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In Video: Smiling Turkish-Backed Militant Tells Mother Of Dead Syrian Soldier That He Was Beheaded


On February 21, a disrupting video showing a Turkish-backed militant tormenting the mother of a dead Syrian soldier was shared by many Syrian activists on social media.

In the video, the militant can be seen talking over the phone with the mother of a Syrian service member who was killed in the Turkish-led attack on the town of al-Nayrab on February 20. The militant similes like a psychopath while he describes to the soldier’s mother how he beheaded her son.

“The owner of this phone [the soldier] was bulky,” the militant said to the mother describing her son’s body. “He had a scarf around his neck, I beheaded him with it.”

Syrian activists released a second video of Turkish militants celebrating around the beheaded body of a Syrian soldier near al-Nayrab, confirming that what the militant said on the phone was not a sick joke only. SouthFront chose to not share the graphic footage.

The attack on al-Nayrab was directly backed by the Turkish Armed Forces. Turkish artillery and battle tanks provided militants, like the psychopath in the video, with a direct fire support.

Despite Turkey’s support, the SAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) repelled the attack. More than 200 Syrian militants and two Turkish soldiers were killed. Over a dozen vehicles, including four Turkish battle tanks, were also destroyed.

While some opposition supporters attempted to argue that what the militant did in the video was a “personal mistake,” such behavior is more than common for so-called opposition fighters.

Last year, two similar incidents were reported. In one of the incidents, a well-known media man of the militants known as Tahir al-Omar, who proudly recorded himself taking a mobile phone of the body of a dead Syrian soldier in northern Hama and calling his mother.

This barbaric behavior of Turkish-backed militants in Greater Idlib revives almost no coverage from mainstream media. Similar incidents in the region of Afrin and northeast Syria also remain underreported.

Nonetheless, in the case of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), there was at least some coverage of crimes carried out by Turkish-led forces. Probably, only the allies of the US-led coalition are considered to be humans by Western media outlets.

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