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In Video: Russia’s New ‘Satellite Killer Weapon” Nudol Successfully Test-Launched In Kazakhstan

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In Video: Russia's New 'Satellite Killer Weapon" Nudol Successfully Test-Launched In Kazakhstan

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On April 26, Russian military has successfully test-launched a new anti-ballistic missile A-235 PL-19 Nudol. The trial took place at the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan.

According to Major General Sergei Grabchuk, commander of the anti-missile defence unit of the Aerospace Forces, the anti-ballistic missile accurately hit its target.

A-235 PL-19 Nudol picked up speed of more than three kilometers per second. The defence shield aims to take out incoming enemy missiles at a range of up to 250 miles, and an altitude of 31 miles.

Nudol wass designed by state-owned arms company Almaz-Antey. It is aimed at carrying conventional or nuclear warheads. “Nudol” can intercept inter-continental ballistic missile as well as knock down satellites in low earth orbit.

The development of a mobile launcher and a transport vehicle as part of the Nudol project began in the 2010s. The new anti-missile system should replace the A-135 “Amur” defense system deployed in Moscow suburbs.


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Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🏅 CIA trolls and ukropnazis will cry and rage…


Named after Vicky the Cookie herself!


That bullet has got her name on it :)



Yet another deterrent upgrade going beyond the sole scope of strategic parity. Funny I mentioned that weapon system not so long ago when discussing Ukraine with another regular participant of this site. This kind of ASAT test is nothing new, but a regular reminder that Russia enjoys the ability to destroy America’s most crucial war-fighting apparatus in the event of a proxy war going too far, and most importantly : doing so without killing a SINGLE of their soldiers or personnel.

Meaning that no human shielding of proxy asset will prevent the dire consequences of helping the wrong kind of clowns at Russia’s door merely by deploying NATO operators close to targets of importance in territories used as proxies. Yes Zelensky, I’m looking at you.

The timing of this test seems really interesting and is probably aimed at reminding hot-heated NATO gentlemen still willing to arm Ukraine with long-range guided PGMs that Moscow has ample possibilities in upping the cost of such action in an exponential thus completely unacceptable way for them.

The equation is simple : arm Ukraine or *any* Eastern state bordering Russia in a way that enables it to kill Russian deep into its territory ==> loose your entire GPS infrastructure and with it a whole fraction of your stand-off weapons’ military precision not only for your allied states of the day, but for your armies as well. Bye bye LACMs, bye bye ICBMs, bye bye drones, bye bye JDAMs, bye bye allied bombing capability scaled down 45 years in one go.

Keep up the good work comrades. Showing the big sticks every once in a while is the right way to go and the best way never to actually require using it.

Assad must stay

yes hopefully it neutralizes the missiles the west wants to place near russia that they say is for defensive use but can be reconfigured for offensive strike as putin said many times


Exactly AMS. The anti-satellite tier of Russia’s strategic doctrine is lesser-known to the general public but I have personally always believed its importance is of greater value than even its nuclear triad.

Indeed having the ability to destroy the spine of the enemy’s number one infrastructure that can annihilate its capabilities on a global scale and so without provoking any human losses, which means its activation threshold is actually extremely low in comparison with nukes and restraint would be minimal in times of need.

This test couldn’t have materialized at a better time. Russkies know their timings right.

Assad must stay

Yes mister or misses gryzor, i agree, this will render the wests missile ambitions totally defunct and they will be forced to surrender to russia lol

The Objective

hey, you appear here again. You claimed Ukraine cannot produce aircraft engines. South Front just published an article that says Turkey recently signed a deal for Ukrainian helicopter engines. Check it out pal.


And that very article you comment on makes me right on one of the core arguments I made and that you left unadressed when discussing the very same topic,claiming that “all that Russia can do is to arm the Taliban’ which was pathetically weak. I’m glad you’ve read it. Remember the ASAT capabilities I mentionned days ago before that article was even out on SF ? Or did you just drop here to make that useless comment again without taking the time to properly read it ? You’re a hopeless case. You actually point me precisely to what I have already claimed myself without ever waiting for you.

