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In Video: Syrian Air Defense Systems Repel Israeli Airstrikes On Damascus International Airport

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This video allgedly shows air defenes systemsn, which were involved in an effort of the Syrina Air Defense Forces to repel the January 20 airstrikes on Damascus International Airport.

According to the Russian military, 4 Israeli F-16 warplanes launched 7 missiles from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. The SyAADF reportedly shot down the missiles with its Pantsir-S1 and Buk-M2E systems. MORE HERE

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stary ujo

How is possible , that Israel attacking sovereignty country Syria ? Where are sanctions ?When do this
Russians , Western immediately impose sanction ! World is one underfucking and probably need war !

Jens Holm

Outdated remark.

You demand rights but give none Yorself as well.


Awesome!! simply awesome!!!


Keep in mind people. The more Syria and allies intercept Israeli long-range missiles.


Keep em’ coming Israel. You’re giving your opponents unbelievably valuable knowledge!!

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

True, but Israel and the west also learns from each attack.
Some of the Israeli attacks could just be training for a bigger and better attack or for finetuning tactics.


Absolutely you’re correct. The door indeed does swing both ways.

Jim Prendergast

If you follow the success-curve of the attacks you will see it has hit the statistical wall.


True, in the last couple attacks, Israel achieve basically nothing, most of them were complete failure, and the very few missiles that managed to land, did little to nothing damage to worry about.
I see that the air defences that Syria has, especially the short/medium range systems which are responsible mainly for intercepting missiles and smart bombs have become more and more efficient over the course of the last year or so.

Jim Prendergast

Yes Vas, previously Israel would mount more elaborate attacks, 4 waves. Radiation missiles, followed by high explosive. Expensive, complex and not so easy against more sophisticated A.D. systems. If Lebanon is integrated this sort of raid would be history.

Jens Holm

Yes it is too.

Its also can be an economic one, hoping Assad cant effort to buy again and again.

Hisham Saber

No matter what Israel does, by way of attacks that are mostly cowardly and ineffective, the situation on the ground will not change in favor of Israel and/or the west.

Bigger and better will be met by bigger and better, i.e., if Israel sends in fighters or bombers, they face S-300’s and Electronic warfare countermeasures. Israeli pilots already know about mysterious cockpit blackouts when they cross the Syrian border or come too close. Last time they did they lost an F-16. Ever since the Syrian Air Defense Forces obtained the S-300’s and advanced EW systems, and their systems were joined up with those of Russia, Israel’s F-35’s have been grounded permanently.

So the Israeli’s fire off missiles from the Med Sea, Lebanese airspace, to little or no effect at all.

Israel is a spent force, if you can even call it a force. Because without western backing, it would cease to exist almost overnight. And my taking is that in a coming regional war, the U.S., Britain and France will not be able to rescue Israel. The ‘ writing is on the wall ‘ for the shape-shifting Zionist entity occupying Palestine.

The U.S. and NATO, after 18 years of war, cannot subdue a bunch of guys on motorcycles armed with AK’s and RPG , dressed in bed-sheets and beach sandals in one of the poorest countries on Earth, Afghanistan, let alone fighting a regional war against the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC, Iraqi Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU’s, Irans Basij volunteers whom estimates put at 17 million, all sworn to annihilate the Zionist occupier.

Even if Isreal decided on the suicidal option of going nuclear, it would still be annihilated. Israel has no geo-strategic depth to speak of. Every square meter/foot is earmarked for ballistic missile bombardment in redundancy , using high yield , high explosive warheads from Iran’s ballistic missile arsenal. Which is in the hundreds of thousands. If Hezbollah is rumored to have 150,000 ballistic missiles, just imagine how many Iran has. And Iran has been preparing since 1979 for the upcoming showdown.

Jens Holm

I only read 1/2. He is right, because the world is like that.

Even putting in sandals in it makes it :) Jesus used sandals, because he was god at knobs.


The Syrian government need to start engaging the terrorists state isreal warplane over the labanese airspace.

bob offski

They couldn’t because of an Iranian passenger plane in the area


Their hiding behind civilian aircraft. What the Syrian’s need is a missile/s capable of overwhelming Israeli air defense and destroying them on the ground, which I thought was an ultimatum made by the Russians….


That was probably a psyop disinfo report. It originated on a Kuwait website purportedly citing an unnamed Syrian official. There were no credible reports to substantiate it.


