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JUNE 2023

In Video: SDF Supporters Block Russian ‘Tiger’ Vehicles Near Kobani

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In Video: SDF Supporters Block Russian 'Tiger' Vehicles Near Kobani

A screenshot from the video

During the November 5 Russian-Turkish joint patrol in northern Syria, supporters of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) blocked Russian Tiger armoured vehicles near the border town of Kobani.

It remains unclear what SDF-linked elements were seeking by protesting against the implementation of the ceasefire regime under the Turkish-Russian safe zone agreement. It is unlikely that they want the resumption of the Turkish military operation. Pro-Damascus sources suggested that at least some of them tried to provoke Turkish or Russian troops in an attempt to stage a provocation that can be used by the SDF leadership and its foreign backers in their own political games.

In any case, protesters apparently feel themselves very safe when Russian forces are near. It’s hard to imagine that such behavior would be possible if they feel a threat of forceful response to their actions.


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Stupid people, if only they knew what would have happened without the quick Russian deal…

Human kind is doomed

Ruskies should let Turkish dogs of war upon Kurds. They don’t deserve to get out that easily.

Jens Holm

They dont expect that at all. Thats not even the point.


Again defending you kudish boyfriends jenny.

Jens Holm

Your world is like tiny little boy football players having fanatic parents shouting for their own only.

Its correct I any time prefares the PYD-Marxisme world from Sad As isme as well as Jihadisme. Its also true I think the Turkish 100 years “after the Osman” should be solved by vital changes in the Constitution by the parlament and Governess in Ankara.

Things as now never solves anything. You are made blind by Your own Governess indoctrinated to have Kurds as excuse for most things and West and Jes for the rest. You are not even allowed to see the reasons for Jihadisme and reduce the need and support for it.

So I enlight You about it explainin them as well as the rest of the crap living in Your Region.

I wish You should change thingsfor Your own sake, and tells why and how and dont see why You insist in remaining in old somplified one string systems, where any other kind of try for the better is knocked out hard by the most stupid reasons in the whole world.

You not even let the poorest ones have a try to take themselves up by the hair or something better. I am sure the uprise by Jihadists mainly are based on 50% unimployed men demanding anything in stead of Assads.

Assads for decades has showed, what they can and cannot. The same goes for AKP-Turks and theor intollerance and keeping all non assimilated Kurds as PKKs.

Hasbara Hunter

The problem with you is: You never get the point…

Ishyrion Av

Yes, and probably he misses ALL the points…


Pagan sun worshipers, the Muslim brothers want to slaughter them, no Bibi, only the Russians save their lives. ://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/80f2c9796ed0e5eb51e1363da72002e76b9619790209b8b0df94579c0dd829e9.jpg

Jens Holm

You moron still dont get it. They DONT CARE.

You expect they should bend ove for Ankara and Damaskus, even You see they DONT.

You systematicly IGNORE who they are and give then no credit and respect for, they are like that.

And next. THEY AS A MINIMUM will give their enemies and attackers as many SCHRATCHES, they can.

Those towns are theirs. Those towns has kurdish majority or has a big kurdish minority. Why should they “go south” just because someone tells them to.

They have doed for taken those areas from ISIS and partly FSA-Jihadists. They see them as liberated and Asssads didnt do that and probatly never would have been anble to come back, if SDFs with great help, has been fighting ISIS and FSA for several years.

Compared to those people, even showing those two flags about it, makes You so low keeping Your area low insisting in that culturel and religios quagmire.


Seems that people ignore the fact that SDF and Kurds fought for NE Syria after Syrian govt vacated this area many years ago. Go figure that one out !

Jens Holm

Yes, its an old tradition and supported by 4 countries have the area divided after WW1. A very good excuase to unite. I kind of see Jews in the same way being used as ubiting canon meat.

And according to, what I know, it once was true You like beduins in one hand has them as transporters, smuglers, bringing mailman knowledge to the farmers – and in years where no food is found come “down the mountains” stealing food, women and killig any, which didnt do, what they were ordered to.

