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MARCH 2021

In Video: Syrian Army Confronts U.S. Patrol In Northern Al-Hasakah


On February 6, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) confronted a unit of the U.S. military that was trying to conduct a patrol in northern al-Hasakah.

According to the al-Watan newspaper, the incident took place near the town of Tell Shamiran in the countryside of the town of Tell Tamr.

“A unit of the SAA intercepted a military convoy of the American occupation forces, that tried to enter the village of Tell Shamiran in the western countryside of Tell Tamr and forced it to retreat,” the Syrian newspaper’s reporter said.

The Syrian state-TV also shared footage of the incident showing U.S. armored vehicles leaving Tell Sharman under the cover of Apache attack helicopters.

Several similar incidents happend in northeast Syria, in particular north al-Hasakah, happened during the last few months. The absence of any coordination between U.S. and Syrian forces is likely the reason behind these confrontations.

Several units of the SAA were deployed in northeast Syria last year following a breakthrough agreement between the Damascus government and Kurdish forces there. The deployment of these troops helped to halt a Turkish offensive on the region.

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