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In Video: Syria Troops Intercepted US Convoy In Northern Al-Hasakah

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In Video: Syria Troops Intercepted US Convoy In Northern Al-Hasakah

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image.

On October 21, service members of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) intercepted a convoy of the US-led coalition near a checkpoint in the outskirts of the town of Damkhiyah Sghirah in al-Hasakah’s northern countryside.

The Syrian troops prevented the US convoy, which consisted of five armored vehicles, from entering the town. Eventually, the convoy retreated.

This was not the first such encounter. Over the last two years, locals, pro-government fighters and SAA soldiers in northeastern Syria intercepted dozens of US-led coalition patrols. In very few cases, clashes broke out. Nevertheless, the situation never developed into a full-on confrontation.

US-backed forces in northeastern Syria, led by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have been also attempting to restrict the movement of Russian forces in the region.

On the same day as the Damkhiyah Sghirah encounter, local fighters of the US-backed Deir Ezzor Military Council, a branch of the SDF, prevented a patrol of the Russian Military Police from entering the town of al-Jininah in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor.

The recent incidents reflect the fragile situation in northeastern Syria, where US forces maintain minimum coordination with the Russian Military Police.

The situation will not likely improve in the near future. At the same time, a serious confrontation between the different powers in northeastern Syria seems highly unlikely.


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Tommy Lee

Not that I want to give foreign armies advice on how to attack our troops, but given the Biden administration’s reticence when it comes to military action, now might be a good time to attack these convoys, rather than simply intercept them.


At the moment those US troops in Syria are a paper tiger,what Biden going to do if they come under attack pull them out or invade Syria? he would pull out because the last thing the US public want after Afghanistan are more body bags going home.

Lazy Gamer

Not through a checkpoint group but through anonymous militias.

Peter Wallace

The military won’t wait for Biden as they will already have a policy of if attacked an immediate response will happen. They have no legal right to be there so as invaders they should be subjected to military action and removed. After the last fiasco Biden will be in no hurry to repeat it assuming he can remember it. The two people who get Biden out of bed dressed and stand him in front of the cameras and Q cards want to go back to the dementia hospital as they have had enough so there is a job opening at the White House for two to take over.


They should have captured it or blown it to hell.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Boot them out.


Axis of resistance should get more aggressive. America is all talk, they won’t be able to do much against Iran and its militias. Iran proved it after sending those missiles to the US bases after trump threatened retaliation if Iran responded to the terrorist attack on General Soleimani (which he didn’t retaliate)
They need to let Israel know that America isn’t as powerful as they think they are, that will shut Israel up for a bit

Chris Gr

You admit that you are the new Axis aka the new nazis.


Congrats, you win Cretin of the Week Award. Aside of specific Allies-Axis terminology for second world war protagonists, the term axis is a very common English language term to describe ANY alignment of common interests and/or interest groups.

Last edited 1 month ago by 4thMechanizedDivision
Peter Wallace

Those US drivers are getting really good at reversing those armored trucks. Well they are getting lots of practice so they should be.


Those drivers should be scared,any young soldier must be thinking what the hell are we doing here?it won’t take much for all hell to break out at one of those checkpoints.


All American forces and anyone with them should be immediately executed!
They are in violation of every known human law.
Kill the vermin!

Last edited 1 month ago by RaptarDriver

The Russian official should of shot the US back piece of shit in his face


Once Idlib is reclaimed by the SAA they can focus their full attention East of the Euphrates.

Last edited 1 month ago by block

Back it up, turn it around, and f^ck off back the way you came, uninvited US occupation aggressors.

Last edited 1 month ago by SevenUps
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