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JULY 2020

In Video: S-400 Systems Engage Highly Maneuverable Targets At Kapustin Yar Firing Ground


On October 18, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video showing how S-400 systems were engaging highly maneuverable targets at the Kapustin Yar firing ground.




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  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    Nonsense! Semen Shitstein said the S-400 can’t even shoot down a DRONE!

    • Mo

      Identifying a drone from safe distance require a “low altitude” radar like in S-500 or Bavar-373. Israel doesn’t even have one at this time but working on it. That is why they are always coupled with Pantsir-S. Israel Jammed those easily because the all air defense system sold to Syria and Iran had their “already weak export electronic warfare capabilities for export” totally neutered. (AKA sanction upgrade)

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    I’d love to see S-400’s bring down some zionist F-35s or MURICAN F-22s :)
    Rocket 👃 aka jacob wohl would be VERY sad :(

  • RichardD

    That was a very well done SF video on the S-400.

  • Mo

    In other note, these shots fired by S-400 all missed ! It makes one wonder… What missile were they testing?

    • friendly anon

      What is your source for that?

  • Blaubeere

    I have seen many videos showing launch of S-300 or S-400. Are there also videos how these missiles hit a target?