Well that’s what they did previously, so I presume they are continuing with what works. Would Syria not have fired on them otherwise?


The report that I’m referring to was the airport strike for airport strike. Isreali air defense is a non issue at this stage. It’s IAF fighters not being detered that are currently the problem.

Jens Holm

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I never thought of you as being cruel to animals Jens :)

Jens Holm

Its like apostates among muslims.

Those are forced be muslims or jews by amputaion, we keep them well, but they have no choise it war.

‘I rather would send alcohol and cigars, but muslims might go from Mukra to Halal instead of hashes and heroin.

Jens Holm

Those are my nighbors. They look unhappy ? comment image


Why are they Wailing at a Wall Jens ?

Tommy Jensen

Look like two Danes. Sleepy, ignorant, “ohh what do you say”, beer drinking, lazy, fatties.

Jens Holm

Fiends of mine


Not my friends :)

Jens Holm

Its because You dont know them well. Some of them probatly are brighter and cleaner then at least some of Your friends.

Good guests too. They eat anything, You serve them, and even clean Your garden better then hens and goats.

Jens Holm

Is that you in the picture Jens ?


You would need 2, 1 for New York.


Thank you. I have organised that Sinbad. Would you like a small one on a ‘problem area’ in Australia as well ?


Although it isn’t being reported by the western media, it seems Syria has targeted Israeli military installations in Golan.


…and Israel makes such a fuss over Iran supposedly encroaching on Syrian territory, talk about hypocrites.


All in good time Idlib is the priority now .

Icarus Tanović

Absolutely, take down gangsters jews planes.


It looks like the SADF upgrades including EW, ECM and satcom integration with the Russian computer, satellite and radar systems has increased the efficiency of the anti missile systems. But this, as good as it is, is a stop gap method compared to taking down the launch platforms and destroying the air bases that the airstrikes are being launched from. To deter the airstrikes from continuing.

Failure to do this is damaging Russia’s reputation as an arms provider, security guarantor and ally. It is impeding or cancelling the US withdrawal and fueling the anti Russia campaign that the Jews are running against the Russian government and Russia.

These airstrikes reportedly originated over the sea. Which makes the attacking planes easy targets. If these IAF fighters can be taken down with S-300s using known tech. I don’t see any reason for not doing so. If they can’t be taken down with known tech, but can be taken down with secret proprietary tech that the Russians don’t want others obtaining. Then that may be why these S-300 systems haven’t been used yet. Because the airstrikes don’t rise to the level that justifies using Russian secret weapons against. Or maybe the S-300s don’t work against modern NATO fighters, and the Russians don’t want that known. So they’re making up excuses.

These airstrikes are aimed at Russia as part of the Jew’s anti Russia campaign, as much as they’re aimed against Syria, and obstinately Iran. Jews and Israel are Russia’s and humanity’s number one enemy and problem. The planet should be dejudified to correct it by outlawing Judaism and demolishing the synagogues and yeshivas without genocide against Jews or violating their human and civil rights. To create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity.


Any way that you look at it. Governments that have these systems have got to be asking themselves what the problem is. And governments thinking about buying them may be reconsidering their acquisition of these systems in the indisputable face of the Jews clearly demonstrating that they have zero deterrence value against modern NATO fighters.

These airstrikes are aimed at Russia as part of the Jew’s anti Russia campaign, as much as they’re aimed against Syria, and obstinately Iran. Jews and Israel are Russia’s and humanity’s number one enemy and problem. The planet should be dejudified to correct it by outlawing Judaism and demolishing the synagogues and yeshivas without genocide against Jews or violating their human and civil rights. To create a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity.


Israel intercepts Russian missiles with IL20’s


F35 fucked you again, can’t hit what you can’t see : D


The problem isn’t not hitting things that they’re shooting at. The problem is not shooting at the planes that are attacking Syria. There’s a huge difference.


They’re not hitting shit, otherwise they’d target the Israeli planes firing the missiles


Your comment doesn’t make sense. Like most of them.


I would hardly call taking out all incoming missiles not hitting shit.

Hisham Saber

Richard, try to be patient my friend. There is a time and place for everything the Syrians, Iranians and Russians plan on doing. You just don’t go ‘ ballistic’ because of some ineffectual missiles lobbed your way. These Israeli airstrikes are just that, ineffectual and meant for public consumption. They are doing very little to no damage at all. In fact, they show a weak side of Israel.

