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In Video: Syrian Army Sends Reinforcements To Hunt Down ISIS Cells In Deir Ezzor Province

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The Syrian Army and Liwa al-Quds (a pro-government Palestinian militia) sent reinforcements from the province of Raqqa to the province of Deir Ezzor, where they will participate in the ongoing operation against ISIS cells.


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Yeah good luck with that then. These operations don’t ever seem to be very successful.


‘ISIS’ in Deir Ezzor effectively operate from within protective cover of US military base at al-Tanf – US has 50 km cordon around its illegal occupation site and blocks SAA from entering and hunting terrorist factions down. This is by US tactical design, of course.


Can’t wait to read in the news: “Unconfirmed reports about US Al-Tanf military base just suffered fatal strikes from unknown force. Observers report no survivors.”


Any link?

Jens Holm

Thats comparing Irony, which You dont have in Your language. We use it very much in west for jokes as well as learning.

Jens Holm


Assads has no capasity to hunt much at all in that verty big desert area as well.

The distance is 300 kilometer. https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walkman


‘IDDIJOT ‘- Oh, Good Lord…the irony…way too funny.


Are sleeping SAA cells waking up ? I am not sure, but let us see.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So Iran’s sending in fertilizer instead of weedkiller to get rid of Isis, brilliant idea, now Isis will grow even faster and stronger than it ever has before.
The NDF and Iranian backed Shia forces just exacerbate the problem in Deir ez Zor, they don’t make it any better, what Deir ez Zor really needs are SAA soldiers stationed there, they’ll not only stop the Isis fighters already operating there, they’ll just by their mere presence give the locals no reason to join or support Isis anymore.
Assad needs to kick all the foreign Shia militias and the Syrian Shia NDF militias [except for the local Shia militias] out of Deir ez Zor, then he needs to replace them with regular SAA soldiers, that’s the only way he can really stop Isis in Deir ez Zor.
The same thing that’s happened here in Deir ez Zor and Aleppo is now happening in Daraa too, Iran is increasing the sectarian divide everywhere it operates in Syria, and the same things happening in Iraq too, and with all the domestic opposition Iran faces in it’s own country atm, I suspect the US and Israel won’t have to lift a finger to destroy Iran, they’re already well on the path to self destruction.
Rami’s already sold off most of southern Deir ez Zor to Iran in all the lopsided deals they’ve already done, and if it keeps up soon there’ll be nothing left for the local Sunnis that live there, that’s the real reason Isis is becoming more powerful in Deir ez Zor and gaining recruits faster than they lose them, and also the reason pro Iranian agents are being bumped off all over the place.
Iran’s the common denominator in all the sectarian violence erupting all over Syria now, overwhelming resentment over the ever increasing Iranian presence is pushing some Syrians to breaking point, and that could mean the end for Assad’s government, and for a continuation of Iranian influence in Syria, and yet all Iran has to do is just give a little to get a lot more back, but for some reason they just won’t give an inch.
Why won’t the religious zealots compromise when they have so much to gain from it, in the end they’ll lose everything if they don’t, Rome taught Israel that valuable lesson 2000 years ago, God didn’t arrive to help the Israelis and God won’t be arriving to help Iran either [and neither will Russia].
Religion has absolutely no place in government, absolutely none.

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