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In Video: Saudi Forces Intercept Houthi Drones Launched From Yemen

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In Video: Saudi Forces Intercept Houthi Drones Launched From Yemen

A screenshot from the video

The Saudi military released more videos showing the interceptions of drones launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) at Saudi targets from Yemen. The Saudi-led coalition insists that the recent large-scale Houthi strike on targets in the southern Saudi provinces of ‘Asir and Jizan caused almost no damage. This goes contrary to the claims by the Houthis and evidence from the ground. MORE HERE


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Potato Man

“10-12 drones were used” and they only show 3-4… If they had shot down all of those they would show it and again the failure of yankees air defence systems says a lot more, the Wahhabi morons have to use their jets as air defence systems to shot down cheap drones that costless than one of those F-16 (Air to air) missiles. What is there to be showing off? you have no fuking air defence systems…

Remember about 12 drones were send, and missiles…the SA show 3-4 drones and not the missiles or other drones, following Houthis attack some video came out of SA which show those drones and missiles did hit.
Also, this is nothing but crying out-loud…trying so hard to save face, what you hear in West news?
SA shot down Yemenis drones…you see what they did there, because if they told the real news other countries would told SA to fuk off from Yemen and the oil market go to shit again which something SA trying to save.
Saudi Arabia’s multi-billion-dollar air defense system


Just a minor correction my friend:
Saudis don’t have any F-16. They use Eagles (~80) or Strike Eagles (~130) to intercept cheap Yemeni drones (Their about 80 Typhoons aren’t suitable for their climate and Yemenis shoot down their Tornadoes) as you pointed out. This is hilarious! Using an attack system for defence. Maybe we’re the idiots and they know something we don’t!?

Each hour flight of an F-15 costs > $25k for Americans. As a rule of thumb, this cost for Saudis will be > $100k (I’m extremely optimistic here).

If we assume they use the cheapest AAM, the AIM-9 Sidewinder, each missile cost for the US is about $400k. I cannot imagine for how much they shove it to Saudis when Belgium bought each for $1.7mn.

Now if they use other kinds of missile, like AIM120, the American cost is between $400k to over $1mn based on the variant. All I can say is poor Saudis, after each purchase they’re not able to sit right for a long time!!!

Let’s forget about the cost of Patriot missiles, shall we?

Sending drones alone would bankrupt these idiots. Funny thing is, with all those tech and spending, they are powerless against Yemen’s cheapest drone. And they hope to achieve what exactly against Iran?

Alekai Mordechai

Cheap defenses are well cheap! Gives you volatile outcome.

Sooner or latter Iranians will need to go for expensive defense system by themselves.


Luckily we manufacture them ourselves and they proved themselves in numerous occasions, from RQ-170 to Global Hawk and all the Israeli or Turkish drones which crossed our border to Israeli Merkavas in Lebanon and more.

But I guess time will tell. Until then, let’s ROFL at Saudis. :))

Potato Man

My bad, I read it again and it sounds like I said they have F-16, I couldn’t remember what type of air to air missiles they had so I just guessed it would cost less or more as those of F-16. But you said it better thanks for that.

I don’t believe any country in ME can take Iran one on one, and ofc, Wahhabi and Zion together can’t do anything as well (which I still believe that “Peace deal” between Sunnis States and Zion was only for trades – mainly, but SA didn’t jump on their boat, and now those who did sign that agreement look like clowns).

It is true that Iran knows where they stand and they said their main “enemy” is US, not the Wahhabi or Zion but Iran would take care of them if they dare do anything against Iran. But we all also know what Wahhabi-Zion role is in ME, to blame Iran for everything… remember SA attack on Sana’a, which Houthis respond later.
“Saudi military chief accuses Iran of supplying missiles used by Houthis to strike its oil facilities.” 8 Mar, 2021

SA and Israel want to blame Iran for everything to slow Iran down, which failed long time ago. Something a lot of people don’t think about is, how powerful Iran would have been if they weren’t under 40+ years of sanctions. Iran would have been one the most powerful countries in world and that is what scare Zion and Wahhabi a powerful Iran. The fact is Iran now is powerful but without those sanctions it would be stupid powerful, and China and India see how important Iran is…not the Wahhabi or Zion states.

The “West” also don’t want that ofc, they want to loot Syria, Iraq, Lebanon on their own. Like how they loot UAE, Qatar, SA…they want countries to be weak so they can have their own way with everything. But those time passed…in 10 or 20 years we see a whole different world.

johnny rotten

The clown prince begins to fear that the next head cut off will be his.

Hasbara Hunter

I’m not interested in intercepted Houthi Drones & Missiles…I wanna see Burning Wahhabistani Petroleum Tanks….


Then start searching for Jaddah and Ra’as Tanourah pics and videos. You’ll be thrilled!

Hasbara Hunter

Here in Holland they are Censorshipping they New Ra’as Tanourah Movies….so the search continues…the previous strikes were nice too though



Seems that the new Saudi F-15SA are now ‘in service’ … the most advanced F-15 out there … eh?

For you tech freaks:

“It comes with fly by wire, an AESA radar (Digital) a helmet targeting system and tiger eyes, which is a system fitted onto the Legion pod which uses infrared to catch low flying and hard to see missiles, drones and aircraft.”

Seems to me technology just caught up to the Iranian slugs err Houthi rebels


BTW … Whatever the Saudis got … the Israelis got BETTER … so don’t worry … lol


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