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In Video: Syrian Army Troops Intercept U.S. Forces Convoy In Northern Al-Hasakah

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On May 20, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops intercepted a convoy of U.S. forces near the town of Tell Tamr in the northern al-Hasakah countryside.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), service members manning a checkpoint on the entrance of Umm al-Khair prevented the convoy from entering the town. U.S. forces were eventually forced to retreat.

U.S. forces faced several several similar incidents in northern al-Hasakah over the last few months. In most cases pro-government civilians or SAA personnel were responsible. However, on May 2 Russian forces directly intercepted a U.S. convoy east of the border city of al-Qamishli.

These incidents have limited the movement of U.S. forces in northern al-Hasakah. In response, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began to arrest locals trying to prevent U.S. forces from entering their towns.

The U.S. influence in northeast Syria is now being challenged by Russia and the Damascus government. Washington, which abandoned its allies last year by allowing Turkey to invade the region, is desperately trying to solidify its military presence there.


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Good serves them right.

Ashok Varma

US agenda is to make a quagmire for Russia, this is a good article from a respected Indian foreign policy journal and former Indian Ambassador. Putin is failing as he has compromised Russia in Syria by making deals with Turkey and terrorists while US wants to kill Russians and repeat the 1980’s Afghanistan model.


Jim Allen

Putin is not failing. Russia also has problems of it’s own. There are other country’s that are allies that have needs, too.
Russia sent massive amounts of aid to other countries, personnel, and supplies, in addition to medical staff, cleaning/disinfecting agents, crews.
Some of the country’s are NATO, when calls for assistance were answered with “fuck off,” these countries went to, and recieved from China, and Russia.
I’m not familiar with China’s, or Russia’s thing with humanitarian aid, if like US Government, Russia sends the country a bill, or at no charge.
Russia’s icebreakers immediately respond to all distress calls regardless of the ships country of origin.
Certain parts of the administration, failed to perform it’s duties. The Mayor of Moscow, must’ve gone batshit crazy, turning into a
two-bit tyrant. Putin called bullshit, and angered by the blunders handed these Bozo’s a remarkable berating.
That was the beginning, he’s not done with them.
It sucks to be these guys right now, I’d bet.


The 5th column is now being smoked out of their treasonous lairs in Russia and the funniest thing is that the ‘smoke’ is all of their own making.


It is not a quagmire at all – Russia has very clearly won the strategic imperative in Syria – in so far as Russia has actually met its strategic objectives. Which were always to to stabilize the Syrian state institutions – the government and the military – as these were in danger by 2015 before the Russian intervention. They are now secure and the foriegn sponsored terrorist factions have no effective means of seriously, strategically, threatening Damascus. In contrast, the NATO-Gulf State axis have lost the strategic imperative in Syria – in so far as they have failed to achieve their overall strategic objectives. Which were always to fracture and disembody the Syrian state institutions, premeditating a collapse of the state itself, and its eventual Balkanization into vassal state-lets.

AM Hants

Nice one. US have no legal basis to be in Syria.


The US Laws are only for US vassal and every other person on the planet to abide by, AM. All other laws are ignored by the USA

The US regime is akin to France during the reign of the Sun King, King Louis the XIV.

The US regime is as decadent as well.

I hope you are recovering well and not overdoing things, AM. Little and often is the way forward I think.

Jaime Galarza

With the difference that France at the time was not so corrupt nor so criminal as the US now.


France at that time, along with most nations was very corrupt. They were largely ruled by dynasties.

The US of course is a very young nation, and perhaps all nations need to experience periods of state of corruption, in order for the populace to have the courage born of necessity to fight back against their oppressors.

Jaime Galarza

Are you sure that France exported its brand of ideology killiong millions in the process? France might have been corrupt, nut it was a domestic thing basically, while US corruption affects the world.


You forget the post Louis political crisis that bought about Napoleons wars in Europe and North Africa where nations were ruined and many died.

Events these days often evolve rar more quickly due to modern day communications and airpower. The US needs a civil war to quel the nations thirst for war all around the globe.

AM Hants

Not upto speed with the French Kings, although ‘Court of Kingouis’ comes to mind. Head space still stuck with Caligula. Do believe I was one of the few who enjoyed the film and actually went on to read Robert Graves, for a bit more history, with regards the times ha-ha. The wonders of Malcolme McDowell and bet I have spelt his name wrong.