There is a saying that goes ‘ give them enough rope, and they will hang themselves ‘ . Israel is in for a big surprise when the time is clearly, tactically right, for maximum damage to the shape-shifting Zionist entity.


My view, as much as I appreciate all that Russia, and Syria’s other allies have done and are doing. Is that while I agree with you that the airstrikes aren’t doing enough damage or killing or injuring enough people to change the course of the war in and of themselves. The knock on effect so to speak, is having an amplified effect that is changing the course of the war substantially against Syria.

Primarily in two areas. They’re fuelling the anti Russia campaign in a number of areas, and are derailing the US withdrawal. Which if that happens, as it looks like it is. It will make the war much longer and costlier in damage and lives.

Part of the anti Russia campaign has to be a reassessment by both Russia’s allies and adversaries. That is downgrading Russia’s value as an ally, and the opposition that Russia can provide to action against it. This is a turning point against Russia that is going to make the Syrian war much more difficult to win. And that is going to escalate the Jew’s full court press against both Russia and positive elements of the Trump afministration.

Other than not letting adversaries obtain some proprietary tech. If that’s even an issue. I see no benifit from allowing these airstrikes to continue when the capabilities have been put in place not only to deter them. But to manage any posssible escalation as well.

Daniel Miller

oh look its retard whom claimed the A-10 was never shot down.


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Just eat shit and die… then eat shit in hell. You won’t be missed. Except by your black boyfriends…


lol shut up you little bitch

Hisham Saber

And you cant see whats not flying. F-35’s have been ‘ grounded ‘ the world over due to bad design/technical problems, when one crashed in Virginia I believe. Interesting that the announcement of their being ‘grounded’ coincided with Syria receiving the S-300’s and advanced Electronic warfare countermeasures. The Israeli’s were told in no uncertain terms not to fly the F-35’s in combat with Syria or anybody else because the prospect of one being shot down by a S-300 or crashes due to cockpit ‘ blackout ‘ in the war theatre would be disastrous for the Pentagon, who plan on selling those flying garbage trucks to customers worldwide.


Bwahahaha F35’s already turned that Pantsir into a scrap of metal. S400 can only intercept IL20’s hahahaha

Russian junk


These non interdicted Jew airstrikes are putting Turkey in a difficult position. With Russia being shown to be an untrustworthy ally selling ineffective equipment that Turkey is considering buying. Even if the S-400s work properly, and that is yet to be determined in combat. What good are they if the Russians don’t want you to use them?

Granted, the Syrians got their S-300s for free, and a lot of them, and the best that are available. Which are practically S-400s or are S-400s as long as they’re supported as such. And it’s much better for Syria to have them than not to have them.

But the Turks have the Jews and Jewmerica backing out of the withdrawal and proceeding with the Syrian partition project aimed at Turkey to Balkanise and conquer it so that it can be asset stripped and the Turkish people enslaved and fed off of by parasite Jew masters. So in the face of the ongoing Russian failure to deter the Jew airstrikes on Syria and the Russians contributing to getting the US withdrawal cancelled so that the war drags on and the partition project against Turkey proceeds with Jewmerica arming terrorists to be used against Turkey. The Turks may switch sides and participate in the partition to try to control it as best as they can to deter it from being used against them.

It’s really tragic watching the Russians snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory when they were so close to winning the war. The Jews are Russia’s enemy. They should be treated as such.

Smith Ricky

Ahaha zios are butthurt right now good job ?


These non interdictions of Jew fighter jets attacking Syria is undermining the Trump administration, at least the positive aspects of it that are seeking to get the permanent war state and the Jew’s Jew world order hegemony project cancelled. This risks the evil Jew blood sucking baby rapers putting an alternative in place that will be much worse for Russia, the American people and humanity. The Russians are playing directly into the Jew’s hands by allowing them to attack Syria with impunity.

Hisham Saber

Have you heard of the saying ‘ give them enough rope and they will hang themselves’ ? That’s what the Chinese, Russians, Iran and Syria, and a host of places are doing in regrads to the worldwide Jewish hegemonic system, embedded mostly in the U.S.

The U.S./NATO , Israel and the spineless European governments are bogged down in disastrous, unwinnable wars, i.e Afghanistan, to name one, and spending themselves into financial busts, while China and her allies are making progress by leaps and bounds.

