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In Video: Saudi Fighter Jets Destroy Houthi Drone On The Ground, Few Minutes Before Launch

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The Saudi-led coalition announced on March 5 that it had thwarted an attempt by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) to launch a drone attack on Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, the coalition said that its warplanes had struck a unit of the Houthis that was about to launch a Qasef-type suicide drone at the Kingdom. The coalition shared footage of the successful aerial operation.

The coalition noted that Houthi fighters were wearing civilian cloth and using civilian vehicles while they were preparing to launch the drone.

Over the last few weeks, the Houthis have carried out many drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia. The targets were in the Kingdom’s southern and western regions as well as in the capital, Riyadh.

The most recent attack was announced by the Houthis early on March 6. Two Qasef-2K drones were launched at King Khalid Air Base in the southern Saudi province of ‘Asir. According to the Saudi-led coalition’s claims, both drones were intercepted.

The Qasef-1 and 2K are copies of the Iranian Ababil-2 drone. Both variants have a range of 150 km. The 2K is, however, equipped with a high-explosive fragmentation, HE-FRAG, warhead that explodes 20 m over the target.

Despite some successes now and then, the Saudi-led coalition remains largely incapable of stopping the Houthis from launching attacks on the Kingdom.


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johnny rotten

The Houthis hit the oil facilities of the pedo-Wahabis, the oil goes through the roof, then the Saudis put out films to show that they are taking a hit, but in the oil markets they cannot hide their inability to export due to the attacks of the liberators of Yemen, math is not an opinion even though the sauds would like it to be.


it seems to be a mess so much so that saudi cut internet connection to several regions hoping not more of the mess would be exposed

Furkan Sahin

Saudi Arabia is lucky to have many warplanes otherwise they lose very fast


This is good news for Russia, oil is at $66 and change, if Saudi supplies become unreliable because Houthis attacks and with the closing of the Keystone pipeline in US, oil prices will be inching upward. If this becomes a long term trend Russian development and production of exotic armaments will accelerate.
Iran benefits from this as well.

Rhodium 10

Saudis for security reasons dont allow its citizens to post videos where Houtti missile or drones hit targets!….

Icarus Tanović

That’s felony!


hahahaha this is so absurd i was laughing big time after i saw this

qatari political expert calling iranians brothers and saying that iran will stay but zionists wont and saudis start to understand this and asking for ending the mutual problems with iran and the resistance XD


if arabs cant cut off the hand of iran they will start to kiss it because its in their nature to do so

Icarus Tanović

This is fake. Period. No further explanations.


Can’t win em all I guess. Plenty more for the Saudis are waiting I’m sure.


So where was the drone?
It has a length about 2.5 and wingspan of 3 meters. It’s wings are wider than the truck’s width and should be visible.
I couldn’t see anything resembling a drone, but something like a fuel tank was in the back of the larger truck. Maybe I’m mistaken. Did you see something like a Qasef-2K?

Are Saudis sure they didn’t bomb their own forces like they regularly do?

Pave Way IV

b.. b… but… there’s arrows and circles and stuff. RED circles. Wait – are they saying that was a UFO? F’king Saudis….
comment image


Tee Hee hee!!
Beneath the arrow is written: “One of the terrorist elements preparing the aircraft“. I looked at it until I burnt my eyes, still nothing.
But effing red circle man! 2 of ’em!

Supreme Blyat

To mank an omlette you have to break few eggs

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