Cheers with regards the recovery. Finding I am irritated easily. Not generally on the sites, well unless responding to Gateway Pundit. Somebody is paying a lot for the ‘pro-war Venezuela trolls. Apart from that and a severe allergy to MSM Corona Virus spin, recovery is going well. So long as I have no contact with GP receptionists, who seem to have the ego of $oro$ and attitude of McCain.


A common denominator for most nations with Covid Hysteria today, is that the leaders and their entourage instill the fear of ‘darkness’ as an emotional and selfish public response to what the same leaders describe as a ‘war’.

Following ‘Generals’ such as these into real combat would be a total farce, as is the current ‘ chicken-hearted response to Covid. :) Particularly as our leaders, and all of us who were interested to listen and read about the Chinese Covid experience would have known that the most at risk of death were the medically vulnerable, about a month before serious infections in the UK.

This being the case, I would have preferred the exaltation for all fit and healthy workers to KEEP working.

AM Hants

With you there. Found the idiots we elect to lead us to be far more dangerous than CV. Do believe I would find it a lot safer to be stranded on a CV farm, with no PPE, just back to back humans fighting the virus, than an hour in the company of a politician.

With old Hancock salivating at the thought of all UK citizens being subjected to the Gates funded, Oxford University vaccine. Together with Boris providing his spook mate and son of Douglas Hurd the position of Co of the UK Bio-Science Task Force.

I wonder how we will fight back from State Genocide? No doubt, when Bill is presented to Parliament both Houses will rush it through, in time for their Christmas Bonus?


In todays Daily Telegraph there is a report that the UK government has been obfuscating the much hailed Covid Test numbers by counting a nasal and swab test on a single patient as being TWO tests.

I am not sure what dismays me the most. The fact that the government statisticians purposefully manipulated the numbers , OR that the Government Ministers are so inept that thay thought it would remain a secret. :)

AM Hants

Must admit, what winds me up the most is the fact them and the media are treating State Genocide as fait accompli, with full support of the zero IQ masses.

Then throw in my daily addiction to Gateway Pundit and the media disinformation trolls manning the comments section. They are so desperate for the US to go to war with Iran and Venezuela.

Seriously need the pubs to open and chill out over a glass of wine.


Many pubs will close. They could be converted into Mosques or LGBTQ Drop In Community Facilities.

Or even converted to house illegal immigrants in every village and town within Britain. :)

AM Hants

Just reading the UK councils are inundated with economic, migrant, children (over the age of 40), who keep turning up in Dover.

We send the Coast Guard out, to meet the French patrol boats, escorting them into our waters, no checks required. But, God help us if we have an Easter Egg in a shopping basket, with the police on patrol. OK, not Easter, but, you know what I mean.

Just been watching ‘3 Girls’, based on Rotherham Grooming Gang. Well worth watching.


Either this and past UK governments are all blithering idiots, or the political parasites are being obliged to completely ruin Britain, in line with the EU parasites and the exceptional parasites in the USA.

Britain has never been shy to take part in wars of choice that also cost large numbers of British dead and maimed,so its not as if the elite really care about British deaths. They do not, and never have, as long as fresh cannon fodder is lining up to feed the guns.

I still find myself in the same conundrum of why Britain is in Lockstep with the Covid19 response that has ruined the British economy to slow down the death rate of those who are in very poor health anyway.

This latest Kaiser Report has disturbing financial news for the US and by extension the UK, AM.


AM Hants

Councils, controlled by Common Purpose.

Have you noticed it is the small and medium sized companies taking the hit? Is that the game plan?


Western governments central banks are now ‘buying’ corporate bonds of the ‘too big to fail’ and that of money tree cash will , I am sure, be used to buy up the ‘firesale’ assets of bankrupt small and medium companies.

Some of these bonds are convertible to shares and the state ( deep state) will be able to directly dictate company policies. We both realise the loss of freedoms that we are now enduring and the Feudal systems that can follow.

“Feudalism – definition of feudalism by The Free Dictionary
feudalism. A term used to describe the social order in Europe from medieval times. Essentially the system consisted of an unarmed peasant population who were subservient to noblemen and warriors. Some sociologists have used the term to describe historical periods in other cultures, such as Japan.”

