do believe I might be slightly out with the actual spelling of Chu Chi. Amazing engineering involved, and today parts of it are open to tourists. They often went into US bases, with VC firing out of gun posts at US troops within the camps. It took the Yanks years before they realised the magnitude of the tunnel system.

Tunnels have been used throughout history. Turkey itself has a city of tunnels, dating back millennia, no one knows who built it, or why.

Josiah Isaboke

Can also explain why the Jihadis are able to move in Neyrab and captured Saraqib with ease today and have closed the M-5 AS WE SPEAK…They are moving with ease within those tunnels and until the SAA find them they are in big trouble

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They have being using these tactics ever since the Russkies started frying their arses. SAA are well versed, but that doesn’t make locating them much easier. Drones are excellent at picking them out, a recent Russian air strike took place at two tunnel entrances, with head choppers just gone inside. Apart from seismic detection, only observation will find them. The jihadists have had years to prepare these tunnel, long before the SAA were even winning, but most certainly since the Russians condemned to death this latest hegemonic operation by the US.

Bill Wilson

The ME is full of ancient man dug caves and tunnels since they were naturally climate controlled by staying at a constant temperature and dry. Many were used for food storage and for keeping livestock and fodder. Some were well hidden for use by villagers during times of strife where they would hide with sufficient supplies to wait out the warfare. Some were dug out along smuggling routes where the caravans hid when the local taxing authorities came looking for them. There’s plenty of those in the desert where the old Silk Road ran from Deir Az-Zor to Palmyra and on to Damascus that were put to use by rebel militias and ISIS.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis always have their slaves.

Icarus Tanović

Well said my man.


Noticed sublime @1.44 very angry face on the wall or is it just me?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Looks like a Rabbi?

Or a Blues Brother!

Daily Beatings

It’s called pareidolia. People have a tendency to see faces in things because we are wired from birth to recognize human faces.


RT today aired a documentary of terrorist tunnel and trench defences in liberated areas of Syria. Witnesses who were part of the enslaved civilian populations were forced to dig tunnels and build fortifications for the Jihadi’s. Refusing to do so was a death sentence, often for the whole family.

These facts are just another reason that NATO Fear the complete liberation of Syria. The sins of NATO are a War Crimes that are too big to hide.

good american

Any link for it?


I cannot find it as there are hundreds, even thousands of archived RT videos. The video itself was about the experience of living under jihadi terror in Douma and featured the mother of the boy who was forced to dig tunnels, the boy himself and his younger siblings.

good american

Ok, thanks for the try. I took a look and had the same issue with the amount of videos. Just have to do a more patient search……


The boys mother has a black full face covering and is being interviewed in her home.


Found it. It’s on RT again today and I managed to find the Live Link.


Whether the Live Link will link to the video of the child in Douma, I do not know.


The video was on RT again and I heard the title, I then found the clip on the RT Youtube channel today.


Assad must stay

truly good work SAA :))))


Nooooooooooo!!!! Saraqib was lost (T_T)

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