That was almost true in almost all areas Kurds were after WW1. But after that they has been vonntected to the rest of the world by roads, bridges, trains, electricity, cars, telefones, radio, TV and so on.

Many kurds even today are relative isolated and almost only are themselves and still in tribe mode. But fx the ones in rhe Syrian borderzone is not having same conditions as the arabs and Turks there.

Some also might remember Kurds fx in 1924 killed many non muslims and partly are those, which took over their land.

In old history books from the time ofmy grandfather and mother, they learned charateristicas for every country in the world. I remember Turks(Osmas) always was very dirty, had very lousy music but was exelent warriors.

I think its like that for Kurds as well as many others. Even people has changed a lot since those days, its still learned and in people mind, that those differences exist and remain untouched.

So I have figured it out. The SDF kurds has changed a lot in a very visble way since Kobane. They have gained respect from the locals living in most of the SDF, but the rest in Ankara, Bagdad, Teheran and Damaskus all need enemies or will be replaced.

I anytime would prefare Kurds from ISIS, FSA and Assads. Marxisme is the only simple effective alternative easy to understand in a world of dicatorship and jihadisme.

We saw it in Denmark until USSR collapsed. Very few Moscow Communist could run a lot of things very well but limitations was, they believed in Moscow and Cremling making a lot of minus.

Very good structures and hard working people but also some “elites” which could be elite in any organisation. Those old communists today are high ranked in many places here in Denamrk being “assimililated”, but they are not allowed to be top in country and local goverment as well as highh ranked Govermental judges.

none could see any kurrds could run anything in ME after WW1.

Concrete Mike

After sept 2017, the kurds had no reason to antagonize the syrian government, it was not in the kurds best interest, it was in the interest of regime change fans, like yourself, usa.israel.saudis al nusrah and isis.

So im done with excuses from the kurds, now is time to reconcile and get to work evicting the usa trash and their turkish jihadi sponsors. Enough is enough!

Human kind is doomed

“Syrian govt vacated this area many years ago” Dude, even you don’t believe in this. They didn’t “vacate” they were forced to withdrew under all of west/KSA/Qatar sponsored scum. When power balance was shifted in SAA’s favor, SAA did liberate huge parts of Syria.

What happened when SAA tried to cross river? USAF bomb them. Even prior to liberation of Deir ez Zor, USAF bomb SAA while fighting daesh, and killed hundred or so SAA’s soldiers and by that “mistake” daesh gained a lot.

Moment it was clear SAA will reach Euphrates SDF rushed to “liberate” oilfields. East of Syria isn’t their land and they don’t have any right on it.

Sasan Jamshidi

They forget history intentionally and have no reason my friend. This is the sign of dictator worshippers.


Jen are you on another planet? Syrian Arab Army (Assad army) have fought all there way from near defeat, from the outskirts of Damascus all the way to the Euphrates river! They have destroyed more Isis forces than the Kurd’s. including destroying masses of Jihadist, Al-Qaeda forces from Aleppo.Palmyra, Hama to Idlib and much more! As for Raqqa, taken by Kurd’s a total massacre still the city rots in decadence, unlike Aleppo, Palmyra and other cities liberated by the Syrian government forces! What land the Kurd’s had was Syrian which they the Kurd’s were given self governance by the kindness of Damascus! Yet the Kurds want all the Land that was never theirs right up to the oil fields, which they have no claim to! Now look at them with the U.S forces abandoning them, and for what! The oil that precious black gold! Now the Kurd’s are expendable they have served there final purposes for the great American Capitalist machine, there usage time is over!

Jens Holm

I only see a sefie.

Human kind is doomed

“You expect they should bend ove for Ankara and Damaskus” -But they happily go to bed with USA? Only party who can not guarantee them anything is USA. US is interested in two things, fucking up Syria and oil east of a river.