Indeed, I said, two times in row now,that Ukraine CAN produce drones and cruise-missile class engines. Helo engines are in the same league, so it’s absolutely not surprising and even logical that it’ within their industrial grasp.Iran does it too in their HESA plants. Had you asked me about helicopters I would have also said they can make it. Entirely different from hea y aircraft turbofans or turbojets, which aren”t the same class of manufacture. They used to do it when Antonov was a thing and Russia had co-production deals with them.

I also said yesterday that even though it was off-topic,Turkey could benefit on the long run from Ukraine engine know-how in areas of relevance such as drones.

Ror the third in a row now you sollicitate me with nothing new to offer while disregarding the substance of my own posts.

My patience with you is wearing thin and my time here is more important than arguing in loops with a childish opponent.

The Objective

You hate to be cornered don’t you? Your first few comments back then all but claimed that Motor Sich is only a shadow of its past – literally dead. And now they are exporting helicopter engines to Turkey. You also said Ukraine could not produce a mach 3 missile. I gave you a link to that very same missile and you keep quite. Contrary to all that you’ve claimed in this post, if Turkey Ukraine were to roll their sleeves and set to work on a new engine together, I have no doubt they’ll produce the perfect engine for the TF-X in no time.


Cornered ? Are you serious ?My points are all over the place to beat down what you never once adressed to this day and that article confirms an essential part of it , it was actually a mistake from you to call me out like this and further emphasize that reality,you don’t even realize.

I kept quiet ???? Are you plain insane ?you’re the one who kept quiet in the face of every single argum3nt I made regarding the balance of power and Ukraine’s utter inability to get back its lands or start a war with Moscow.

Then I posted a whole piece with FOUR different additionnal links to counter your mach 3 claim yesterday and explain why China didn’t need Ukraine either. And even told you about the author of Popular Mechanics, have you missed it entirely ?are you that disconnected from reality pal?

Yes, I stand by my claim, Motor Sich is a shadow of its former self. It once made the world’s biggest planes via the Antonov design bureau and even produced hardware to the Soviet Union and its space program.

Now it exclusively produces much smaller,specialized military engines, and its prpdiction rates are of no compare to what they were 20 years ago. You have a problem with semantics and opinions differing from yours ?

And your take about the TF-X again is a matter of OPINION, not facts. And you keep on confusing the two ,it’s hopeless,I tell ya.

The Objective

Okay man. Let’s give it a break. It was a nice chat though. I agree with much of what you say, but I’m still not totally sold Motor Sich. Maybe they aren’t so advanced like others, but I think they have substantial technical capabilities that Turkey needs and lacks. Many sources I read and even one I linked to claim that China has engine problems for its planes and Motor Sich could help China circumvent it. I never said missile engines cos I know China has anti-ship missiles that outstrip every carrier-based aircraft of the U.S. You can research on the China Motor Sich issue and see why I arrived at that conclusion. No need arguing about the Islamic awakening as we’ll see how events unfold. But if you are following the political dynamics in the Muslim world, you’ll notice that the U.S is doing all it can to end and prevent instability in the middle east because it threatens the existence of America’s puppet regimes.


Just block ‘the objective. I did many months ago, if not years ago.


Hi childish behavior is indeed quite appalling… I have tried time and again to respect him intellectually by taking him for his word and actually engaging in discussions where I adress his points one by one, but whenever he does not understand or accept anything that is spoken in return to his claims, he outright resorts to personal attacks and arbitrarily disqualifies entire pieces of a given answer to declare himself as the victor completely out of the blue, mistaking reality for his own fantasy world.

I have rarely seen anything like this. His capacity at denial is incredible. Today might have been the last straw as I feel I’m wasting valuable time talking to a broken mind.

