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JULY 2022

In Video: Saudi-led Coalition Air Force Destroyed Houthis ‘Air-Defense’ System

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The Saudi-led coalition announced on September 26 that it had destroyed an “air-defense” system of Yemen’s Houthis.

A warplanes of the coalition destroyed the system that was deployed in the outskirt of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, with a pinpoint airstrike.

In an official statement, the Saudi coalition stressed that it will remain committed to the neutralization of the Houthis’ offensive capabilities, which “pose a threat to regional and international security.”

While the coalition claimed that an “air-defense” system was destroyed, footage of the airstrike showed what appeared to be a P-18 radar.

The P-18, developed in the Soviet Union, is a 2D VHF radar with a maximum range of 250 km and an altitude of 35 km. The system was in service with the former Yemeni military, which explains how it reached the hands of the Houthis.

For the last three years, the Houthis have been working to boost their air-defense capabilities. The group restored 2K12 Kub medium-range air-defense systems and converted air-to-air missiles into ground-to-air missiles.

Last February, the Houthis demonstrated their capabilities when they shot down a Tornado IDS combat aircraft of the Royal Saudi Air Force over northern Yemen.


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Assad must stay

Shit i hope not bro

Pave Way IV

Houthi bros: Chimp removal operations are GO!

Al Balog

Most likely Mossad CGI, as in the past.

Icarus Tanović

Saudi sources? SF, you kidding? We can CGI many things these days.

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