“You systematically IGNORE who they are and give then no credit and respect for, they are like that.” -Respect is to be earned and with their whoring it is impossible for them to get respect from any side, even from US’s side!

“and Asssads didn’t do that and probably never would have been able to come back” “Assad” was preoccupied with saving rest of Syria out of daesh. moment when it was clear SAA is going to liberate Deir ez Zor, SDF rushed to “liberate” oilfields. At the time, SAA wasn’t even close to north and east of Syria.

PS They don’t care, but they should of. Turks are just waiting for the chance to erase them and only element that keeps them out of that scenario at the moment is Russia.

PPS Best bet for “proud Kurds” is “Assad” and “Putin”, whether you like it or not.

Jens Holm

I see Assads are the dysfunctionel ones for theirpwn sake. Those are the ones having lost all respect.

All Syria should have the Counsil structure proposed by PYD and SDF.

You are not even allowed or raised to understand how they are very normal compared to many many countries in the world having tools for innovation and a higher living standard based in including and not excluding mainparts of the population.

You are not allowed to debate and repair any part of the Baathist system. How comes 50% of the men and close to 100% of the vomen has no jobs.

I know why. Great parts of the world knows. PYD knows why, but Yiu deny the why.

Thats why we now again see demonstrations in Lebanon as well as Iraq. And who the H… are shooting big military teargas grenades on them?

Easy: Goverment Shiit supporters being in the Bagdad Governess elected not long time ago and as corrupt and ineffective as Your sovcalled “Jews and Westerns” in their best.

And who dont like that. Any picture and video analyse say – ANYBODY poor.

And by producing nothing not even the corrrupt can get in tax in devatstaing corruption. There is NO MOTIVATION to produce anything.

Human kind is doomed

“All Syria should have the Counsil structure proposed by PYD and SDF”

Take it easy with those narcotics you are using!

Jens Holm

We have. Counsils are local influence by local elections for local matters and local tax paid by the same locals.

We decide whats needed because we know and we also pay for it. We are much more productive and less corrupt, because we can control and correct elected politicians and fire dirty emplyed as well.

Our Goverment i Copenhagen therefore can fokus on defence, diplomaty, trade, Internet and phoneconnections to all, hospitals, higher education, motorways, big bridges train and like that.

Counsils are elected by the ones livin there BUT all in the PYD model has at least one representative, so even the smallest minority can speak and be heard there.

You off course see Kurds anywhere in Your everlasting trauma, but in most counsil, there will not be a single kurd as well as they many places are only a small or big minority.

A very imporatnt part is more sekularisme has been made. That says same rights for all and as much as possible and religion becomes sekular and more a private matter and also lowered uder the Sekular one.

That of course also say women and girls anytime has same rights as boys and men and has to go to school, educate and by skills and hard work are paid semilar. By that they also cant be raised´for sale.

Vomen has right as men to live alone and supporting their children and are not under pressure for being remarried as well as being given bad names for it.

An important hing in that is, that tax is paid for pension to the old. Those wont need to sell their children and the power to decide the family to support them. No way. Of course children and grandchildren can help their children, but minimum is fulfilled. Every old as minimum and by definition has roof, clothe, food for at least a simple life.

That makes the children independent, but they do pay to them and others by tax and being able and motivated to work harder and better in innovation.

And accept of other facts should be the same. Gays and lesbians here are good taxpayers as well as hardly making many children. I see them as plus only even they sometimes seemes a little strange.

So what Kurds propose is no “Kurdish akward unrealistic thing” but common knowledge for improveents in many parts of the world.

The magic thing is, the sekularisme and the Counsils includes all instaed of exclude and by that unite the country. I dont write for, You should be like us in Denmark.

I write for Your primitive systems dont work well and You fx can take good parts of ours in. I dont care if You take in things from India or China as well.

The importance is, that the systems of Yours makes low income for all apart from the greedy grabbers and mainly the upperclass named as Baathists. You have to change, what You not even are allowed to debate because You only learn Johadisme is bad, Kurds are bad and the only one saving You are Assad.

