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In Video: Syrian Army Sends Reinforcement To Idlib Frontlines

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is sending reinforcement to the Idlib frontlines amid the ongoing reports on the SAA upcoming large ground operation in the region.

Despite the meeting of the Turkish President Erdogan with his Russian counterpart Putin, the situation in Syria’s Greater Idlib continues to escalate. Along with regular shelling by local militants and the SAA, that in its turn is supported by the air strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Damascus and Ankara are sending military reinforcement to the frontlines.

At least two Turkish military convoys were spotted in southern Idlib since the beginning of October. However, the Turkish forces are also not always welcomed in the region, and one of the convoys was targeted with an IED by the militants on October 5th.


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I hope they are sending some heavy duty MRLs,they will need them i they want to liberate Idlib.

Peter Wallace

It’s going to a bit messy this time. I did start to get messy just before the ceasefire agreement and Turkey has pumped in a lot of forces and equipment since then. They should have carried on when they had the upper hand but they were taking heavy losses from Turkish artillery and of course now many more drones to direct fire. That Azerbaijan / Armenian fight showed the effectiveness of drones directing fire. Took all the fun out of war if you were on the receiving end.


You are right about one thing,they have had time to dig in with their terrorists friends,thats why Russia has to step up if there is a SAA offensive,they have to bomb the shit out of the Turks and the ground operation has to be massive,they should bring in TOS -1s and burn the ground they stand on.


russia should wipe out the terrorists and syria can get rid of turkish occupying presence


russia should prioritize the terrorists and not get involved with the idiot turks in clashes of any sort we muslims will deal with these daesh neo ottoman turks


They’s da same!…….putting guppu chinku or camel jockey wahabbi to death should be second nature by now…….you know?……..you getting it? Both need to go in the death pits and buried up quick using bulldozer. Fukk them!

Last edited 14 days ago by Ahson

they (plural of “IT”) are the same stuff, terrorists and UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS, their masters
UNHUMAN GENOCIDALS deploy artillery to uphold terrorists.
Russian fears to offend those RATS bombing his ALLIES?
I won’t call Russija an “ally” this way …


The Turks are in bed with the terrorists,in fact they ARE the terrorists.


those drones dont work well they worked against a republic which wasnt even armenia it was basically just some usurpation lightly armed and utterly incompetent so dont overestimate turkish capabilities because they are miserable and way beneath their claims

Last edited 14 days ago by farbat

the turkish drones are easily taken out by taking out the airport they come from their hangars etc pp so the turkish drones basically are easily followed back to the source while the zionist drones need a plane nearby that can be shot down easily in fact even ww2 planes can shoot down that plane so zionist supposed powerful harop drones are a joke as i said before the zionists are horribly bad at telemetric issues of these drones on top of their general incompetence

Last edited 14 days ago by farbat

zionist drones are the cheapest trash they dont even have protection against electronic warfare they just have like the cheapest one way use drones for export they fool people with its just laughable and miserable at the same time and meanwhile turkish drones lets say they are not known to be stealthy every drone got instantly always detected and basically everybody knows that turkish drones are in the air as soon as they move into teh air they are that bad these drones get even detected by small time civilian airports

Last edited 14 days ago by farbat

turkish artillery means artillery rounds something the turks cant even effectively produce on their own without breaking a leg so they are pathetic in that aspect both turkey and their terrorist lackeys


i really dont want to bring up this point often against turkeys terrorist but again turkey is neighboring not just syria but also hezbollah´s lebanon and antioch is technically more theirs than turkish even thou lebanon is truely a syrian province and antioch therefore is also syrian so territories cant just be changed into one direction this can go both ways and if turkey wont accept loss eventually than it will

Dennis Kovac

Thank you


now iraq is still left to do the same towards kurdish seperatists turkish intrusion aswell as the zionist and daesh and other terrorist formations in krg and surrounding areas bordering syria

Last edited 14 days ago by farbat

Where is “peppe the clown”. Such a genuine contributer to SF.

So long swine. Enjoy inbred_diaperhead fate.

Last edited 14 days ago by block

Clean that Ottoman Jihadi place there

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