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In Video: Site Of Ansar Allah UAV Attack On Saudi Pumping Stations


The media wing of Yemen’s Ansar Allah (also known as the Houthis) released a video, which shows an impact of the May 14 UAV strike on pumping stations of Saudi Arabia’s East-West pipeline.




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  • klove and light

    respect respect respect…….

    “God is the Greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam”

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    good work. Give the saudis heel and then some more for good measure.

    • You can call me Al

      and the charge them CO2 emission tax.

  • occupybacon

    This is huge! The Patriot systems couldn’t detect Houthi’s toys. Well done brave people!

    • d’Artagnan

      The Zionist Iron Dud had a failure rate of over 93% and that is the reason they cried uncle after 2 days and agreed to a ceasefire after Hamas Fajr 3 starburst started taking out whole blocks in Zionist hovels like Ashkelon. The Ansarallah drones, missiles and firepower is far superior and they can take out any target in Saudi Arabia and UAE puppet colonies if need be. The Ansarallah last week posted a long video on their al-Maydeen network of drone leisurely loitering over the largest Saudi water desalination plant near Jeddah on the Red Sea coast. It was a warning and a message.

  • Pave Way IV

    Houthi drones? Hah… yeah, I suppose that’s possible… with a 350 kt. tailwind.

    Now, say, pissed off Saudi nationals that see less and less benefit from all that oil money while their privileged, pampered al Saud masters lounge around getting fatter or jet off to London for more shopping sprees and lap dances? Yeah, I can see that. The problem with exporting so much terrorism for so many years is that it’s bound to come back home some day and bite you in the ass. ‘Some day’ is now. The Saudis and UAE are broke, and their social service programs don’t seem to be satisfying the angry Wahhabi head-chopper segment of their population. What Saudi Arabia/UAE need is a good WAR!

    • PZIVJ

      I guess that would be a Houthi drone with a 800 range?
      Another possibility exist, a second false flag to blame Iran.
      Apparently no major damage was done. Possible to start a fire at a pumping station that does not endanger operations, like setting alight a small fire on the outskirts?

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    2 NEW FLASH’s everyone.
    #1 Iraq has said they are going to buy the S-400 system from Russia.
    SOURCE: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/iraq-to-purchase-russian-s-400-system/
    #2 Breaking: IRGC commander says Iran is on the brink of full-scale war with US.
    SOURCE: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-irgc-commander-says-iran-is-on-the-brink-of-full-scale-war-with-us/

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


  • d’Artagnan

    This is just an omen of things to come for the Saudi cowards. Well done Ansarallah!

  • Tom Tom

    No sleep till Brooklyn! I mean Riyadh.

  • Kastaibes

    No wonder US backed terrorist sending multiple drone to russia base. They think russia AA is as worst as US patriot. Looks like it is not

  • seawolf

    Imagine what will happen if the Saudis are unable to transfer oil to the west for a couple of months or three or four !!!!