You also learn everything outiside Syria is bad apart from Russia, Hesbollah and Iran.

But when we read about, what You are tioold about us, we only see our bad parts are the only ones, and You hardly understand most of a lot we have, where You dont have it at all or or its tabus.

I see it very well in Your language. I dont blame You for having old times of fx arabic and Turkish, but its to much simplified one string and of course cant explain a lot of things.

I am blamed for my English is not proper english here. It mainly is. My english is advanced as enlish are in normal western context. Yours mainly are aarabic and Turkish thinking translated into English. So much is not even there to translate and both ways.

I have nor chosen English as our second language as well, but by luck Danish in many ways of speaking as well as thinking is very close to english by GB as well as GB and the english spoken world.


Since you are a shit Zionist Khazar, already kicked in the ass by the Russians, you live vomiting Talmudic hatred against the world. As a moron you find yourself not aware that the Young Turks (Dunmeh) have used the Kurds to massacre the Armenians, 2 million dead, with the promise to take their land. You idiot know that what they call Kurdistan is Armenia, like you are calling Israel what is Palestine.

Jens Holm

I know exact, what all did at that time and which minorities and majorities was killed partly when and very detailed when.

As number one You dont see You as many different birds lived mixted among each other, many were totally misted and others were specialized fx living in mutains hardy having any farming as well as areas only was farmland.

As long as You dont understand each of those many different etnicities, langugages also didnt climb down from each theit tree each one having their own tree and their private Adam, YOU KEEP YOURSELF FROM UNDERSTAND that very firty change in those areas.

You alla were interacting in the declining Osman Empire, because a lot went worse and worse and people looked for many kinds of solutions and worked hard for them as well as being totaly passive.

I kind of blame none but analyse and also reflect some in a sober way – Telling what we actually know. We know most things well.

The main things are just like Yours words rightr here: You select Your own etnic nationalistic infame version and censur and even bias it into You are and were the victims.

Telling Yougturks was the only player is wrong. Kurds as one group was forced to do thios and that and even, that only armenians lived in those areas is totally far out. Those groups and many many others lived in the area and in the mian parts, where kurds live today Armenians was a minority among the rest.

You of course ignore many many others were killed even its well documented that all kinds of Christians, Jews and muslims was killed and often in the name of any God, people could find as well as mainly for own purpose for THEIR future.

So what is true is, that the non killed filled all gabs, where they and others killed and killed. Thats why You see so many Kurds. But most Turks fleed and there was not so many Turkmens.

You also ignore that around 400.000 mainly non kurds was killed by Kurds along the Turkish-Iraqian-Syrian border and was filled up by the local killers as well as people escaping to there into epto houses and villages.

Here a another etnicity is met, where Osmans already had killed and replaces Assyrians along and east of Tigris with Turks. That was some time before Youngturks even was invented.

A video should be made, so You ALL should FORCED to see Your OWN belowed ancisters systematicly killing each other in the name of Osman Governess trying to solve things by killing and deportation of Turks as well as others in dirty etnic nationalisme. ……………………………

And as I read Your words, You have not improved a single comma since that an steady go on folowinging Your traditions for change, which we see very well today, where the newest player in Your dirty contaxts are incomming nationalsime by arabics has been trying to make the leftovers in those areas into arabs by hard dirty nationalisme of own kind even Assads more or less has pretended at least some kind on moderate version. …………………………..

Finally You dont relate to, what I am and even name me as a lot of things, I am not at all. I relate to FACTS. That dont make me to b chinese, vietnamese, kangaroo or growing pineapples on Hawai.

Whats the purpose??? Do You need more enemies, so You can kill me or make me need to killl You according Your dirty traditions.

You rats(sorry all rats) not even have a vocabulary as well a structure to live welamong exh other. When I try here, I meet people raise tike You again and again.

