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In Video: Syrian Army Escorting US Troops Out Of Country

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In Video: Syrian Army Escorting US Troops Out Of Country

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An ordniary video of the recent days: troops of the Syrian Army are escorting their US counterparts out of the province of Aleppo, towards the border with Iraq.

Meanwhile, thankful locals are throwing stones and fruits at a Us military convoy in the city of Qamishli.

Pro-SDF sources claim that the locals are unhappy that their foreign friends are living.

In Video: Syrian Army Escorting US Troops Out Of Country

Click to see the full-size image


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“You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”


Pro-SDF sources claim that the locals are unhappy that their foreign friends are living.

Maybe they should have chosen better foreign friends then? It’s not like the US doesn’t have a long and proven track record of shitting on their allies and abandoning them for new ones.


well said mate

V. Mecki

unhappy that their foreign friends are living

living or leaving? https://media2.giphy.com/media/Dwx7wYyZffYA/giphy-downsized-medium.gif

Jim Bim

The traitors are whining :)


It’s hilarious because barely 3 weeks ago, giga-nose wohlstein was saying how SDF/USA would overthrow Assad and conquer Syria XD he must be pissed asf



Tommy Jensen

The battle is not over yet. Never underestimate what an American lone wolf is able to do in enemy terroritory. We don’t take any shit and they all ask an American to stay………………..LOL. https://youtu.be/577l7aAlnTg


yeah hollywood is reality XD


A refrain from the populace of all US ‘occupied’ nations, including her vassal nations of NATO is often ‘ The US military are unwanted and over here ‘. :)

The SAA really had to escort the US on their journey out of Syria, just in case the US drivers got lost, as is their wont. :)


…and ended up in the eastern oil fields? I swear, it’s so hard for the criminal US Empire to pull out of a foreign land completely. I mean, whatever will the locals do without us? How did they ever live without US?


time for the end game shortly -to terminate the squatters illegal occupation of palestine and that can be either voluntary exodus by the squatters or forced by the alliance of turkey, iran, syria, iraq, hezbollah and russia lurking in the background with nukes should the squatters feel the need to use theirs plus eventually one or two more parties. guess the exodus is the preferred way of getting rid of the illegal settlement in palestine but, given the uninterrupted line of war crimes, crimes against humanity, murders and thieving perpetrated by the squatters over the last 100 years (lloyd-george/theodore herzel) any and all rights the squatters at one stage might have awarded themselves are forfeited and they are just a bunch of criminals and shan’t expect any kind of leniency from the alliance with the rights on its side.


The world needs a Pied Piper to march them into the sea.


When you come somewhere uninvited and bring your “demoncracy” you must expect this kind of “love”!



Mustafa Mehmet

Poor terrorist they are desperate to stop their master not to go. Aaaaa


It’s good that they are scuttling but it would be better if they had a trial at Nuremberg for their crimes.


patience my friend patience.

as quickly as the world is now changing it’s entirely possible in the coming years

Lazy Gamer

Wow, that’s free fruit shake. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. lol

Tommy Jensen

Bulllll fake neeeeeews. It was US Special Forces who escorted SAA soldiers through populated areas, because the SAA regime soldiers were terrified they could be killed by their own Syrian population if they were doing it alone.

We tried to cover up the SAA regime soldiers in cars with US flag but the locals could smell the regime rats 15 km away and started to throw stones at them yelling “freedom, we want freedom, Assad go home”. This is what really really happened and what the locals they were saying it.

They want freedom! Better today than tomorrow, and they want US to stay there permanently in their country to feel safe, just like the Poles and Japanese they are doing it. A truth based on facts!! With logo and reason and also logic. We won and Assad lost!

Rahul Sonawane

R u on drugs ? I bet u r


Most of them literally are.

Xoli Xoli

True fake news member whom Trump also dump.propaganda error brain.


So those were love rocks and freedom fruit being thrown at the Americans?

If the US soldiers were protecting the SAA how come the SAA soldiers are riding in the open in pickup trucks while the US soldiers are buttoned up in their MRAPS with machine guns pointed at the crowd?


No. these are thrown in a spirit of animus against the SAA troops, who are being protected by US forces who inadvertently take these blows in an altruistic spirit. What could be plainer?


So selfless those Americans.


I’m just glad we have Tommy here to explain what REALLY is happening!

Tommy Jensen

We thought it was safer if SAA soldiers were in US uniforms and we were in the open in SAA uniforms, but off course the locals could recognize who their suppressors were. We made a mistake. But everybody returned safe to their home base without a scratch. That’s what matters for an American.


I’m so glad you all returned safe from your trip. Was it acid, mushrooms or DMT? never mind …. you got home safe and that’s what matters to Americans.


I see Occam’s Razor at work again.Verily the most sensible interpretation of these self-evident truths.


Pretty funny stuff.

Lu Alexis

very bad bait, your trying so hard lol

Nabeel Mehboob

The last sentence was so savage! Haha locals are upset as the foreign (USA) are living.. ? I’m upset too

Taz T

Well loved everywhere!

Xoli Xoli

SDF=ISIS =Kurdish were fuck and dump by their traitor heroes of USA.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Don’t let the door smack u on the way out america, in fact no, let it smack u haha


Ha ha ha ha unfuking believable. America has totally destroyed his reputation around the world, it will take tens of years to restore his reputation around the world… Or a miracle… Scumbags Americans.


Noone will miss the Zionist invaders.


Amerikah = israel.


illegal occupiers got they deserved.


must be totally humiliating for them, leaving like rats , like good old Saigon style. escorted by Syrian army?how worst can it get? only escorted by Russian military police. that would be the best picture in the whole war.

Daniel Martin

I bet anyone, 100 $ k that this clip won’t be on the six o’clock news on CNN or CNBC this evening ?


[“An ordniary video of the recent days: troops of the Syrian Army are escorting their US counterparts out of the province of Aleppo, towards the border with Iraq.”] Gee SF…you make it sound like they’re not occupiers or some such notion as that. Counterparts? CSSF (crack smoking sf)


I feel badly for Iraq.

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