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In Video: SDF Destroys Ferries Used To Ship Goods To Government Areas In Euphrates Valley

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In Video: SDF Destroys Ferries Used To Ship Goods To Government Areas In Euphrates Valley

By: sdf-press.com

On March 19, the Deir Ezzor Military Council (DMC) announced that it had carried out a campaign to close all river crossings in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.

The DMC is the local branch of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir Ezzor (SDF) in Deir Ezzor. The council’s forces are in control of the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, where several crossing used to move people and goods between government and SDF-held areas in Deir Ezzor are located.

During the campaign, DMC fighters raided a number of river crossing and destroyed several ferries used to ship goods and oil to the western bank of the Euphrates River which is held by Syrian government forces.

Some sources claimed that clashes broke out between the DMC and government forces in the course of the campaign. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

The US-led coalition and the SDF have been cracking down on trade with government-held areas for a more than a year now. Earlier this month, US forces stormed a river crossing near the SDF-held town of al-Hawajidz in southeastern Deir Ezzor. Local workers were forced out of the area.

The DMC’s recent campaign is meant to stop smuggling to government-held areas, which are facing a harsh economic crisis. Earlier this week, the SDF resumed wheat and oil shipments to Damascus.


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Fog of War

This is the same SDF that Putin cuddles and protects from Turkey and the SAA.

Peter Jennings

Are you still in that fog?

Fog of War

No, I’m a different fog now. More wispy and less defined.


You know something we don’t know,

Fog of War

You’re in for a big suprise.

Fog of War

What price have they paid so far ?

Black Waters

In any case, Russia tried to granted a way out without the use of force (to the SDF)… but as always they choose the wrong way.

Arch Bungle

Protects from Turkey? I seem to recall Turkey blowing the hell out of the SDF on a weekly basis.

I don’t see any record of Russian troops rushing to the defence of the SDF at any time …

Jens Holm

Its the same for several things there. Very akward so many cant see the SDFs are good forces agains the Turks and the Assads in thois matetrs are the stubbern stupidists even selling Afrin for nothing.

Arch Bungle

Sounds like a clear case of a war crime. When the war is done these f**ckers must hang.


When’s that gonna be that the war ends? Is Putin gonna become anti-Zionist anytime soon? Or… Most likely not.

Maybe if Iran deployed nukes and makes it a point to end the war in Syria,but, if not, business, partnership, trade and negotiations to continue as usual.


“we were those who established peace in Syria, from those who had the main influence on the situation in this country, defeated terrorism, starting an operation when Damascus controlled that 18 per cent of Syrian territory, and today in fact more than 90 per cent”


Some of this 90% is clearly partial control. Where it’s primary, though not total control of the skies and shared control with other non Syrian government actors on the ground. Total control is about 60% to maybe 70%. And the remaining 20% to 30% is shared control with the Turks, SDF, and US.

It took the Russians 10 years and 2 wars in Chechnya to regain total control on their own territory. It may take that long in Syria. But that’s the direction that things are going. And Russia is in a much stronger position now than during the Chechen campaign.

Saso Mange

Thugs with US & Israeli weaponry.

Icarus Tanović

Džasmine, jesi ti vidio ovoooo?
Ašo mange.
Saso Mange bezobrazluk.



Icarus Tanović


Black Waters

Another act of sabotage by the terror forces of the SDF.

Simon Ndiritu

Demented J.Biden would rather continue perpetrating evil instead of minding his health!

Jens Holm

Thats Your definition. So far I have seen no sign of demented.

He seemes determinated and systematic but none should expaect all wishes will com through. He knows that too.

He actually know the area andf the people there and negosiated with Iran as well. Trump didnt know where Syria is and probatly still dont. Gulf for him is something in Florida.

cechas vodobenikov

blind mentally ill jens on LSD sees banana —uses for dildo


Quislings helping their American masters again,only way to deal with them is launch a massive attack over the river and take the oil backwhen they can.

Jens Holm

The relations are well defined. Some rhetorics in barking mad realisme makes no difference.

cechas vodobenikov

jens relations w boyfriend defined; he pays porter to bend over like SDF does for CIA

Proud Hindu

Two Muslim groups fighting each other.Who wins?😎

cechas vodobenikov

not Hin-dog-doodoo

Proud Hindu

Fk of russian

John Wallace

Wow , is that praise or is it meant to be an insult. Surely you are clever enough to do better than that. Go on , see if you can get better than 2 out of 10.

Potato Man

SDF is made out of (Wahhabi) Ex-terrorists, FSA, ISIL and Kurds terrorists YPG, PKK…. funded and fully supported by US, Zion and Wahhabis.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan transgenders looking for role in Hollywood

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