And here there hardly are any difference between Turks, Kurds, armenians, Yasedis, Christians, Jews, arabs, druse, assyrians, Shiits, sunnis, russians and whatever. You are family.

You all should stop “calling” each other this and that. Most of that is fabricated and should not be in the future but find a more netraul and sober scientific level, You all know as real facts, which You NEVER should do again. You really confirm, You are according to Your tradtions.

Only rights wing here love the way You act, beacuse the killed ones dont come here.


You can talk about it civilly, without fanaticism. I remind you that Israel has never recognized the Armenian genocide, the only one documented in writing, unlike the Shoah whose millions of deaths have emerged from a testimony to Heichmann’s show trial. It was Saint Paul, sent to death by cause by the Jews to declare that there is no chosen people, not Jews, not christians, not slaves, not patricians, but all equal with Jesus Christ. This cannot be said by a Jew who is a parry of the Talmud and the Halakhah. Your reasoning could do it Trotsky who was an atheist and internationalist, not the Zionists and not the U.S. neocons of the New American Century, of the end of the history and U.S. domination of the world. Among the first Zionists were the Kibbutz communists and Stalin first recognized Israel. Today there they issued the racial laws as a state of Jews who exclude all others, including Israeli Christian citizens. They had claimed a small homeland to defend themselves from the abuses already suffered by Nazism, but today Israel is a regional nuclear power that has fomented wars with 2 million deaths among its neighbors. The condemnation of this state of apartheid is entirely political and it is false that it is anti-Semitism. You Jews all consider yourself an Israeli, don’t you? After the III international communist you are the only international one existing, and therefore there exists the international Jewish world. That’s all folks.


That they are in league with the terrorist Zio-nazi regime.


It says all, nothing to add.

Hasbara Hunter

The Turks already gave them Turds some ears to hear….if they refuse to listen just give’m some more punches…Turds are stubborn cunts without any friends…

Jens Holm

You exspect ations are totally wrong. After Russians gave Afrin to the Turks, they have none – And now more to Turkey and againmain Kurdish areas.

They have seen what Russians do, so 11 sheep telling “without Russians even being “quick” os far out unless Your are an enemy.


If it wasn’t for the Russian slowing the Turks advance down, giving the Kurds enough time to retreat under the protection of Russian forces. Otherwise the Kurds would have been annihilated by the advancing Turkish battle armor!

Hasbara Hunter

Well that was exactly the plan in my personal opinion…the Turks have the right to fight Kurdish Terrorists…Assad & Putin just have to wait for them Poor Lonesome Turds to come over and have a little chat at the Negotiation-Table…


Exactly well said, The Kurd’s in way were in partnership allowing the U.S to steal Syrian oil from Syrian land! And I repeat that Syrian land were Kurd’s have never settled on! Now the U.S have there oil the Kurd’s have become expendable!

Concrete Mike

Better late than never, shame it had to go this way, some kurdish leaders need to be shot for treason!

Hasbara Hunter

Turds are Retards…they got very little functioning braincells…and the memory of a goldfish…Left alone by their “Allies” for the umpteenth time…

Jens Holm

Hahaha. More like they are just as You and certainly not lower. Tey even has/had a plan for the futures. Your have one going back in time only – apart from the damage incl. 550.000 dead ones.

But the dead ones dont count. I hope they woll demonstrate against You at the entrence at heavens door and Your God will say: Let there be dark, those people are not able to use light

The Farney Fontenoy

They DO know! They now think the Russians have done their job-the Turks won’t return & they can finally get ‘Kurdistan’. I used to think the FSA were idiots, they’re statesmen compared to Kurds.

Sasan Jamshidi

Yea by sending turkish dogs into syrian & kurdish lands? Those that commit genocide and crime be allowed to come to their homes?!! This is Russian help?!!


Countdown to toronto tonto(solomon kupek) garbage post 3..2..1..

Toronto Tonto

And a warm welcome to me too thanks Ivan .


You are still alive? You did not yet blown yourself in the name of someone or something?


