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In Video: Saudi-led Coalition Warplanes Intercept Suicide Drones Launched By Houthis

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In Video: Saudi-led Coalition Warplanes Intercept Suicide Drones Launched By Houthis

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

On March 26, the Saudi-led coalition released videos documenting the interception of suicide drones launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from Yemen.

The videos show the interception of five aerial objects, supposedly drones, by Saudi-led coalition warplanes. Air-to-air missiles were used to shot down the objects from a short range.

Earlier, the Houthis announced that they had carried out a large-scale attack, codenamed “Operation National Day of Resilience,” on Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni group launched 18 Samad-3 and Qasef-2K suicide drones as well as eight missiles of the Zulfiqar, Badir and Saeer types at targets in southern, eastern and western Saudi Arabia. The coalition claimed that a total of eight drones and a missile were intercepted.

The Saudi Ministry of Energy acknowledged that a petroleum products distribution terminal in Jizan was struck. New satellite images show damage at the facility.

Operation National Day of Resilience was the most recent in a series of large attacks by the Houthis on Saudi Arabia. Three other similar operations targeted the Kingdom this year.

The Saudi-led coalition likely shared the interception videos in order to play down the scale and success of Operation National Day of Resilience.


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Pave Way IV

First vid shows the MQ-9 firing the air-to-air missile that let out a shower of chaff or burning particles a second after the motor fired. Still not sure what it was, but it shows up as white streaks here. I don’t know if this was the same drone or not, but the one show firing a missile like this in the other video was destroyed seconds later by a SAM. So a $500 drone and some kind of SAM exchanged for a $15 million MQ-9. Ouch. Nice job, Houthis.

comment image


Idiot Saudis resort to tell laughable lies to cover their inability to intercept Yemenis’ wrath, like attack on Jizan terminal was done by artillery and cannon bullet!! And say nothing serious happened, it just made a hole a tank, no biggie.

Yes, you did such a great job at intercepting them that currently there are kilometers long lines of cars waiting at the gas stations all over Arabia. There’s serious shortage of oil products as the result of 3 Yemeni operations. And this is the result of a few Yemeni-made drones and missiles fueled by Yemeni-made fuel. Imagine what Iran could do to them and they constantly say Iran is somehow involved.

Be careful what you wish for, it might come true…

PS. In the first seconds of the first video, I can’t see any drone. Just a missile explosion. Am I mistaken?

Pave Way IV

The one-pixel white dot in the middle of the crosshairs is supposed to be the drone I guess, Garga. If you really squint, you can just about see the “Made in Iran” sticker near the tail.


I will break it down for you in simply language.. You will grow old crying foul your hair will white and your bones will grow old. Meaning all this small drones provocation are not damaging nor harming Saudi Arabia but they are in returning killing and the Saudi Allies inside Yemen like Hadi or Islah future is secured and they will remain for the long term. They can’t be undone via militarily or politically.

Where does that leave you? Coming here cheer for every single bullet fired with it even really doing damage or having any effects to change the world or even change a status quo.

People like you are simple minded and never look at the bigger picture. Iran will retreat into Iran soon after realizing that they can’t achieve militarily success and it has evaded them and can’t be achieve for the next 100 years or so and even in the next 100 years alot of things has to go it’s way which is uncertain but in the main time. They simply don’t have the manpower nor the logisitical means that is why Syria was never completed and ended in stalemate despite Russian involvement. The yemen war the same story. leaving Iran to come to terms with the hard reality that what they are standing is an immovable object and if it wear to escalate it could be it’s final ultimatum.

Here is my prediction for the next 30 years so you don’t waste your time on meanings bullets fired here or there. The status quo holds for the next 30-40 years. The middle east will enter a moment of peace specifically places that are experiencing clashes like Yemen or Syria.

WW3 will not happen until a massive natural disaster occurs in the east causing world economy this will force ww3 upon the people. China makes an aggressive move to conquer all of the world and note at that period it’s 2050s china is even alot stronger. China will make an alliance and The west and sunni bloc forms an alliance against China alliance. 5 billiion people will die in this war which is almost 60% of the world population due to nuclear winters and mass starvation. It will be a war that can wipe out some countries completely. Iran gets invaded during this period and will cease to exist beyond that stage

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