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In Video: Syrian Army Prepares To Resume Ground Offensive In Southeast Idlib


The Syrian Arab Army is reportedly preparing to resume its large-scale military operation in the southeastern part of the so-called Greater Idlib region.

On January 8, RT released a video showing Syrian troops amassing in southeast Idlib, with the army’s artillery pounding nearby militants’ positions.

According to the Russian network, the SAA is now moving its artillery units to the towns of al-Tamanah and Khan Shaykhun. This suggests that the army will be advancing towards the city of Ma`arat al-Nu`man from the southern direction.

The SAA launched its operation in southeast Idlib last November. Within two weeks, the army captured 350km2, including 44 towns and villages. A Turkish observation post near the town of al-Surman was also besieged.

Bad weather conditions forced the SAA to halt the military operation in mid-December. However, the weather in Greater Idlib is clear again now.

Besides resuming its attack in southeast Idlib, the SAA may launch a second attack in western Aleppo. Several units, led by the elite 4th Division, were deployed in the region during the last few weeks.

An advance in southeast Idlib and western Aleppo simultaneously could push terrorist groups in Greater Idlib, mainly al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), to a complete collapse.

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