Al Gathafi Did Nothing Wrong™

While United Snakes wasted Billion of $nakes on the development of junk planes and junk aircraft carriers following the Kissinger’s offensive doctrine, Russia has always excelled with the missile systems by turning defence into attack


” loose your entire GPS infrastructure ”

Wow, such a dastardly Russian atrocity would cause complete chaos for parents on the school run in the US and UK for months. :)



Kenny Jones ™

ASAT weapons are the future, as the US is moving more and more into space


Russian Arctic interceptor MiG-41 with already 200 tests January 11, 2021 Russian media continue to claim that the interceptor MiG-41 has already passed more than 200 successful tests. The Russian engineers performed these tests in a wind tunnel. This information suggests that the Russian fighter-interceptor already has a specific appearance and design documentation. MiG-41 is a fighter-interceptor under the Russian program of the Aerospace Forces – PAK DP. According to Russia’s information, this interceptor is developing to withstand the severe weather conditions in the Arctic. Russian experts say the MiG-41 will fly close to space orbit and create a speed of 4.3 Mach. https://bulgarianmilitary.com/amp/2021/01/11/russian-arctic-interceptor-mig-41-with-already-200-tests/

The Objective

Your information is incorrect. Get the facts straight before rushing to post here. go back and read it again.


?!!? Instead of saying what exactly is “incorrect” you are wasting my time !!? I have copy-pasted some text from that article and have the link of that page also! The sources for “MiG-41 tests” that they are reporting are from RUSSIAN sources ( “avia pro” etc.) while all other comments are from NATO sources and are in general NEGATIVE on everything Russian all the time!

So if you talk about comments of the ( NATO ) “EXPERTS” than you must know that those “EXPERTS” are from NATO countries just like that “bulgarian military” blog is from NATO country ! Those are the same people who were claiming that SU-57 will never fly because Russia is not capable to make 5th generation jet (and doesn’t have money to make one) !

Nov F U C K O F F R E T A R D !!! I’ll block you next time for such trolling !


Same here bro, the guy is an emblem of professionnal trolling not even worth your anger. Just have a look at our exchange on this page by scrolling up a bit. He is lost for good,don”t take him seriously as he’ll disregard anything he doesn’t like in your replies and essentially ignore your talking points until the moment he’ll decide it’s time to claim he “won”the argument all of a sudden. And you’re like “wtf”?

That’s his recurring MO,it’s clear to me now. I have NEVER seen anything likr in my whole online acticity as far as I can remember,I swear. I wasted almost an hour of my time between last week and today in total and the dude keeps looping on the same semantic bullshit instead of properly adressing my arguments.

When he sees he has miserably failed in his argumentation and too shaken in his vain beliefs,he switches to the cheapest trolling tactics in an attempt at punishing you for wiping out his take.

Don”t play his game.


I agree. If one complains about something without being more specific and having some proves from the start. To create an articulate argument. Than, his complaint is suspicious and his intentions are not benign.

The Objective

You think I’m afraid to be on your block list? Can’t you ever reply without sounding so angry?


Sounds good to me :)


New one? I’m still enjoying ‘meow’ video from the last test.



Yeah that’s an amazing launch.


I remember seeing video of it before which had that shrieking launch sound, and it shot into the lower clouds in about a second, at that time they didn’t give a name for this but indicated it was for anti-ballstic missile defense.

The Objective

Russia’s missiles are state of the art, but unfortunately, Kazakhstan is Muslim and will return to Islam. Every cooperation right now is just temporary. the waves of the Islamic awakening is already strong in Kazakhstan. Time is near to leave the CSTO and create a pro-Islamic alliance.


Close to 40 percent of Kazakhstan population are Russians?


Kazakhstan is backward country. Russia can’t have “cooperation” with the country that produces ZERO high tech! There was launch site for missiles there from SSSR era that Russia is still using for some tests (and they pay for that service to Kazakhstan )


Destruction of satellites of other countries might seem like a good thing BUT a war would ensue … hello?

The technology to destroy the satellites of enemy states is available to those that can … but certainly its use would be met with retaliation

Be careful what you wish for … eh?

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