Jim Prendergast

Lean back on the ropes and wait. Rope-a-Dope! :)

Lazy Gamer

They were on high alert because of the blood moon. lol 7/7 is excellent. That defense has consistently proven itself and may be the best in the world.


Is it okay for the SAA to take videos like this? doesn’t this give away the AA launchers position?

Jens Holm

Israel already have satelite pictures. Often You easy can replace batteries like that, if You wish.

Its weel known from fx WW1 artillery as well as making decoys.

Taz T

Netanyahu is trying to be tough from Chad. The only way to stop Israel is to attack Israeli airport and unfortunately Syria is not in position to do it at moment until it gets rid of the rest of terrorists. Russia could do something but it looks like Israel and Russian have an understanding or may be S300 or S400 are useless. Another thing is 20% of Israel population more than 1 million are Jews who moved from Russia and Russia does not want to upset them.

Hisham Saber

Russia doesn’t give a damn about the ‘ Russian ‘ Jews who took off from Russia, most of whom are criminal types and many of whom looted Russia and Russians in the 90’s. After all, these said ‘ Russian ‘ Jews are more loyal to Israel and Judaism than they ever were, or will be to Mother Russia. Many of these ‘ Russian ‘ Jews have arrest warrants in Russia and with Interpol, but they are immune from prosecution because Israel obeys no international laws , conventions, norms or standards. Its akin to a Pirate Ship. Criminals, thieves, terrorists, misfits, etc.

‘ Russian ‘ Jews were turning good Russian girls into prostitutes and pornography, being the pimps that they are. Just look at the west. Does Harvey Weinstein ring a bell. They were trying to influence young Russian youth into a ‘ glamorous ‘ mafia-type lifestyle. In the 90’, every Russian girl wanted to be a prostitute/pornstar, and every young man wanted to be a mafioso. All pushed by ‘ Russian ‘ Jews.

The moral decline in the west is absolute due to international Jews. So Russia is shedding no tears about them leaving.

The time for usurping the Zionist regime, the shape-shifting entity occupying Palestine is not yet, but it is fast approaching. Israel’s airports and airfields, shipping ports etc are going to be the first to be bombarded by ballistic missiles when the time arrives, which is fast approaching, but not yet. The Forces of the Axis of Resistance aligned against Israel are making preparations as we speak. The day is coming. Even the Chinese see Israel as an obstacle to her economic plans for her gargantuan Silk Roads.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

An airport for an airport, a city for a city.
During the last Israeli airstrike, Israeli media reported that the Syrian/Russian forces fired an AA missile [that was also capable of surface strikes], into a non populated area of Israel, and also reported that it came with a stern warning from the Russians not to continue with strikes against Syria.
This time the Israeli media are saying another missile has been fired into Israel from Syria itself during the airstrikes, and that it was intercepted over the Golan heights by Israeli air defence systems, but it was a surface to surface missile this time, no reports of any warnings this time and no details about the missile yet, but that’s twice the Israeli media have claimed the Russians/Syrians have responded to Israeli airstrikes with a retaliatory strike of their own, why isn’t the rest of the media reporting on the events, even if they think the Israeli news outlet may have it wrong, they should have still reported on the fact the Israeli news got it wrong at least, but I don’t think they got it wrong at all, I think the Israelis reports of 2 retaliatory strikes are probably correct.
The Israelis, Turks and French have all ran the same story this time.


Well the reason that S-300 is been used is that the Syrian Technicians that are working with the equipment are still been trained on it and are not fully 100% specialized with the equipment, but soon as they will, S-300 will be sole protector of Damascus and more.

Tommy Jensen

Israel hit all their targets, which were all intercepted by Russian delivered untrained Syrian anti-missile system, and Israel´s 4 F-16 and their pilots returned safe to their home bases without a single scratch.

A single wild flying missile however hit 5 warehouses, 6 anti-missile batteries and killed 10 Syrians who should have been Iranians.


How economically feasible is it for Syria to continue shooting down American made missiles with Pantsirs and Buks when US taxpayer dollars provide a virtually endless supply to Israel? At some point won’t Syrian air defenses have to start targeting the planes themselves?

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Syria need permission from those countries air control wich Israel uses to shoot down the planes, and they have to make sure the Israeli planes aint using civilian shields.

Hitting the missiles/boms seems to be the best choice at the moment.


Which begs the question who is actually bankrolling Syria?
Who else has an almost endless supply of US dollars?

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