Predictable like the idiot you are solomon kupek, thanks for proving my point.

Karen Bartlett

LMAO over these posts!


they can protest all they want, it doesn’t matter. Their leaders badly misplayed their cards and now they’re lucky to be alive.

Jens Holm

Thats no luck. They have done well.

Things are as they are because of Trump being very unreliabe.

Same for Turks and Assads. They wasnt even there …


they should have never listened to the false promises Washington made them over the years. There was no way the US was going to go to war or lose Turkey in NATO over fighting to grant the Kurds an independent country. turkey would have closed the airbase and told the US to get out

Jens Holm


One scenaria in stead could have been Jihadists incl. ISIS had taken óver all Syria. It was close they did, wasnt it.

Another could have been Assads almost had lost and by that had to give SDFs some rights moved from Damaskus to SDFs.

I think its too easy to say they are stupid and anythig againt them, as so many do here.

Are 550.000 dead ones nothing. 10 millon of 20 not in own homes. Milions of more and less handicapped and material destruction for billions.

SDFs didnt uprise against Assads. They were second choise, when ISIS by USA and before that by Assads went out of hand.


Kurdophilia that what you are suffering there jenny.

Toronto Tonto

A nice warm welcome for the terrorist putin regime EH

Human kind is doomed

Terrorist Putin is saving their asses. Everybody with an IQ above 30 sees that, your trolling can not change that!


Tonto’s IQ is only 28. On a good day. :)

Toronto Tonto

So I am higher than you and your pals EH

Ishyrion Av

He doesn’t even have an IQ. Can’t ask a monkey to articulate an idea.


Come on solomon kupek quit pretending you are Canadian Prague is ancient history, and Israel lost in Syria. My guess is that you are Czechoslovak Zionist Jew living in Tel-Aviv, its okay to admit what you are.


As always, the triumphant Russians’ Slavic cool has put them in good stead.


Yeah, they were so terrified that tried to pull back hitting the front of the second car

Harry Smith

Well, I guess Russia now has to step aside in Kobani and let Turks to solve the problem.

Tudor Miron

If Kurds ask for it… Who is Russia to forbid smart a$$ Kurds have their love story with Erdogan. Let them have it.


This protest is not really against the Russian MP’s. It’s about them escorting Turks in the Kobani area, probably not shown in video is the Turkish vehicles that did not come forward. So the Russian MP’s went forward on their own to see if they could clear the route? I guess Turkish military is not welcome in this area. I am getting sick and tired of anti Kurdsh/SDF bullshit on this site. When they where fighting and dying for the NE in years past, Syria and Russia where offering zero support :(

Tudor Miron

“Syria and Russia were offering zero support”(c) for simple reason – Kurds were not on the side of Syrian state but played on US side – side that created all that mess aimed to destroy Syria. In very simple terms – US created ISIS and used it as spearhead force to destroy Syria. They almost succeeded but than Russia entered the scene and Syria started to rapidly liberate its territory. It was difficult (in view of international public opinion) for US to openly support ISIS and that is when they created SDF – they could support them openly and in this way openly deny Syria from regaining its territory. Kurds were (willingly) used to cover US occupation of eastern Syria. In this situation Russia unleashed Turks – to teach Kurds a little loyalty to the state that gave them home and shelter and which they blatantly betrayed. Now US has to openly occupy Syrian oil fields (showing the world who they really are) while another huge portion of Syrian map became red. Kurds find themselves in a role of used condom. Assad is giving them opportunity to reintegrate into Syrian state but Kurds are very slow to learn. Above is an oversimplification but it does work as a brief description of the process that is still developing

Concrete Mike

What gets us is the treasonous actions after september 2017, like flooding the euphrates and levelling raqqah. I remember when kurds helped the SAA, especially in Aleppo city, but flooding the euphrates as the saa was crossing in deir ez zor city is the epitomy of treason.

I cant overlook that! I just cant. What excuse do the kurds have for supporting ISIS in that instance?