AM Hants

Just reading an article over on Gateway Pundit, with regards the Soros team that are censoring free speech on Face Book. Didn’t Common Purpose Nick Clegg move over to Facebook, post redundancy?

Soros who funded REMOANERS.
Soros who funds and sponsors how many politicians, all around the Globe.

Soros who has his people controlling NATO, via the ‘Think Tanks he funds.

Why is Save the Children and so many Human Rights Groups, under the control of Soros. Including Amnesty International and HRW?

Why are so many Soros linked charities run by people known for various forms of sexual abuse?

Why do you always find Soros and the NED NGO, behind all regime change programmes?


Soros is due to meet his maker soon I would think. He must be in his late 80’s at least now.

Child abuse is of course the chain that binds all his sociopath cult together.

AM Hants

Have you come across #justiceforellie? Current and happening at the moment. Maggie Oliver, who resigned from Greater Manchester Police, over grooming gangs has got involved. The girl, now 19, is in police custody, following reporting her torture, rape and abuse from the gangs,including images and copies of threats she received, for not going to the parties, owing to CV lockdown. Seriously sad story, the Media is ignoring.

Not generalising, with regards where the gangs are from. At the end of day, good and bad in all communities. We are responsible for our own actions and cannot blame it on anything but personal responsibility.

Trouble is when Soros meets his maker, which model will they then pull out of the ‘clone cupboard’, or just go straight to one that he created earlier? Such as ‘Sons of Soros’. Quite a ‘Chucky Baby/Doll’ ring to it.


Having the loud pitch reversing bleepers on combat vehicles is rather asinine,I think. If one is needed to conforme to US Military Health and Safety Rules :), a white noise ( schhhhh, schhhh) sound that is used by many commercial trucks nowadays, does not wake up the locals who are 1000 metres or more away.

good american

You’d think that one would prefer to draw the least amount of attention as possible in a war zone.


Yes indeed. Rather like NOT going on a patrol with a bad cough.


Rather suspect there is kill switch on dashboard! These are very small convoys of US forces attempting to enact ‘patrols’ – as if they have some self appointed right of way and access to Syrian towns – but it all is based on bluster and brinkmanship as they are deeply outnumbered. The reversing sound on the Okosh vehicles is primarily to assist with their hopeless lack of rearward vision on public roads (which is dangerous to civilians). But in this instance it also effectively indicates when they are retreating – without having to engage in open direct dialogue with a language barrier where it could all go very wrong, very quickly – it actually calms the situation, as is universal vehicle signal that signifies they are backing up – and leaving in direction they came.


The issue with kill switches for all ‘ I am over here beacons ‘ on military vehicles is that in actual combat with the stress that goes with that, the kill switch, could easily be overlooked.

I would agree that the Okosh is poorly designed for both military V civilians operations and military V military operations.


They should be arrested as a illegal armed force,if they resist open fire on them,simple as that.


What happened to the brave Syrian patriots who were arrested by the collaborationist SDF earlier??

Assad must stay

nice SAA keep blocking them


They need to start taking them prisoner.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If the US moved out now I don’t think Erdogan would let the SAA take its place, and Russia already has absolutely the worst track record in the world for protecting Syrian territorial integrity from Turkish incursions/interests, so Russia probably wouldn’t lift a finger to stop them. So I think it’s best to leave the cash starved and nearly broke US there for a little while longer, because as the coronavirus starts to take its toll on the US economy, Trump will be thinking more and more of saving his pennies when and where he can, and he could save 15 bill in Syria if he moved out, all he’s waiting for is for the Iranians to do the same thing too, and they’ve already started, even if it’s only in small inconsequential ways so far.
Assad and Trump need to come to a political solution concerning the northern territories, otherwise Erdogan is still left with a foot in the Kurdish door.


Bollocks!!! Trump has fuck all to do with anything in Syria,so there is nothing to talk about.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No of course he doesn’t, he just controls one third of Syria, so what that’s not a big deal, you’re right there’s nothing to talk about.


Well there IS nothing to talk about with na illegal occupier,the only talking should be done with a gun.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

But they’ve got a bigger gun.
If the US didn’t help the Kurds when they did Assad and Russia would still be fighting Isis in the northern territories right now.

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