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JUNE 2023

In Video: Saudi Forces Intercept Drones Launched By Houthis

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In Video: Saudi Forces Intercept Drones Launched By Houthis

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The Saudi-led coalition released a new video showing interceptions of drones launched by the Yemeni Houthis. Most likely, the video was filmed during the recent wave of drone and missile strikes of the Houthis on targets in Saudi Arabia. MORE HERE


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They have to scramble jets to intercept a less than a thousand dollars Qasef-2K UAV? The most simple UAV in Yemeni arsenal? Goooooood!

They didn’t have to if they had a reliable point defence.

But more importantly, they didn’t have to if they didn’t start this aggression against Yemen. They deserve large missiles crawl up their bottoms and explode there!

johnny rotten

Computer graphics more than anything else.

Potato Man

Cool video SA, but why the fuk are you apes using jets to shot down a cheap drone? The time and cost of that jet – compare to a cheap drone = a win for Houthis. Showing that wouldn’t make you look good at all…so I’m guessing they bagging US and Zion for more support.

You know what they say about Wahhabi Sunnis – “they can’t pull their pants up”


All correct except that Wahhabis aren’t Sunnis or even Muslims. They’re a British invention, god had nothing to do with this infernal cult.

cechas vodobenikov

impressed that SA teaches photoshop in high school SA increasing foreign debt w barbaric invasion of Yemen, yet 60% of population lives in Houthi administered territory they now practice new atheistic kashogistic cult religion —-pray to bone saw daily


Hehe, Aramco, a company which they claim is worth more than $2 trillion was unable to return a mere $10bn loan and asked for another year of extension. That alone shows how situation is dire. No wonder the value of its shares free-falled.

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