Ishyrion Av

Kurds are no more than bitches.

Jens Holm

They are not like You.


So the Kurds are bitches just like you jenny.

Ishyrion Av


Hasbara Hunter

Nope…they are more like you…

Black Waters

Lol those ignorant peasants have no idea of what they are doing, if it wasn’t for the Russians they would already been butchered by the turks… but you know what, if that’s their desire so be it, let them get butchered.

Derek Johnson

They know exactly what they are doing.

Jens Holm

Kobane is a big town and hardly has many peasants. Now go back to Your beduins and remember to count if Your camel still has 2 bumpers.


Yeah if the Kurds are so superior to the Arabs, why have they never been able to form state of any kind, and why do they pathetically settle to being cheap whore who used and disposed of by whatever power needs them for mercenary duties. Yeah cheap insults at Arabs isn’t going to change the fact that Kurds are the premier gullible idiots of the middle-east there jenny.

Ishyrion Av

There is the answer. They were always bitches, historically for the Turks, in modern times they also tried US hardness. The Armenian Genocide is in part, their work too. And if we’d think that they got some honor in the last 100 years, well, not, a whore is a whore. Under the US master they started to empty the northern Syria of Arabs and Assyrians to make a country for them on the expense of others. A bunch of traitors.

Derek Johnson

Biji biji biji! Ha ha, so the videos posted here by southfront showing Kurds throwing rocks at the Turks but welcoming Russian…… Lol. Time to let Turks handle the Kurds the only way that they understand and educate out Russian allies.

World Wisdom

kurds deserve to be smashed by Turkey. protestors will not protest unless they were told to… by US

Jens Holm

I dont see that.


Because your kurdish boyfriends have the intelligence of a walnut. Kind of like you.

Alberto Garza

without russia the turks would have killed them .

Jens Holm

So what. Relate to facts.

SDfs are light armed because of Turks too.


Oh jenny you silly danish tranny, he is stating a fact there.


russia and syria and turkey should deal with the sdf in no uncertain way. either they accept the situation and become tenants on the border or some harsh consequences will follow. in fact who gives a sh….t about the kurds.

Jens Holm

I care. They are not worse then You.


Yeah you get gangbanged by kurds in Copenhagen premier tranny house.

Prince Teutonic

Oh how glad would be MSM and US establishment if Turks or Russians used force on these un-armed civilians…


Not surprised. They are middle eastern people anyway.


this is evidence that these arrangements r succeeding; certainly if the Russians were not there, the Turks would not have tolerated this from the Kurds


Just today I was wandering when a Russian truck will get hit with a stone but never expected they being so terrified by 9 yo kids hitting their cars between them LOL what an ambush, worse than Chechnya and Afghanistan together!

Raptar Driver

Arabs must be the dumbest people on earth, throwing rocks at bullet proof transports and then cheering as if they won something, pathetic!

Mustafa Mehmet

They are not Arab. they r typical Kurdish

Raptar Driver

My mistake then, I retract my insult.


Kurds have preyed on peaceful Christians throughout their history.

Mustafa Mehmet

Just fire couple of round. see how fast they will disappear. ungrateful people


They are lucky that the Turks and NSA where not there alone. The civilians would have been shot dead. Good news that Russian MP’s where there. :)

Mustafa Mehmet

killing civilian is terrorist job. Turkish army don’t kill civilians.. liquid brain like yours think that way

Julian Clegg

South Front’s other report just published explains that these are joint Russian-Turkish patrols. I should think it’s the Turkish part the SDF object to, not the Russian part.




Kurds stupidity has not limits.

Karen Bartlett

Too many good posts on here to add anything…

Sasan Jamshidi

This is why kurds dont trust russia too if russia would be trusted they wouldnt think about USA, Russia betrayed Iran and maybe assad in future why not kurds too?


Paid crowd, as usual. In a warzone the cost of a paid crowd is remarkably low.

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