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In Video: Saudi Proxies Clash With Houthis In Yemeni Province Of Hajjah

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In Video: Saudi Proxies Clash With Houthis In Yemeni Province Of Hajjah

A screenshot from the video

On March 12, the propaganda wing of Saudi proxies in Yemen released a video showing the advance of pro-Saudi forces on positions of the Houthis in Hajjah province, western Yemen. According to pro-Saudi sources, the Houthis withdrew from more than 10 towns of the “Bani Hassan” clan in Abs directorate. The captured towns were in a de-facto neutral zone and the increase of offensive actions by pro-Saudi forces in the province goes amid the critical, for them, situation on the frontline in Marib province. Pro-Houthi sources claim that as of March 13, the Houthis launched a counter-attack in Hajjah province.


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johnny rotten

The Houthis have the truth on their side, this will ultimately make them victorious, no doubt.

Proud Hindu

Desert rats going wild ?🤣


Did anybody tell them that you have to aim or use sights when shooting? Also, what were they shooting at? Sand dunes?

Peter Jennings

Let’s face it, the suadi admin need all the good news and PR it can get. This will backfire one day when the Houthis regroup and return to wipe them all out.

MBS is facing ICC calls to answer for his fetish for collecting heads. Of course it won’t be the ICC who force MBS from power but it will spur others in the hierarchy to consider his removal and their recent stay at the Ritz Carlton hotel.
Terrific race, the suadis. Terrific.

Samuel Vanguard

saudis are trying too hard they won’t win

klove and light

lol strategically totally non important…….. a little PR stunt for the british zionist slave bastards….

MARIB…. is marib taken by the houthis…………..the first step of the war is won…..
and finally the houthis can go to the next step……….UAE…..the southern part of the jemen invasion and occupation….
israel and Co know this……. that is the reason why in the past days seeveral news was put out, on how UAE and israel are building bases to gether and air defense togerther……..

Take Marib my dear brothers……….

then push south and start the m issile and drone attacks on the UAE…..

Death to america death to israel curse on the jews…houthi slogan, the bravest of the brave

Game Over

That’s what you call precision shooting. Looks more like celebratory gun fire.

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