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In Video: Russian Warplanes Raining Hell On HTS Militants During Al-Hamameyat Battle

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On July 13, the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) released a video showing heavy Russian airstrikes on Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) forces during the recent battle in the town of al-Hamameyat in northern Hama.

More than 15 airstrikes on the terrorist groups’ positions, battle tanks, rocket launchers and vehicles can be seen in the video.

The video also shows Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops storming al-Hamameyat hill in the late hours of July 10 following intense shelling.

HTS and its allies lost more than 70 fighters in their attempt to capture the key town, according to observers. The SAA also destroyed at least four battle tanks and five other vehicles of the terrorist group.

Despite these heavy losses, HTS continued its hostile actions around Greater Idlib. Earlier today, the terrorist group’s special forces raided a position of the SAA in northern Hama.
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Prince Teutonic

Looks like the precision of Russian aistrikes has improved. Or are they showing only a successful ones…

Ford Fairlane

If the precision was bad I doubt that Assad would still be in power.

Rhodium 10

Whitout RUAF guide bombs airstrikes..SAA cannot retake that village….

alejandro casalegno

Maybe………….but they HAVE the RuAF…………….

Rhodium 10

The question was if Russia have improve their accurate attacks..and the answer is that always have launched accurate airstrikes because SAF dont have modern jets and weapons.

klove and light

so were is the success???? in Latakia or n.hama or Idlib?????

absolutely ZERO success for SAA….look at the Facts…were is the Achievement of SAA???
check out the Maps here at southfront or elsewere……from may to now…….Zero absolutley Zero…

or are u seriously meaning success= taking back a small fucking Village today that the jihadi pricks conqured yesterday???


they are bleeding out SAA for weeks now!!!

Xoli Xoli

There is no Russian success. Maybe ceasefire success and Iranian position exposure to Israel and buy face with Trump while under severe sanctions.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No territorial gains since May that’s true, but that’s not to say there were no objective gains during that period, the 2 Turkish OB posts in Northern Hama were attacked by the SAA on at least 3 separate occasions, some of those attacks resulting in not just material damage but death and casualties amongst regular Turkish soldiers, and now surprisingly Erdogan has a large armoured convoy protecting the Idlib/Turkish border area, so not all gains are made on the ground, some are psychological.
And the 4 HTS tanks that were destroyed probably represent a third of all of HTS tanks they own [ex SAA tanks], so that’s not so bad either, that’s what I’d also call a gain of some significance, not to even mention the loss of morale HTS must be feeling with the huge loss of men and equipment.
But you’re overlooking the biggest gains that have been made since May, take another look at the map and see if you can see the biggest and best gain I’m talking about, those little red circles tell you who’s doing the attacking, and pre May it was just about only the SAA doing the attacking, but since May half those little circles represent Russian attacks, and they’ve increased in intensity, so that for me is the best gain of all, so I’m not as quite as pessimistic as you are, I can still see a few silver linings in the clouds.

klove and light

use your fucking Brains…..for weeks now….SAA has achieved ZERO..not in Latakia,not in n.hama , not in Idlib…….use your Brains….THEY are bleeding out SAA……
Putin is a Zionist stooge, a Zionist pig………use your fucking Brains

PUTIN gave the green light to Turkey to invade afrin FACT!!!!
PUTIN made the “deescalation” Agreement with syrias number 1 enemy Turkey and they were allowed to build 12 Military bases in Idlib FACT!!!!
PUTIN made the dozens of “evacuation” Agreements with alnusra and other jihadi Groups each time SAA and hezbollah had them cornerd in , like in aleppo,douma,daraa etc.. and the pricks were allowed to leave with their fucking families and light arms to IDLIB FACT!!!!!
PUTIN the so called friend of syria, sat calmly on the side as the fucking satanic jews IDF attacked syria over 2000 times FACT!!!!
and last but not least
PUTIN did absolutely Nothing when IDF murdered a dozen+ members of the russian airforce through their calculated procedure during an attack on syria

PUTIN is a Zionist PIG!!!

Ford Fairlane

Take it easy with the beer mate…

Xoli Xoli

You are talking truth but this brainwash fucks who today are rape left and right by USA never listen or learn.Putin fuckup whole Syrian operation with Erdogpig.Iran oil vessel is hijacked by British with urgently needed oil Why is veto Power Putin not calling emergency meeting with fake UNSC.Because Trump and Satanyahu control him.If it was not USA annexing of Omar oilfields by Trump this Iran oil vessel wouldn’t have been hijacked. Iran must close Hormuz strait and insult Trumps mother all puppets useless mothers so that the war can come.


I don’t see Khamenei insulting mothers of Trump, Bolton and Pompeo on Twitter. Maybe Macron’s wife will make it.

Edvin R

Destroyed tanks and killed bodies dont vaporize…unless its the SAA that “destroyed” them.All other armies just take pictures or show videos of destroying them.

Xoli Xoli

Valid point it is propaganda.


As seen in video, the last part of battle took place at night with heavy bombardment of HTS positions. SAA is not in the the habit of showing all the dead rats for a body count, because the Syrian population does not want to see it.

Xoli Xoli

Putin safe all in circle terrorists by Hisbollah, Iran and Syria and relocated to Idlipistan of Erdogan. More million people 8n Raqqa,Allepo and Damascus are not considered only the terrorists family in Idlipistan of Erdogpig.Soon Erdopigan will declare no fly zone over Idlipistan.

Xoli Xoli

Iran and Syrian people suffering will never end as long is Putin please Erdogan,Trump, Satanyahu and Macroni. Only Iran,Hisbollah and Tiger forces will rescue Iranians and Syrians.Let Putin keep on switch of his air defence oil containers.Never ask for permission to retaliate against Israel just kill the left overs of Hitler.

Joe Dickson

The CEP of those rounds is horrid.


Actually not bad for dumb bombs. It used to be a lot worse!
Low budget warfare, the computing of release point is in the aircraft.

Joe Dickson

It isn’t dumb bombs, those are dropped in clusters.


How do you figure? These are small aircraft able to bomb more than 1 target. Perhaps you picture a B-52 strike. :/

Mahmoud Larfi

These are OFAB bombs. They don’t have to be pin point accurate, their effectiveness rely on high yield and fragmentation:

And the incendiary fragmentation OFZAB-500:

Joe Dickson

Those are dropped in clusters, not one at a time.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

HTS lost 4 tanks in one battle so they can’t have too many left by now, that’s if the Daraa/Quneitra campaign was anything to go by. During that campaign HTS lost only about a dozen tanks because all the rest had either already been blown up by the SAA or fallen into disrepair, so I can’t imagine it being any different here, and the military forces and circumstances are similar. Now in Idlib we have about 10 to 15,000 HTS fighters allied to about 20,000 Al Nusra fighters, in Daraa/Quneitra it was 10,000 HTS allied to about 20 to 25,000 FSA, so not that much difference, and HTS here in Idlib has been under attack for a lot longer than HTS in Daraa and Quneitra were, so the attrition of time will have weedled down the numbers of tanks HTS owns here even more than it did in Daraa and Quneitra.
What we see in the video could be just a glimpse of Russia’s true capabilities, by all accounts the Russians have stopped using advanced weaponry in Syria unless necessary, and are now relying on cheaper but still effective alternates, I suppose that’s more cost effective than having to dispose of old missiles and bombs when they go out of date, just drop them on an enemy instead and save some money, kill two birds with the one stone, LOL.


That would be true if Qatar was not supplying them with T 34s recently bought from Ukraine.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Are you sure they’re going to HTS and Al Nusra, I suspect they’d more likely be given to members of the SLF, NFL, or FSA if Turkey’s dishing them out.

cechas vodobenikov

the incremental collapse of amerikan empire displayed—the gradual reunion w Allah, sought by the ISIL cretins, is merely being facilitated by Syria, Iran, Russia


Now there are some on these platform that ask why is Hezbollah not been deployed in Hama front line to help the SAA against HTS and the other terrorists?? Others asked same question about the IRGC!
Know that those who fought the harshers and the hardest battles in Syria are
1: Liwa fatimiyoun (Afghanistan) mostly on the harsh desert of d’er’ezzo
2: The IRGC, mostly in Aleppo and Homs
3: Hezbollah in Latakia and on every front in Syria.
4: the Liwa all Quds (the Palestinians) all most on every front
All these foreigners fought hard against the Western, Arab gulf, turkey and Israeli sponsored terrorists with the aim of liberating all of Syria.

Now what do we see???
Putin is making deals with the lives of Syria soldiers to please Erdogan…

Now Hezbollah or the Iranians will never fight for Putin.
Hezbollah soldiers will not die for a worthless cause!
They will also fight if they realise the seriousness of Putin.


hezbollah decided it’s in their interest to regroup back home in lebanon to prepare for an attack by the ever evil squatters, who would love to take advantage of a situation where hezbollah is reduced in numbers. if you think about the last 3 or 4 months and the threats against lebanon/hezbollah from the disintegrating states of A and the squatters. pompeo even visited lebanon (after a quick stop in tel aviv) and that most certainly wasn’t a friendly stop over (one issue was that the disintegrated states of A more or less demanded that lebanon should open its seabed for the israeli interest to bring the gas, which actually is palestinian gas, to the market, which lebanon said no way josé to) and offered lebanon weapons, second rate ones, if lebanon agreed to the demand(s).

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